La Quinta Columna: The Game is Over — Putting It All Under the Microscope: The Transhumanist Agenda, ‘Covid-19’, Graphene Oxide & The Human Brain Project, WiFi Radiation… & the Hidden, Historical Manipulation of Humanity


“And they seem to like, above all, children. The infants. Those who have no speech and no way, therefore, to defend themselves. Those whom they used to sacrifice because ‘God’ wanted. Sending them, also, to the front lines of battle…

“Looking under the microscope, there have never been wars. They have been sacrificial rituals.”


“Let us wake up, each one in his own way. This is important. There are no leaders, there are no gurus.”


“And we began by asking ourselves who has decided that history is a game in which we are always the ones who lose.

“The game is over.”

~ Aaron García Peña

“What is clear is that they are doing it against all human beings. And what is clear is that we have to reverse the change.

“We must not be obedient…

Is the world really in the hands of human beings? Or is there some factor here that we are missing?…


“Any attempt to repress any kind of will, leading us to be emotionless, is precisely what they call transhumanism…”


“I’ll not get tired of saying, we do not find enough words to say or narrate what is the degree of evil that is behind this operation towards the entire human race.”


“The future is not written. Somehow, we create, and write it ourselves.”

~ Ricardo Delgado


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Video available at La Quinta Columna Odysee & Rumble channels.


Truth Comes to Light editor’s note:

On March 19, 2023, La Quinta Columna held a conference in Seville, Spain titled “El Juego Ha Terminado” — The Game is Over.

Below, you will find a large portion of the video transcript. This transcript was primarily taken from the translation into English which was prepared by La Quinta Columna and inserted as subtitles.

This conference set out to reveal the true origin of  ‘covid-19’, the real causes of death in today’s excess mortality, and the final goal of the transhumanist agenda.

Ricardo Delgado is the primary presenter for the conference and does all of the microscope slide demonstrations with commentary. 

An important segment of the conference included live demonstration of how various vaccines and other injectable pharmaceuticals appear under the microscope.

During these demonstrations, Ricardo explains the technology called Micro-Raman which identifies the unique frequency of graphene oxide.

And about the “corona” or spike protein, Ricardo explains: 

“Well, the biomolecular corona is what happens in the biology, in the blood, when graphene gets in. It is surrounded by plasma proteins because, logically, proteins have structural functions. What they will do is try to engulf, to wrap, the material in order to pass it unnoticed.

“What they have done, in the Pfizer vaccine, is to camouflage it in lipid capsules, in order to outwit the immune system.”

“Etymologically speaking, the word virus means toxin. And obviously you’ve seen that graphene is a toxin, wrapped by a corona.”

Ricardo describes the unique properties of graphene, including radio frequencies, which is so important to the “interface” that is intended to control all of humanity. He explains the self-assembly of interface circuitry that they speculate is taking place.

Wherever possible, I have added links to documents in English as well as additional information that can be helpful as background if a topic is just mentioned in passing.  Key words are also highlighted throughout the transcript.

The time markers for conference segments are:

Presentation and Introduction. 0 to 10:10

Thesis development and presentation of scientific literature. 10:10 to 1:29:52

Microscopy session. Contents of the vials shown in public. 1:29:52 to 2:11:28

Dr. Sevillano’s speech on screen. 2:11:28 to 2:14:03

Presentation and speech of the writer and poet Aaron García Peña. 2:14:03 to 2:42:50

Farewell and closing. 2:42:50 to end

Presentation and Introduction.

Excerpts from Ricardo Delgado’s introduction:

…And above all, most importantly, what is the ultimate purpose of this whole operation?

Why are they doing this?

Why are they introducing this material into injectables?

The highlight of this conference is precisely something that someday we will have to put statues to.

And that is a microscope. A simple optical microscope. Upper mid-range. The Axon Achilles 2 microscope. But with high definition quality to see everything inside the injectables.

The first thing we have to mention is that from an optical microscopy point of view, you shouldn’t apparently see nothing. We’re talking about microscopy size. The material should be homogenous, if anything, some sucrose crystals. But what you see there shouldn’t be there at all.

And also, logically it isn’t contamination. Because we are seeing it through the mediation of more than 26,600 people in the Mira al microscopic channel, for example, and in other parts of the world, etc.

In other words, what is in there has been consciously introduced.

Ricardo Delgado shares about the formation of La Quinta Columna [Fifth Column] as an independent research group.

Dr. Sevillano, as you know, is a doctor based in a rural area in the south of France. Tanus is as the town is called, a small rural municipality.

And when all this started in 202, he began to receive patients in his office, devastated, with what they call a process of pneumonia and what they call covid lung.

So, I’m not going to talk much about the intelligence and the strategy, of the deep knowledge of Dr. Sevillano. A restless person, who quickly established a basic epidemiology of the disease, placing thumbtacks of a certain color around the number of patients coming to his office. And he also placed other thumbtacks with other types of patients who had mild symptoms of what they called then covid-19, but who really were patients with electrosensitivity…

At some point in time, he went toward that focus and indeed verified that there were large mobile phone antennas. So he took his radiology notes and from there he realized there was more than a relationship here.

Ricardo explains how they were introduced to Dr. Sevillano and how they proceeded to conduct further investigations into the correlation between these “covid” symptoms and wifi towers. They focused on nursing homes.

What differentiated the elderly in residences from other elderly people who also lived in regular housing but weren’t in a nursing home? It was the flu shot100% of the elderly in a nursing home were getting the flu vaccine.

When the vaccination campaign for what they called covid-19 started, we had the opportunity to rescue a vial, a vial of Pfizer through Rafa Navarro, a policeman from Alicante…

That vial, we already had hypothesis on the table based on certain phenomena that were occurring. One of them, very clearly, was magnetism, which has been so denied, but which you’ll evidently prove that it exists.

Magnetism in the inoculated people. They had become magnetic people and, logically, knowing what we already knew about radiation, there was going to be an interaction, not exactly positive.

If we’re magnetic now after the inoculation and we’re surrounded by sources of electromagnetic radiation increasingly higher, and also scalar and millimetric as is the 5G, that is going to have a positive interaction.

There were some materials that caused magnetism within human biology, but graphene stood out. It was in fashion and funded through the Graphene Flagship. This initiative in Europe — 1,000 millions euros for the study of graphene and 1,000 millions euros for the study of the human brain. The Human Brain Project. They go hand in hand.

We’ll see why.

Ricardo explains how they connected with Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid at the University of Almeria, PhD in chemical sciences and graduate in biological sciences.

He analyzed the sample. Initially…he asked us what hypothesis of suspicions we had, what we intended to find.

Genetic material?

‘Maybe, but look for graphene.’

Dr. Campra’s surprise, initially, was how is there going to be graphene here?

‘Look for graphene.’


It was examined from the point of view of optical microscopy, electron microscopy, and an ultraviolet absorbance compatibility test. Everything pointed to the fact that there was indeed graphene.

