World Situation Updates

According to Kim Goguen’s three per week “World Situation” reports of the past two months, major behind-the-scenes planetary progress continues. Ongoing themes include closing down lower astral portals, repeatedly blocking attempts to launch a CBDC digital slavery system, blocking numerous attempts to start WWIII, repeated shutdowns of high-tech SSP machinery meant to create new pandemics, progress taking critical infrastructure away from Cabal networks and decimating their leadership ranks.

excerpts –

“We’re unwinding thousands if not millions and more years of history, as fast as we possibly can. That was the mission, to take our planet back. But, not only to take our planet back but…what we’ve done here has changed the multiverse forever. What Source has done here, has changed the multiverse forever. But, we had to get it to a certain point before that could be possible. And, we did that.”

“The unbelievable amounts of power and control they had on this planet was ridiculous. They’re very angry. They don’t have even the little bits of credit they had left to do bad things to us, and pay people to make wars. When we filed martial law, we also did a debt call on the Federal Reserve and the United Nations. And, without the ability to pay us back the quadrillions of dollars they owe us, we will now begin seizing their properties. There is a plan to do this in rapid succession. There is also a plan in place to deal with politics.”

“So, the Deep State generals there came up with a plan…to crash a plane into the White House. Another 9/11 type situation. It would have been blamed on someone else. It could have been Hezbollah, the Taliban, the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese. So many boogey-men to choose from, so little time. The end result was to be martial law in the United States. And, then, an order to crash the markets. Next, they had two planes, one on the tarmac in Maryland and one on the tarmac in Langley. Both of them had directed energy weapons on board and were waiting for the go order at approximately 11:30 EST today. We were the ones that made sure nobody took off. So, this has all been my morning.”

“So, the obvious reason for America needing to conquer country after country, had to do with the orders that were coming through the wifi tower in Washington DC. The Order has always had its people in DC. Were they aware they were following instructions in their head coming from a wifi tower and the lower astral? Well, no more wifi tower for the Order of the Black Sun. No more wifi tower for the Order of the Dragon. The Washington Monument, by the way, was actually tied to the Alpha Draconis star system, the original home of the Draco. That’s where their instructions were coming from.”

“They really, really, really want their Lucifer, Destroyer, Demiurge folk back. And, they think that the perfect time to do that is during the octave of Easter. So, that finally ended at midnight last night, Israel time. And, thank God, because, I have to tell you…the number of times that they were at different locations, trying to see if they’d gotten Omega back, registering agreement after agreement after agreement. So, my weekend was kind of exciting, in a different way. No Lucifer came. No digital bank currency was allowed to come to fruition. China is in a full-on panic. They could always call me at the Global Repository and actually get something done. But, Nooooo.” (
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