01/11Try this juice

Potatoes are one of the most loved and widely consumed vegetables worldwide. They are loved for their versatility and are a staple food crop in many cultures. You can boil, bake, steam, roast, microwave or fry them.

But due to high carbohydrate content, the mighty potatoes do not enjoy a good reputation among weight watchers. It is believed that potatoes can lead to weight gain and sabotage your goal if you are trying to stay fit.

Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho recently took to Instagram to break the misconceptions regarding potatoes. He said, “Potatoes on their own are not bad. It is incorrect to blame natural food products for our health issues. The problem lies in our poor lifestyle habits, which need a lot of attention.”

In his Instagram live, he shared a magical potatoes juice recipe that is a one-stop solution to all your health and beauty woes.


02/11​Health benefits of potatoes juice

Potatoes are packed with vitamins, phytochemicals, and nutrients. Raw potato juice retains about half of the nutrients than a traditional serving of potatoes. The juice might not be the tastiest choice, but it is quite healthy and can be blended with any other liquid.

03/11​Stomach issues

Potatoes are highly alkaline, which is quite beneficial for people suffering from acidity or acid reflux. He asserted that “a glass of potato juice can neutralise excess acids in the stomach.” Numerous studies suggest potato juice is good for ulcer and colitis.


04/11Dark circles

One of the major reasons for dark circles under the eyes is toxic liver and kidneys. Studies suggest that cleansing your kidneys and liver can help you get rid of black marks under the eyes. Potato juice is one of those things that can clean the liver and kidneys completely.

05/11​Rich in Vitamin B

Potatoes are rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, which help our body to convert carbohydrates into glucose to produce energy. Vitamin B also supports our brain and nervous system function. If you feel foggy, exhausted or find it hard to concentrate at the time, this juice can prove to be magical for you.


06/11Reduce skin puffiness

Puffy skin in the morning is a common concern. It can be due to water retention or other medical conditions. Drinking a glass of potato juice every day can help you get rid of this beauty woe and improve the glow of the skin.

07/11​Eczema and psoriasis

Potato juice also helps to get rid of different skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Applying potato juice on our skin can provide relief from the itchy skin condition. You can also apply the juice to cleanse your skin and reduce dandruff from the scalp.

08/11​Other nutrients

Potatoes are also packed with potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, calcium and vitamin K. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron in the body and is also necessary for the formation of collagen. Collagen is good for skin, bones, cartilage and joints.

09/11​How to make potato juice

Peel the skin of potatoes and cut them into small chunks. If there is any green sprout, scoop it out as it can be poisonous. Put the potato chunks in a blender, pour some water and bend it. You can add beetroot, carrot, mint or lemon in it to improve the taste.

10/11​Potatoes for skin

You can take some potato juice and apply it on your skin or scalp. You can also use the potato skin to get off dark circles under the eyes.


11/11​The bottom line

Remember potato juice may be beneficial for some and may not have any positive effect on others. But there is no need to worry. We all are different bodies and have different ways of digesting food. If you are on medications consult your doctor before adding potato juice in your diet. Kidney patience should also stay away from it. Before using potato juice on your skin, always have a patch test.