Lloyd Burrell: 5G, Coronavirus, Practical EMF Tips, and Healing from Electrosensitivity

In his new book and video series EMF Practical Guide, now available here, Lloyd Burrell provides the best simple strategies and wisdom he’s gained over the past 20 years, since realizing that he was electrosensitive.

When we spoke last week, shared his passion behind writing his new book, which he says “is the book that I’d like to have read when I became sick.”

I wholeheartedly recommend Lloyd’s book and video series, which is undoubtedly saving lives already.

In it, Lloyd will help you protect your home and loved ones with easy tips and powerful truth at a time when we critically need to reduce EMF exposure, boost our immune systems and increase awareness.

In the interview, we discuss the 120+ peer-reviewed studies in the Bioinitiative Report which conclude that EMF radiation harms the human immune system.

To view those studies, go to the Bioinitiative Report, and see Section 8: Evidence For Effects On Immune System.

» The interview with Lloyd and Josh is embedded above, or on YouTube here.

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