But, four months later was when we actually had access, now, to seven vials from four different brands:

AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer…

And he told us that if we wanted to structurally and chemically characterize the material, the Raman vibration of any material or particle was going to give with total certainty whether it is graphene or not. And a sweep was made of 110 graphene-like objects, of which, unequivocally, conclusively, 28 were graphene. And, specifically eight, reduced graphene oxide.

From there we started to check the toxicity of the material and we realized what we’re going to see now…


Thesis development and presentation of scientific literature

In the following presentation, Ricardo shares a variety of articles related to graphene oxide studies and experiments that reveal its influence on animal (and, therefore, human) biology. He alternates between reading from the articles and offering commentary. It’s not always clear which is which. The articles are displayed in Spanish. I have been able to locate some of them in English and included links within this text. A collection of PDF links are also found at the end of this article.

So, the first thing we’re going to do is introduce today’s live stream with what the graphene oxide pattern is…

Graphene is a ‘wonderful’ material, as they say for everything, but not to put it inside the human body. Because it is hardly biocompatible. And it obviously causes damage. It’s toxic.

But, in addition, its toxicity depends on that source of radiation, because it has the capacity to be radio modulable.

Ricardo presents images from The Graphene Box, an online store that sells graphene: 

A single milligram is worth €300. But with one gram, to give you an idea, we could cover an entire soccer field. It’s a material with a capacity…with a minimum amount, it can be stretched…it’s malleable, transparent… It has a series of properties…

In addition to being superconducting, which in biology is not good at all because it will have an affinity for the heart and neurons. Which is exactly what they’re looking for. Reduced graphene oxide solution…

Ricardo shares a video of graphene micro sheets.

The material has FOLDS, and the edges tend to… fold back on themselves. They have a hight surface tension. Therefore, many times we are going to find it at the end of the drop of the coverslip….

Apart from the micro sheets…they’re also going to appear in BANDS, RIBBONS

In the popular literature, they were colloquially referred to as morgellons. Today we know that they are reduced graphene oxide and are blue, reddish or black. We also know that, depending on the color, they have different functionalities.

Neuronal functionalities, related to the whole synaptic issue.

Evidently, this type of monstrosity does not have to be inside any injectable.

And you’ll see that in a single drop of one square centimeter we’ll find tens and hundreds.

We carried out a qualitative study to see whether or not there were any. Which would be more than enough to bring this all down.

The quantitative study to quantify the quantity has not been done, but accurate estimates can be made.

Well, this is the pattern of how graphene oxide shows up. But it also occurs in nanotube format.

Carbon nanotubes, which is this right here.

This is graphene, likewise, but geometrically arranged in the shape of a tube, rolled up in the shape of a tube.

Since it’s a superconductor, it has the ability to have electrodes, or to be used with an electrode and link one neuron to another.

Carbon nanotubes have applications in neuron networks. This is very important because the target of everything we’re going to see is the head. The head. Somehow they are after our brain.

These are from electronic microscopy, but at low magnification. The optical microscopy, this one, will give details of everything we’re going to see.

Indeed, what are graphene nanotubes or carbon nanotubes?

Single-walled or multiple-walled nanotubes, which would be more layers. They’re graphene surfaces rolled into a tube shape. They have superconducting properties.

We already know graphene is actually extracted from carbon, that is, from graphite.

We already know graphene is actually extracted from carbon, that is, from graphite, which is a type of carbon, by physical or chemical exfoliation.

The first time it was exfoliated was with adhesive tape — that , we peel away layers of graphite until we’re left with a practically two-dimensional layer, which is the transparent one they call graphene.

But if we have a layer with another, with another, with another, up to 11 from a practical point of view, it’s still considered graphene.

So, in the samples, we’re going to see that some are almost transparent, and others are a little more opaque.

Graphene is translucent, transparent, it allows 97.75% of light to pass through and this has optical properties in the field of optoelectronics. So, that’s where it’s all heading.

This is for us…we have called it La Quinta Columna Bible.

Detection of Graphene in Covid Vaccines by Micro Raman Spectroscopy

Taking a risk, going against the tide, but validating his scientific principles above anything else…

So what does Micro-Raman consist of?

Micro refers to the optical microscope and Raman to the vibration of the material.

It is to associate those characteristic images of graphene appearance with the Raman vibration they have with the characteristic peak of the material…

The conclusion was that a random sampling of vials had been carried out. And objects have been detected whose Raman signals, the vibration they have, by similarity with the pattern, unequivocally correspond to reduced graphene oxide.

And how is this done? Well, this that seems so technical is very easy. These are Raman bands coming from graphite, graphene oxide, and reduced graphene oxide.

In reduced graphene oxide, the bands are a little bit higher, but there are two characteristic peaks that are D and G. D is approximately…at about 1340 and G at about 1580…

Here we have…one of the objects selected in the Pfizer vaccine. Nomencalture ROS2 HIG1.

That means it’s the Raman scan, where the bond is going to go through. You go through the electron scan and the signal it gives us is — you see the characteristic peaks of reduced graphene oxide, i.e. approximately 1340, which was the peak D, and 1576. There’s a margin. 1580 which is the graphene peak…

In the AstraZeneca one, the same thing. Graphene-like objects are selected. OK? And we still have the characteristic peaks.

Several were made in each injectable, but we’re going to take one as a sample.

In Moderna, same thing. You see the peaks 1580 and 1340. The G and D peaks characteristic of reduced graphene oxide.

On Johnson & Johnson, the same.

Here Ricardo displays an article found at


…and the first thing that caught our attention was this article from Graphene Info.

Graphene oxide, which is what Professor Campra has found, is detected in the body by specialized cells of the immune system, i.e. it has an immune response. Logically, we introduce a foreign material to biology and the body will respond…

[from the article] “Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, the University of Manchester and Chalmers University of Technology have shown that the human immune system handles graphene oxide in a manner similar to pathogens…”


Ricardo reads more from the article:

“Graphene oxide is currently being studied for use in various drug delivery methods.”

There is an obsession with introducing graphene into biology. An obsession…

More from the article:

“However, it is of critical importance to understand how these materials interact with the body. The study shows that neutrophils, the most common type of white blood cell specialized in combating infections.”

Attention! Because they are normalizing the term infection linked to graphene, although it is actually an intoxication of course.

They “release so-called neutrophil extracellular traps” (a neutrophil “web”) “when they encounter GO” (graphene oxide). These webs are made up of a DNA web.

That’s important. Decorated with proteins.

And we start thinking, what if what they’ve called SARS-C0V-2 is graphene at the nanoscale, which is about the same size as what they call viral particles. And that envelope that others call a spike protein is this protein-decorated corona?

But then you’re going to come to that conclusion.

The researchers found that graphene oxide causes specific changes in the lipid composition of the neutrophil cell membrane.

Important what comes next:

“They could also show that antioxidant treatment reversed this process.”

To which José Luis says: “of course, radiation generates oxidation”. Graphene, we’ll see later that it’s a radiation catalyzer. Therefore, antioxidant have to work.

