Look For What Isn’t There By Anna Von Reitz

On numerous occasions during our long, long trek down the rabbit holes of the world, we’ve been stymied and stuck, staring at a blank wall of nothingness, no answers to be found — until we looked for what wasn’t there.  

Operation Warp Speed is a good example. 

With all the vicious attacks against Donald Trump being the order of the day in the bought-and-paid-for Mainstream Media, where is the lone dissenting voice to blame him for Operation Warp Speed?  

Not one?  

Millions of people have died and been disabled by Operation Warp Speed, and both Presidential and Governmental limitations of power have been exceeded in this country in a way that is unbelievable, but both the Press and the Alt-Media remain silent on this one point?  

Operation Warp Speed was the departure point for it all.  

Without Operation Warp Speed, the whole pandemic response worldwide would have been a bust. Without Trump handing out billions with a “b” in money and materials to promote the injection campaign, there wouldn’t have been a campaign.  

Let’s look at Trump’s declaration of a “state of emergency”.  Was there any emergency?  No, there wasn’t.  150 cases of flu don’t add up to an emergency.  And that is really, truly, what the WHO (and WHO are they?) based their pandemic declaration on. 

Second, let’s look at Trump’s claim of “emergency powers” — a claim that other Presidents before him have made.   Do they exist?  No.  There isn’t a word about “emergency powers” in any Federal Constitution, and they may not be presumed to exist apart from that venerable contract creating the Office of the President — whether he is acting in Federal, Territorial, or Municipal capacity. 

We are looking for what isn’t there, remember? 

Where is the authority of any President to declare a “state of emergency” and grant himself “emergency powers”?  

It doesn’t exist.   

Congress can’t grant the President or itself an extra enumerated “power”, either.  

So we have a non-existent pandemic being promoted and blown up to mammoth proportions by a President exercising non-existent emergency powers. 

Look for what isn’t there, but should be — like a grant of emergency powers in any Constitution?  

Right there, Donald Trump crossed the line of both sanity and the limitations of his Office — and it has resulted in the loss of millions of lives and billions of dollars, yet not one member of the Press worldwide has attacked him on this point? 

In an election year?  

Instead they pander about, whining about pay-offs for former mistresses and missing tax reports?  

Of course, they would have to attack Biden, too, for following in Trump’s footsteps, but that’s small potatoes compared to Operation Warp Speed.  

Trump ordered billions of units of mRNA injections at the cost of billions of dollars.  He sat by as nursing home residents were rousted out of their beds in the dead of night and injected with poisons.  He did nothing while the military was being injected with this s#@t.  He did nothing while little kids in grade school were injected with experimental gene-altering goop in the name of preventing what?  

A variant of the Common Cold that, four years later, still hasn’t been proven to exist.  

Look for what isn’t there, but should be.  

In all his teleconferences about this entire subject of “pandemic response” Trump appeared to be a dithering idiot who couldn’t even get his lines straight.  

Was he selling Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine or Remdesivir?  Trump didn’t appear to know or care.  

When Trump’s own Surgeon General came out and denounced the whole thing as medically unjustifiable, all he got back from Trump was a threat.  

Why did anyone in their right mind put up with this?

Any of it?  

Trump was enjoying the theater, getting into the role of “President of the United States” defending the world against this tiny unseen germ….that hasn’t been proven to exist….using emergency powers that definitely don’t exist.  

When we heard that the Congress exempted itself and the members of their families from receiving the injections they mandated for others, that really should have been enough.  

Mr. Trump knew they did that.  He glossed it over.  No comment.  He didn’t bring that information forward to the public.  

Look for what isn’t there. 

Was there even one Presidential Comment aimed at the hypocritical Congress for exempting themselves from the injections they were forcing on everyone else?  

Any questions about what the injections contained or what they would do, once inside the human body? Where was that Congressional debate recorded?  

We all need to know, because in animal studies done on mRNA injections, all subjects died within seven (7) years.  That was a shocking little finding that we uncovered and published over a year ago, right from Big Pharma’s own records. 

We are halfway through the seven years of “tribulation” during which millions more are suffering and dying, and they, the Perpetrators, are stealing everything in sight and watching people suffer and die as a result of their criminality. 

Show us the one candidate who is doing anything about it?  Trump? Biden? They are both invested in the crime, up to their necks in it.  And neither one is backing down, apologizing, saying— “I didn’t know!” 

Neither one is doing anything to reverse gears, admit culpability, suggest ways to mitigate the damage done —no, none of that is forthcoming. 

Which means that not a living soul in this country owes either one of these men the least little bit of support in return.  

You will note that Barack Obama has remained in the shadows behind Joe Biden throughout all of this debacle, keeping his lily-white hands clean, figuratively speaking.  

Obama will leap out of the closet again, or try to, appearing to be the only logical choice left for Democrats and millions of new immigrant voters. 

And the Republicans will try to run Trump again, for lack of a better answer. 

The best we can hope for is a train wreck that prevents elections in November, or which takes out all three of them.  And their body doubles. 

Look for what isn’t there, folks, every step of the way.  We have a long way to go, and a short time to get there.  

“Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there! He wasn’t there again today. I wish, I wish he’d go away!” — William Hughes Mearns

At least the German Government is honest enough to admit the obvious truth: 



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