Since our atomic structures are made of light, we can utilize light in conjunction with combination therapies to facilitate greater levels of health and wellbeing. In fact, our cells can use electricity, light, and sound as energy sources. By working with molecules that give off electricity to the body, using light, for example, of the Blu Room and sounds of healing frequencies, we can enhance the energy in the cells needed for repair and restoration.

We can look at this question of rejuvenation from the perspective of one cell. This cell is like an aging house that needs repair. The more energy, electricity, or light we have to perform the repairs, the faster and more efficient the renovation process can happen. Vitamins and nutrients are the building blocks that allow that reconstruction to take place by affecting DNA to transcribe healthier information. Making sure hormones are functioning properly is allowing the communication between neighborhoods of cells to occur. The detoxification of heavy metals that interferes with the proper functioning of our DNA and vital enzymes is an important step in helping cells become more youthful. Information carriers, such as peptides, can also provide messages to reverse illness. Imagine a future direction of our understanding of health that cannot just help reverse aging and diseases but, in a lifestyle approach, prevent premature aging from occurring at an accelerated rate. We can imagine that when we understand how our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical experiences affect our health that we can change what is affecting the body adversely and therefore are able to facilitate healing and restoration.

Science already knows how our moods and attitudes affect our biophysical structure and how stress and negative emotions shorten our life span and health as documented in telomere research. The exciting news is that lowering stress and enhancing mood can reverse those markers of aging.

Everything alive is dynamic. It can be changed as the governing information changes. Literally by changing our mind, we can improve our health for the better. By using the light of molecules and natural substances, we can grow younger and healthier.

Light Medicine is a new paradigm describing the science of light, spirit, and longevity.