In fact, I’m going to say it now, from the medical point of view, they only work with what they call covid, which is very extensive. Anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, which are normally also anti-inflammatories, because they neutralize the radiation that inflames, and anticoagulants or anti-aggregates…

Here Ricardo shares articles on the toxicity of graphene.

[TCTL editor’s note: The exact article he is reading from is not clear, but I found two articles containing the same graph. See: Toxicity of Graphene-Family Nanoparticles: A General Review of the Origins and Mechanisms and Graphenic Materials for Biomedical Applications.]

As of today, what do we know about the possible toxicity of graphene? A review of the available empirical evidence on the toxicity of graphene has recently been published.


“The figure below shows a diagram of possible mechanisms of cytotoxicity.”…


Ricardo continues:

It talks about the introduction of graphene by different pathways, which we are also going to review.

“Graphene can induce the generation of substances that produce oxidative stress.”

Oxidative stress, free radicals, i.e. reactive oxygen species. In short, it’s inflammation. Therefore, if it generates oxidative stress, the antioxidants work. Ok?

“These alterations can cause different types of damage. First of all, physical destruction of the cell.”

We’re talking about apoptosis, i.e. cell death…

“Damage to the plasma membrane.”

That’s the membrane that covers the cell.


This is very important because, actually, what they call covid-19 is an inflammation. It is a systemic inflammation with a biological response mechanism…

“DNA alteration.”

Notice that we’re talking about DNA alteration. Ability to change human genetic material by introducing that material into biology. That’s crazy.

“Mitochondrial damage.”

I.e. where there is the mitochondria, where all the cellular energetic process takes place. If we have mitochondrial damage, we have extreme fatigue… That  fatigue that characterizes the patients called covid-19, or inoculated people, which is the same.

“Apoptosis” — that is cell death — “and necrosis.” Necrosis is cancer, black tissues. If there is DNA alteration, one of the alterations may be the cancer itself…

So, we put in graphene or graphene oxide and the first thing is an inflammatory response. And also, the inflammatory response generates a cytokine response. In fact, it generates a cytokine storm

…what comes to everybody’s mind? Covid-19, right?

The cytokine storm. The proinflammatory cytokines. An inflammation so big that it ends up killing the individual…


…That is, how graphene enters the human biology.

There are four ways of entry, but two that stand out in terms of toxicity.

The first is going to be the blood. When graphene touches the blood, logically it will have access to all the systems of the body.

Let’s talk a little about oral administration. Look what comes up:

“RGO sheets.”

RGO is reduced graphene oxide for its acronym in English.

“Small and large, labeled in such a way to assess bio-distribution.”

That is, how the graphene — those sheets — is distributed within the biology.

And there is an obsession to introduce it and try to lower the toxicity so that the deaths it causes aren’t so noticeable…

“Both materials were found in the blood.”

That is, orally, it somehow gets into the blood.

“After 60 days” — it is still there — “the heart”.

Important, it’s a very affected organ in everything we’re seeing today: strokes, heart attacks, cardio and cerebrovascular accidents.

“The lungs.”

Important, because what the elderly had was what initially they called bilateral pneumonia, and atypical.

And then the liver and the kidneys, logically — the kidney to filter the blood and the liver as a purification organ.


“In the last case, the in vivo bio-distribution after oral probing with PEGylated graphene oxide was investigated.”

PEGylated is polyethylene glycol. And if I talk about polyethylene glycol, we know that it’s a declared component within what they call covid vaccines. What a coincidence that polyethylene glycol is going to functionalize graphene in toxicity studies and also appears in the Pfizer vaccine, for example.

“The inhalation route.”

This is very important because it is the route by which they’re going to do it with the intranasal vaccine of Luis Enjuanes and company.

“It is of key importance for human exposure” … “to test bio-distribution after intratracheal installation.”

The idea is to introduce it by different routes and see which one has the most or least biodegradation, because it’s in their interest to have the material permanently present in biology…

“The vast majority of graphene oxide sheets were found in the lungs.”

I.e. when you inhale it, it goes mostly to the lungs…

“Smaller amounts were also detected in the blood.”

Likewise the liver and kidneys, as organs of purification.

“The macroscopic observation of the blackness of the lungs.”

The blackness of the lungs is what appeared in the plates, those bilateral pneumonias. Here it’s done with rats. The problem is that from rats we’ve moved on to using human beings, and also all of them together.

“It revealed that the materials were long lasting. Black regions were found for up to three months.”

The three-month data is important because we were dosed just every three, four months, i.e. when the material starts to be eliminated by the lung — because by the lung it is eliminated…

“However, there was a clear decrease in blackness from day one to day 90.”


“Suggesting an elimination in the lungs.”


One of the common routes of administration for biomedical applications of nano-materials is the intravenous route. This is the vaccination. The vaccination campaign for billions, systematically repeated in all parts of the world.

Here it is said that a greater accumulation of graphene oxide has been observed, and now it says PBST, which is polysorbate, in the lungs. The polysorbate 80 is the adjuvant that is used as detergent in the flu vaccine.

That is, the covid vaccines have been functionalized with polyethylene glycol, and the flu vaccines have been functionalized with polysorbate 80. And when it is with polysorbate 80 — that is, you visualize seniors in nursing homes — the material undergoes major accumulation in the lungs…


This material also has an escape route to the brain. And watch out because we have a blood brain barrier, that is a membrane that separates the brain from the external environment, from chemical pollution, even biological. However, the material penetrates. And they are going to do everything possible to get it in because that is the goal.

The authors reported that the materials agglomerated and formed macrostructures, up to 0.5-10 microns in the lungs, liver, kidneys and spleen. Still present, these clumps, after 90 days, despite some minimal signs of degradation at the edge of the material.

That is, the material is practically indestructible. The body chooses to eliminate it since it cannot be degraded or takes a lot of work. We already know that it is hard, 200 times harder than steel…

Assessment of the toxicity and carcinogenicity of double-walled carbon nanotubes… A two-year study. Here they will tell you it generates cancer…

A foreign material is being introduced, and the body responds with a pro-inflammatory cytokine that generates this lung inflammation that has been called bilateral pneumonia…

The carbon nanotubes are composed of concentric cylinders of graphene.

Graphene oxide touches blood. That is, this is the intramuscular route. The in vivo interaction with bi-dimensional materials.

“Even though graphene oxide is made with the same atoms as our organs, it’s a carbon derivate. Its bi-dimensional nature causes unique interactions with blood proteins and biological membranes, and can lead to severe effect like thrombogenicity.”


“In this review we will describe the journey of graphene oxide after injection into the bloodstream, from the initial interactions with plasma proteins to the formation of the ‘corona’.”


If I put together the concept of cytokine storm and pulmonary inflammation, or pneumonia, with the concept of corona, what are we talking about?

Well, the biomolecular corona is what happens in the biology, in the blood, when graphene gets in. It is surrounded by plasma proteins because, logically, proteins have structural functions. What they will do is try to engulf, to wrap, the material in order to pass it unnoticed.

What they have done, in the Pfizer vaccine, is to camouflage it in lipid capsules, in order to outwit the immune system.


