July’s Big Event: When will it occur? Good vs Evil & Understanding Our Time w/ Philipp, Cru, Roman

Big Event - Roman, Cru, PhilippPhillip, Cru and Roman rejoin the program to discuss the very real increase of energy happening right now. Clif High and the Remote Viewing team (Dick Allgire, Edward Riordan, Daz Smith) are correct according to Phillip, Cru and Roman. They claim there is an age old battle of “good vs evil” but this time is different. The “good side” (which is not really 100% accurate way to depict it) has stopped playing the game. Essentially they left the field and the “dark side” holding the ball without an opponent. The ramifications of this is world changing. We discuss what this means in a practical sense so people can relate and identify this phenomena in their lives. You can learn more about Cru at https://www.cru-essence.com/ and Roman (only German) at https://woc.international/uber-roman/