Bonnie and John Mitchell of AwakenVideo are back with more information about the sonic weapon they accidentally discovered in the soundtrack of the new, dystopian Netflix disaster thriller, ‘Leave the World Behind’.

When they uploaded the film file into their editing program, they discovered 4 audio tracks instead of one stereo track and they found that one of these four audio tracks is inaudible to humans, because it’s entirely in the infrasonic range – and infrasonic frequencies are used in non-lethal weapons.

In this follow-up podcast, John says, “We’re going to be talking about the health effects of these weapons, the technologies and developers, the connections to the genocide jab and the Obama connection, which is stark. It’s quite startling that this is way before the movie, this Satanic ritual, ‘Leave the World Behind’ came out and we have a big reveal, here that I’m going to do right away, just to get everybody really excited about this, so let’s do that first.”


John goes to the file directory on his computer, where he downloaded the film from the bootleg site, YTS.mx and he sees something he hadn’t noticed previously, which was that included with the film file he downloaded was a separate .WAV file containing a sample of the audio weapon from the soundtrack. This strongly suggests that whoever leaked this unfinalized version of the film, either in the film’s postproduction department or at the editing studio, did so for the specific purpose of fostering a public investigation of this infrasonic audio track.