But they also need certain entry routes to generate that toxicity, so that people will continue to take it… Because it has to act as an interface. It needs to be inside the body so that it is capable of what you will see later: neuro modulation, neuro stimulation and neuronal monitoring.


Etymologically speaking, the word virus means toxin. And obviously you’ve seen that graphene is a toxin, wrapped by a corona.


Ricardo shares another article that explains graphene’s toxic effect on sperm.

“When sperm mobility is recounted, the number of spermatozoids in the male reproduction, you see that it is dose dependent. In other words, the higher the dose of graphene oxide, the greater the infertility. And a large part of the population is sterile today.”


Ricardo shares another article:

Toxicity Evaluation of Graphene Oxide in Kidneys of Sprague-Dawley Rats

Another article is displayed which talks about intranasal application of graphene oxide:

Here is described a study in which mice — that is to say in humans, so that we understand each other — were exposed via intranasal to sheets of graphene oxide dispersed in aqueous solution. The influence of the lateral dimensions of the graphene oxide sheet on the degree of translocation from the nose to the brain, and the biodegradability is what they’re studying here.

That is, on the one hand, they study that depending on the shape it has — and this is what they have done in trials — depending on the shape, on the dimensions, the material will last more or less within the biology.

Then, the biodegradability, that is in a month from now, how much of the material is left? In three months, how much is left? Because we have to put it back again and to put it back again is the second dose, the third dose — and in this case via intranasal, which is the vaccine being preparated by the CSIC, for example, in our country [Spain].

“Recent studies have also shown that carbon nanotubes, including graphene oxide, which is the same, can undergo a biologically mediated degradation.”

This is very important because here it talks about dimensions. And we are going to see different patterns, as we have seen in the first video, of graphene oxide.

These are trials. That’s why they call it trials of vaccination. They are looking for the form that has the least toxicity, and stays the longest in the biology, specifically in the neurons, which are what they are looking for.

The idea that the lungs and other components of the respiratory tract are targets of nanoparticles — nanoparticles in nanoscale size — inhaled has been held firm. That is, if we inhale in a nanoparticle format, including the aerial fumigation — which is important because we see it daily [Ricardo points to the sky] and many people are unaware — these nanoparticles are going to pass into the respiratory tract.

But, beware, it is not the same to have an intranasal instillation probe, at very high concentration, than to spread it evenly in the atmosphere. You will swallow, but not as much as they’d like. That is why they need to introduce it via intranasal.

“Evidence from epidemiological studies, clinical trials, and animal experiments have shown that extra-pulmonary organs, such as the brain, may also be affected.”

In fact, we’re going to see that graphene inflames the brain…and inflammation kills the neuron, that is, it erases the content of its memory. We are talking about neurodegeneration.


We’ve talked about the intranasal vaccine, right? We’re talking about intranasal instillation. Well, this is the Luis Enjuanes’ vaccine.

[See Spanish Scientists Start Trial on Inhalable Covid-19 Vaccine for background on Luis Enjuanes. A web search will bring up articles by and about Enjuanes and his work.]

Obviously, that man is a criminal. He has full knowledge of what is happening. He isn’t ignorantly working for an official version in which he believes that the intranasal vaccine, through that route of administration, will cure something.

This virologist leads the project for an intranasal vaccine that has demonstrated its efficacy in mice…

What they want to reduce is the toxicity. Because obviously, you’ve already seen that in reality there is no virus. We do not have real sequencing or physical isolation of any pathogen called coronavirus…

But the deception goes much further.

For example, in Argentina — see that it is the same — a nasal spray will be on trial…

Turkey, news from 2021, advances in the first intranasal vaccination against covid-19. Who presents it? Listen, it is not the minister of health or sanitation, it is the minister of industry and technology…

Mustafa Varank reported that the preliminary stages of the trials have been successfully completed and phase one in human testing will begin soon.

And in the same body of news we find this:

Turkey’s Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, said that a group of scientists from the company NanoGrafi — NanoGrafi is a multinational that produces graphene…

[See related links: Turkey developing intranasal COVID-19 vaccine and NanoGrafi website.]

This is NanoGrafi. In the website you can order graphene in different forms, nanoplatelets, graphene sheets, graphene solutions, carbon nanotubes, which is graphene geometrically arranged as tube, single-walled multi-walled…

Here Ricardo plays a video related to the work of Spanish scientists on graphene and magnetism. [A web search on the conductivity of graphene and graphene magnetism will bring up related videos.]

Voice in the video:

“Imagine a material that, in addition to being flexible, is the hardest in the world and also conducts electricity. It already exists. It’s graphene.

“From it a whole world of new technologies can be developed. But, it wasn’t perfect. It lacked magnetism. A group of Spanish scientists has managed to grant it that gift. How? Mixing graphene with living molecules…”

And what is the use of graphene being magnetic? Well, magnetism is what makes it possible to store a lot of information, for example, on a flash drive or on a hard drive.

It is clear, right? Indeed.

Here Ricardo shares a video of his mother (with her permission). She has received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. He uses an electromagnetic radiation detector to test himself (unvaccinated) and his mother (vaccinated).

If I put it on myself, Ricardo…it is not going to detect any magnetic field, obviously. Now we’re going to do the same with a person that has been inoculated with two doses of Pfizer, [testing] in the base of the neocortex, in the brain, in the head.

He scans his mother’s head.

Here behind, above all, is where there’s more magnetism… She presents an electromagnetic field practically across the entire posterior portion. Also on the frontal…


Obviously, graphene is magnetic in contact with organic molecules, and in addition, since it is a superconductor, it’ll have affinity for the body’s electrical conductive tissues, which are the central nervous system, and specifically, the heart — especially when there is cardiac activity.

When we increase cardiac activity, we increase electrical activity. We have a heart impregnated with graphene, then what we see are arrhythmias. We’ve seen arrhythmic deaths, especially in athletes, where the mortality rate has skyrocketed.

Ricardo shares a video clip about the use of magnetic bandages “created for physiotherapy treatments”. The video shows these bandages being used for “covid” patients.

…What the magnetic strip does is to separate those graphene nanoparticles that are causing dyspnea, respiratory distress in the lungs, towards an area where it does no harm — where it is closer to the epidermis…

Ricardo talks about the reports of graphene in the mandated covid masks.

Someone will say, “How is it possible that there are so many people participating in this operation?”… how is it possible that everyone who works with graphene…are silent?

It is possible because there is an organization called Graphene Flagship


All the universities have collaborated, and when I say to collaborate, I mean that they have been prostituted by receiving money, public financing…

Spain is the country that participates the most worldwide. In fact, they have mapped the brain…

And what does the brain have to do with graphene? Let’s see.

Radio-frequency characteristics of graphene oxide. This is very important…

Reading from another paper:

“The structure at the nanoscale level can be strong candidate for interconnection at radio-frequency range. Here it says, for example, between 0.5 and 40 GHz. That is the 5G.”

The 5G is between 0 and 300. Now we’re going to see that there is a range that is very dangerous.


Ricardo shares a lecture (video) by Bartomeau Payeras Cifre:

This video is important because graphene is excitable by radio-frequency…

“The pandemic is designed with these three concepts: the charge, the trigger and the thermostat…

“The antennas… Once they’ve finished mounting the antennas on a tower, another team comes in… it installs a software in the antennas. And this software is connected to the basal antenna and to the control center. And this software… programs the emission power of the antennas, what time, or what hours, or what days, and in which geographical locations it is convenient to act.

“This is the software of the 5G…”

Bartomeau Payeras Cifre ties in the “covid” vaccine to the 5G rollout.

What does it mean, what he is commenting on? That, effectively, first the marker is introduced into the biology, and then they irradiate with that 5G software through antennas.

Then it generates the sensation of outbreaks, or what they call waves… Because if we don’t have a real sequencing of any pathogen, there’s nothing that’s really airborne biologically, except for microwaves that kill and generate influenza-like symptoms…

Ricardo shares a PubMed article that talks about 5G rollout in Wuhan at the start of the “pandemic”.  The description of health issues that occur from the 5G rollout are a match for “covid” symptoms.

Listen, graphene absorbs all kinds of gigahertz to convert it into terahertz. In addition, there is also a frequency that is 26GHz that causes the maximum transistor field effect…

Ricardo shares a page from La Moncloa, Spain’s government website.

“The government launches a public consultation and a call for tenders to bid for the 26 GHz band.”

And I said, damn, what a coincidence, they’re going to take precisely the band that activates graphene to the greatest degree.

When they activate the 26 GHz — and they have probably dones some of those massive tests already in schools and others. When this will occur it can be very lethal. In fact, they have done it with the Marburg simile, which has a 50% lethality, i.e. one out of every two.

With 26GHz, we can see instantaneous neurodegeneration, simultaneous arrhythmias…cancer within two days…

So our government and other parts of the world, they all agreed — between 0 and 300, they have agreed to take 26 GHz. This is obviously not a coincidence. This is a genocide…

Ricardo shares a clip of the ex-president of Chile, talking about 5G.

“Together with the ministers of transports, telecommunications and science, here is the launch of the bidding process for the 5G network…we are moving forward, together with the community of the leaders of the world.

“There is the possibility that machines can read our thoughts and can even insert thoughts, insert feelings. Some say that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Well, that’s what we aspire to.

“5G is a tremendous leap forward. It is a cosmic leap, is a Copernican leap, because what the 5G technology will really mean for us is an even bigger change in our lives than what all previous technologies in this area have meant.

“The possibility that machines can read our thoughts and can even insert thoughts, insert feelings.”

Do you know what he is saying?

He is talking at the same time about 5G in the field of neuroscience…

He is talking about inserting thoughts, that is, that a person receives instructions through artificial intelligence…

Right now human beings have three dangers: artificial intelligence, … the web network that they have implemented throughout the world with telephone masts,… and the interface that they are introducing, which is graphene oxide in the injectables.


Ricardo reads from: Unlocking the Brain With Novel Graphene Technology (removed from but can be found at

Ricardo reads from an article on how graphene with wireless technology can affect the heart.

“…we can control myocytes and the heartbeat of the cells.”

Controlling the heartbeat means they can make it beat twice as fast, even faster, and kill a guy.


So you can see here a kind of obsession. It’s in tattoos, ink, water, injectables, everywhere. Masks, PCR tests, all carry this material.


“A key to enter the brain…is a carbon-based nanomaterial” — that is graphene — “could facilitate the arrival of drugs to the central nervous system.”


Ricardo plays a clip from a La Quinta Columna warning about public lighting being changed to bluish and ultraviolet light sources. Speaking of graphene oxide:

“This material is interacting with the radiation emitted by these sources of bluish ultraviolet light… Ultraviolet radiation also degrades graphene micro sheets into nanoparticles with the ability to cross the blood brain barrier.”


Part 2

The Microscope: Microscopy session. Contents of the vials shown in public.

With the microscopy session here we are going to need some patience. You will understand that somehow these are not…the favorable conditions for an encounter with what is inside the microscope, through the slide, the coverslip, etc.

But here we have a wide sample of injectables. Many of you have given me a lot of local anesthetics.

Of course, the Pfizer vaccine is a great show, to say the least. The Comirnaty vaccine from Pfizer, including the original vax and all other variants issued of these injectables…

So, let’s start. As I say, although there are calendar vaccines [scheduled childhood vaccines], the pneumococcal Prevenar 13, Priorix, that is apparently for measles, mumps, rubella…

The objective of the microscopy session is to demonstrate or evidence that, indeed, the material that you have seen, which is presenting certain patterns and, unequivocally conclusive, corresponds to reduced graphene oxide by Raman vibration. We are going to find it in a single drop…That is, a single drop represents at least 1% of one dose…

And we are going to be playing with certain eyepieces, first of wide-spectrum, with 100-120x magnification of what the Pfizer vaccine is.

Here Ricardo holds up a vial.

At least a couple of doses of the Comirnaty Pfizer vax, the famous “secret lipidic nanoparticle” of the Pfizer vaccine — this is what they told us…

Here Ricardo answers a question about a device called Spiro Disc , seen on his desk during the presentation, that transforms radiation signal into something that is apparently harmless.

Ricardo now shakes the vial of Comirnaty Pfizer vax and inserts the syringe. He explains what he is doing as he prepares his slide.

Keep in mind that there is a hydrogel of which they do tell us about in the official version. And within that hydrogel, of that aqueous solution, we are going to see, in principle, not nanoparticles — because from the point of view of optical microscopy they cannot be seen — but we are going to see how they shine. And we are going to focus on kinds of pattern that are clearly artificial patterns, quadrangular, that are dragged.


Well, what they call covid vaccines, we always say that they are something more complex than the calendar vaccines. And what appears in the photos, for example is everything that is graphene sheets etc…

Ricardo shares what he sees in the microscope eyepiece by projecting the image to the large screen. Particles are moving about in the image. He points out a few crystals. All of this is hard to see while watching the video. The audience in attendance likely sees much more than we can see.

When it gives the shape, when it rotates, you will see that it is…a quadrangular pattern…

The first and most important thing is that none of this should be seen with 180 or 100x magnification, 120x magnification, with the digital zoom at best. None of this should be seen. And yet all of this is seen.

Look, for example, this one is dragged, as I say by a small point. And what we have observed after a long, long time of observation, is that in the end, they form more complex structures. They self-assemble

Ricardo uses a laser pointer to point to something on the screen.

Here, for example, do you see this here? This is a piece of graphene. This is a graphene microsheet.

And someone will say “How do you know it?”

Well, because we are sick of looking at it. And because we have swept the electron scanning through here and it has given us the Raman vibration. So, once we characterize the material from a chemical point of view, we already know what appearance it has. And graphene can be easily characterized as well.

But look, for example, this one here, that point really is like a square, like a rectangle. In the scientific literature they appear as graphene-based nano-transistors.

Here he uses the laser pointer to highlight some graphene. The bright spot in the image below is made by his laser pointer.

When it glows, it’s because it’s turning exactly at the angle of the light from the condenser. We’re going to do something. We’re going to put a larger eyepiece and we are going to 1200x magnification. There is already something else. Let’s see. Let’s give a little more light.

You will understand that all that should not be here. True? Those filaments…

Do you see that there is a band that is really dragged by particles that grab it and then form, as I say, increasingly complex structures?

There it is.

Let’s try another lens. With this one here, with brightfield illumination.

Look! Look! Clearly that things over there that looks like a saber.

This, nothing of what you are seeing should be in a vaccine and nothing should be seen through optical microscopy!


The least we could say is that there’s a lot of junk here, there’s a lot of contamination. But later we are going to see in other types of injectables that this appears in practically all of them.

But covid vaccines have this type of objects that are dragged…

The one that comes this way is almost transparent. Do you see? Look, for example, here to the right, just at the very bottom, at the corner…

What are we seeing there? What we are seeing is self-assembly, that is, a structure that assembles with another one.

We said: Is there any kind of electron affinity for that to happen? It might be, because the graphene is doped or functionalized with different metals. That is how it appears in the scientific literature.

However, this induction of why one plate attaches another one and then forms this type of circuitry, that is so scary.

It’s because there is an induction process called Teslaphoresis. That is to say, the microwaves or these “instructions” that appear, are not only for the inoculated persons, for inducing thoughts, but for — intelligently, from the AI point of view — provoking those self-assemblies within biology.

Seemingly, just due to their size, there is obviously already a potential thrombogenicity because if we start to assemble pieces within our biology, this presents a major problem.

But when…all this is assembled, and finally begins to emit signals — like the ones that vaxed people emit.

Unfortunately, we have made earlier a sweep and we have verified indeed there are many inoculated people here.

But the investigation of La Quinta Columna is precisely for them as well, that is, how can they alleviate the damage. We have already said it: antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants. That’s the only thing that works…

Remember that we have seen before in the literature these carbon nanotubes? Those provoking cancer, that were used for neural networks.

Thus this. If we look at it now, and we look again after 2 hours, it will be bigger… Carbon nanotubes grow, we know, in the direction of the electric or electromagnetic field…

We already know that the body envelopes it with a crown (corona). These are the filaments that have been extracted from inoculated people or even deceased people due to thrombogenicity. Filaments that look like cartilaginous…


… the material absorbs radiation, facilitates the rouleaux effect, coagulates the blood, inflames and is hypercoagulable, etc.


Ricardo continues pointing out self-assembling graphene, carbon nanotubes.

José Luis said “This looks like a junkyard!”


Well, here’s another nanotube or the beginning of a carbon nanotube…

We have here a x1300 to x1500 magnification with digital zoom.


Here Ricardo points out something in the center of the screen.

And the one that appears out there, right in the middle. You see it?

That is, in all probability, in our opinion, a micro or a nano-router. The entire world population is being inoculated.

When it turns around, you see, the material appears two-dimensional, but it is at least 400-500 microns long and about 100-200 microns wide. It also appears in the scientific literature. And as I said, Barcelona had an important role — José [Josep] Miquel Jornet Montaña.


There are other researchers in other parts of the world like Mat Taylor, for example, who is in Australia, I seem to remember, who have done research with colloidal gold.

TCTL editor’s note on colloidal gold:

From Dr. David Nixon substack:

“I have discovered a way to interrupt the EMF from the wifi router I have been using which allows me to shrink and grow structures. I have three videos on my website but the latest one today is special as it shoes so much activity going on in the matrix (aka DARPA hydrogel). Shout out to Mat Taylor who did this first!”

Conversations between Dr. David Nixon and Mat Taylor at

You will find interviews between Mat Taylor and Maria Zeee, Stew Peters and others at Rumble.

Well, actually, something needs to be mentioned here. The fact that because this is here [points to Spiro Disc device], nearby, it is possible that it is true that somehow the induction of assembly is not as apparent as it should be — because remember that the…gold particles, the sheets of this Spiro Disc, are inducing a current and transforming it. The electromagnetic field is transforming it.


Ricardo continues to point out graphene-based images on the screen.

And this is important: salt crystals do not evolve in the sample. Look here, for example. You have an assembled shape. Ok? It looks like a cane.


They use more graphene, micro sheets, filaments to increase coverage — the intra-body coverage for what will be for us lethal radiation.

What we are seeing is that ultimately, the human being matters very little or nothing. Nothing.

In fact, everything they did initially already with the rats, they are doing it now with the human being…

What they call trials is to see what the biodegradation is and what type of graphene-based structures can work best for them, which means carrying it to the head and taking it to the heart for monitoring, in insert emotions and thoughts. But, if you die, they don’t give a damn.

What’s more, I’m not even going to call it side effects, in fact, because they don’t recognize that this material is in there. They will tell you it’s due to climate change.

What can we say about this that we don’t already know?

They took control of everything. All power hoarded, all power through the media.

I am going to do one thing. If you allow me, I’ll put this one up again. Ok? And I’m going to watch here with more…Look what we have. For example, these.

These are carbon nanotubes, and now we can see them with another view.

Why do they use the carbon nanotubes in this whole neural network issue? Because it is a superconductor, because it’s made of graphene. And now it functions as an electrode, so that an axon can join one neuron with another and establish synapses or neuronal connections.

Do you understand our indignation when we saw this type of material, which also corresponds to the scientific literature and everything we know?…

It is a real barbarity and unfortunately they have managed to deceive the majority of the world’s population.

If you understand that these are carbon nanotubes as shown in the images at the beginning. You know what they trigger: cancer. It’s not me saying that. The scientific literature says it. Pulmonary fibrosis, lung inflammation…


At this point, Ricardo switches to looking at a dental anesthetic, Ultracaine and finds a graphene microsheet 


From the local anesthetics related to tooth extraction processes for many of you who have been to the dentist, people come saying that they are more tired than necessary, that they have ringing in their ears, tinnitus, which is a consequence of the radiation…

That is, when our body antioxidant levels are depleted, like the catalase, baldness appears. When collagen levels are depleted, arthralgia sets in and eventually arthritis. These are diseases attributed to aging. But it is radiation, precisely, that causes us to age. And what we are seeing is that people age faster.

But this material has a sudden way of killing, which is by impregnating the heart, charging it, and at some point the body generates a discharge.

That is what graphene does. That’s why it is used to make batteries.

If we generate a discharge in the heart, we are going to interrupt electrical conduction and, ultimately, the circulation. And that will generate an initial loss of knowledge, because the blood no longer reaches the brain organ.


Ricardo now briefly views Vaxigrip Tetra, the tetravalent flu vaccine and finds graphene. He then looks at Prevenar 13, an anti-pneumococcal. This vaccine shows lots of graphene as well.

Here someone in the audience shouts: Killers!

This one goes for the kids.

Do you know why they load it more for children? Because children have high reserves of glutation, which is the antioxidant. Therefore, as it is the super antioxidant that neutralizes the damages of irradiation and graphene.

Children cope better with this technology than adults.


Graphene micro sheets everywhere.


What do we do? Do we denounce the pharmacy?

Do we present them the final technical report of Dr. Campra?

We have filed more than 600 complaints.

We have presented it in the plenary session of the Parliament of Andalusia. We have presented it in the European Parliament.

You know what happened to Dr. Domenico Biscardi when he talked about our work. Dead! Silvio Urasi two days before. Dead!

The former President of the European Parliament. I say former president because he is dead.

Dr. Andreas Noack talks about our work in La Quinta Columna. Dead!


Why does that get introduced to the children? You already know it. This is an interface.


Someone in the audience asks:

“What about animal vaccines? For rabies, for example. It’s mandatory for dogs.

“In July of last year, I had them vaccinated. I have ten dogs. And now, four of them have cancer! Within six months, they developed it.”

What I can comment is that, indeed, into animal vaccines they have introduced it also…

There are many…veterinarian doctors who work with La Quinta Columna, and for sure, they’ve looked under the microscope and they’re just as full. And they also have seen animals die. They die, they get inflammations, it triggers cancer in them — which is exactly what we’re seeing in humans…


Ricardo looks at Chiromas flu vaccine, one that is for people over 65. They use it in nursing homes.

You already know what happened in the nursing homes in 2020. Probably they had been adding this material even earlier, but it was not activated with the required quality of frequencies such as these millimetric and scalar waves that go directly to it.

That is why it is called a “smart material”, because it is capable of absorbing that radiation and multiplying it inside the biology.

“Smart”. Everything “smart” refers to the military.

We have DARPA, the North American military agency, which is directly involved and, in fact, there are no quality controls from the point of view of health, because everything comes from the Ministry of Defense.

It is the latest information we have. It is the Ministry of Defense of all countries that is introducing this as a vaccine, but it is an interface.

Well, let’s see the Chiromas, as we have said, it’s for the elderly…

And these are clearly graphene micro sheets…

Vaccines for the elderly…Remember the article we saw about polysorbate 80 that generated a massive lung inflammation?

This has been an unprecedented genocide. And unfortunately also taking advantage of the ignorance of many health workers who where initially acting in good faith…

Everyone, including myself, I swallowed the official version…

Mepivacaine, Lidocaine, local anesthetics, there are many more. There are anticoagulants… It’s funny because there is Clexane or Hepaxan, which are anticoagulatns and antiplatelets. while the material therein produces coagulation!


We have always been told that cancers, for example, feed on sugar, right? Of the ultra-processed and so on. However, what we now know is that radiation causes cancer and radiation consumes glucose…

They have deceived us in practically everything…

This is Clexane, which is an anticoagulant.

I think it’s a low molecular weight heparin. [Ricardo reads the vial.]

Heparin, yes, Clexane.

If you have a thrombogenicity problem inside, thick blood, they put you on heparin. Or if you have a surgical process, they give you heparin because of the stagnation of blood.


Well, the specific scientific technique to see that this is graphene in Micro-Raman, meaning that if it is exposed to electronic (laser) scattering, it shows the peaks characteristic of graphene oxide…

So with the Micro-Raman technique, each one of you can go with his sample indicating those objects, go through the laser scan and they’ll print the sheet where it says “reduced graphene oxide” with the characteristic peaks that we have shown you earlier.

And with that report, you can go directly to file a complaint against the Ministry of Health, or wherever you want, or to the pharmacy.

It has to be done! Not only is our life at stake, but, as I say, the entire species…

To conclude it, I am going to put a video of Dr. Sevillano, based on what we’ve seen…


 Dr. Sevillano’s speech on screen.

In short, three years of a pandemic with variants, it’s endless variants.

A mobile phone network that rolls out just at the same time as the pandemic begins. Right in the first location where the first cases appear.

Climate change… That threatens to lock us up in 15-minute cities.

The war in which could explode at any moment and create more serious economic, energy, and political problems.

And what you see there under the microscope. It is the nucleus around which all this reality — that has been enveloping us over the past three years — is articulated.

But it is not the end; it is only the means to reach the end.

And the end is also announced to us through social networks and the specialized press.

It’s the 4th revolution, called by them “transhumanism”. There is no transhumanism without interface. And what you see under the microscope is an interface.

Get your own conclusions. Please help by sharing this invaluable information.

Thank you for your assistance, on behalf of the entire La Quinta Columna.


Presentation and speech of the writer and poet Aaron García Peña.


… Who has decided that history is a game in which we are always the ones who lose?

One asks this question already looking under the microscope.

Plato, in his book “Republic”, tried to understand the different ways of dealing with public issues. “Res Publicae” or public affairs.

He differentiated five, five periods that followed one another in an orderly, uninterrupted way, like a circle that prevents the possibility of there being or existing an immovable government.


I could not but yield to the temptation to incorporate this model formulated by Plato through the observation of the contemporary and previous cultures to his own, 4th century B.C. to the current history of Germany, Argentina and Spain.

And they adjust. They fit and stay wrapped up like an old-fashioned undershirt. Inevitably, it was always of interest to me that this model, designed 2,200 years ago, has ended up being deafeningly predictive.


However, two years ago, it seems that it was now, after listening to José Luis Sevillano, and Ricardo Delgado, looking into the microscope and personally providing myself with the technical capabilities to discover and describe unequivocally its contents, I doubt, all powerfully, now, that this order is natural, and not an artifice.

A written guideline. An applicable protocol. And applied to each one of the cultures throughout the centuries, or whatever has really lasted to day, this we call time.

But then, what sense would the creation and control by who knows what living beings of this successive game, almost unalterable, of the five forms of government have?

It is enough to look attentively at the evolution of what we are living, to keep us at each other’s throats in order never to identify the enemy.

And from there come the ideologies, those who have all defended, to the point of taking and losing our lives. And from there comes the ailments of one or another form of government, like a bad paella that we don’t let rest and stir again and again for fear that it will take root, that it will anchor, that it will become attached to the earth, learning by itself.

Learning by itself of its most felicitous flavors, being, by the way, the socarrado [charred] what tastes better.

For once you look under the microscope, nothing of what we knew, and how it was explained to us, retains its meaning.

Waking up implies, in essence, realizing this.

The truth depends only on your own perceptions. On your own analysis. And also, of course, on your own judgment — on that individuality that they annihilated to evaporate your self-love.

Gone are the gurus, gone are the leaders, and any other meddling scholar who is at the head of one or another collective with the intention, for wages, to represent us.

Because thanks to these representatives, they have incorporated the single thought.

In fact, we can see that we are facing a tyranny because other ways of interpreting reality are ignored in the media, trade associations, political parties and educational curricula.

The gradual withdrawal of philosophy from the classroom is not a coincidence.

Do they want me to genuflect, to show reverence, submission and abidance to a country that has murdered my neighbors, my writer friends, my architect friends, musicians, butchers, notaries, construction workers?

That has murdered the people I love the most, and what is worse, the ones I could have fallen in love with?

Do they want me to kneel with a bow, with a bow of courtesy, and show admiration before the fools, the servants, the slaves, the docile and cowards, when I can stand up before myself with the dignity that a human being deserves? Being able to live up to my own convictions? That I denigrate myself with silence, when I can wake up with the word?

Do they want me to protect my work, my public image, my home, in exchange for denying the evidence, losing my sanity in the process?

I am my work. I am my public image and I am my home.

They want to destroy us from within. They have been long striving to stop us from loving ourselves. Because only a man who has lost his self-respect can be conquered.

For more than 20 years people have been wishing for something horrible to happen. Because they have been trying hard to make us wish for it.

We were already dejected because they dejected us with their terrorist propaganda, their fears gradually assimilated, like absorbs any skin an apple cream.

They were preparing us, not to kill us. But to allow them to kill us, making us believe that the human being is the problem.

They told us that the state defense and security forces would defend us. That the state would guarantee our human rights.

And they made us uniform in the collective, turning us into information repeaters of the single thought — on that blank sheet of paper they called exams. Identifying the truth with textbooks and the teachers’ sermon. And by dedicating yourself professionally to making money, pushing your own passions aside, so that you can only be happy in your leisure time, making society a sum of bitter citizens.

And as all bitter people are bitter, we pass on to our children the same lie, becoming the supportive echo of our enslavers and torturers.

And so, we were all, little by little, weakening — losing our identity to the point of deposit in others the defense of what they want us to be.

And being also, each one of the groups, those who have come to kill us in what we call sociological tyranny, suppressing our right to work, our right to free will, our right to the inviolability of the home, to the inviolability of the body, to humanistic education and to the autonomy and independence of the individual before any totalitarian state.

Executive, legislative, judicial and media. But, all concentrated in a person whom we call the president of government. But in truth, he is a tyrant who has the protection and connivance of the rest of the public representatives. And I say this in case there is still someone who does not know it. Of all the rest, of all the rest.

By the way, in a strangeness that is not at all accidental, because all of them are the same tail coming from the same beast.

Looking under the microscope we understand why we have been indebted for the last 40 years until we became lackeys of our own debt, until we gave up our freedom in exchange for our family remaining under the roof.

Looking under the microscope we understand why we have been alienated from popular wisdom: aphorisms, proverbs, sentences, apothegmas [apothegms], separating us from each other so that no one can continue to serve as a pedagogical reference in the construction of our own knowledge.

Looking under the microsope, we understand why we do not understand the same thing from the same words, through a linguistic engineering that has distanced the signifiers from their meanings, so that we end up simply not understanding each other.


And, of course, looking under the microscope, we understand that national and international geopolitics are a farce…

War is their plan to impoverish us all.

Looking under the microscope, what we once intuited, we now know…

And they seem to like, above all, children. The infants. Those who have no speech and no way, therefore, to defend themselves. Those whom they used to sacrifice because ‘God’ wanted. Sending them, also, to the front lines of battle…

Looking under the microscope, there have never been wars. They have been sacrificial rituals.


They made us digest that the truth is the enemy of life. That ignorance is the shelter of the most intelligent — with the intention of convincing us that freedom is suicide.

But a human being who thinks for himself can never be assassinated even if he is killed.

Moreover, a single minute waking up is worth more than eternal sleep…

Let us wake up, each one in his own way. This is important. There are no leaders, there are no gurus.

Let us wake up, each one in his own way. In case it would be necessary for us to remember how to live…

Maria. Ricardo. Thank you on behalf of all my descendants…

And we began by asking ourselves who has decided that history is a game in which we are always the ones who lose.

The game is over.


Farewell and closing.

Ricardo Delgado:

…But we still have the capacity to reverse this.

Each one of us is a real time bomb, not precisely for graphene, but for communicating this knowledge to other parts of the world…

We claim from La Quinta Columna, the scientific method which is observation…

Papers and scientific articles are no use to us if not only to confirm, or to corroborate, what we’ve already seen through the microscope, for example…

What is clear is that they are doing it against all human beings. And what is clear is that we have to reverse the change.

We must not be obedient…

Is the world really in the hands of human beings? Or is there some factor here that we are missing?…


Any attempt to repress any kind of will, leading us to be emotionless, is precisely what they call transhumanism…

But they do have this objective, and they are going to push forward no matter what…

Here there is a global perspective of the whole operation. Probably, they’ve been preparing the ground through institutions created in the 1940s, etc.

I’m going to play an introductory video of Humania, that according to the information given here today, as I say, the investigation is much more extensive, but you’ll be able to understand what is the ultimate goal of the transhumanist operation, for which it is necessary, as Dr. Sevillano says, this interface.


Humania is a movement that we have created in La Quinta Columna in full defense of the human being…

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Transcript of Humania clip:

The human being is in danger. Everything that defines him as a species, such as his intelligence, his sensitivity, to his capacity for willful interaction with the environment, is at serious risk of being lost very soon and forever.

In fact, the process has already started, and only those who designed it together with some of their implementers know it.

La Quinta Columna, made up of free human beings from all over the planet, is on a mission to reveal to the world the premeditated plan that lies behind the events driving us in the near future to the integral loss of our very nature.

This project is the transhumanism, also called the 4th Revolution. Three characteristics define it. It is universal, involuntary and harmful.

It’s already being applied to us, to all human beings, without our consent and with serious damage to our health, including death.

To this end, four parallel operations have been set in motion:

– the health crisis,
– the deployment of artificial intelligence with its surface and satellite networks relying on supercomputers,
– the Ukrainian war, with its political and economic consequences,
– and the climate change.

These four operations have as final objective to transhumanize a large part of our species within the shortest period of time.

From La Quinta Columna we wish to bring together all human beings aware of this situation in a movement of consciousness that we will call Humania.

We don’t want any other thing than the awareness that we are in danger and, for that, we offer you the evidence.

Everything starts from the optical microscope observation of the contents of the vaccines to be accepted very soon, if not enforced upon the entire population.

What they contain is likely to form a brain machine interface and to be modulated from mobile phone antennas.

We have thus neuroscience developing an interface introduced by deception, through trickery and coercion to all humanity, while implanting a whole planetary network of antennas with the collaboration of all governments in the world.

And on the other hand, a war and a climate change that will reset the economy, politics and our way of life to the point of ultimately subjecting them to the interests of transhumanism.

We don’t know who are the ones that are doing this to us. We don’t know what they’re trying to get by doing it. But they’re doing it.

A large part of humanity is collaborating in its own destruction and does not know it.

Humania has arrived for the whole world to know.

We want to stay being humans. We want to live in harmony with our ecosystems and with our fellow human beings.

We want to take advantage of all our scientific technological knowledge to put an end to diseases and misery in the world.

But they will never allow it.

Humania will help us defend what we are and what we want to be.

It is the hour of humanity. Help us let the world know.



Ricardo Delgado, in closing:

…I’ll not get tired of saying, we do not find enough words to say or narrate what is the degree of evil that is behind this operation towards the entire human race.


The future is not written. Somehow, we create, and write it ourselves.


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