John Harris, It’s an illusion 1 & 2

welcome to my playlist dedicated to the late great living soul – john sonne of harris, john was the first intellectual freedom movement activist that eye found on youtube back in the day. john’s energy, passion and information was a pure delight to find and inspired eye david to want to be a part of this intellectual freedom movement. after two years and £20000 in charges at the sheffield crown court, fighting for access to my sonnes, eye was ready to create a YouTube account and begin my own spiritual journey within true lore, comparing to the secular codes and man made laws of the crown’s. eye david, have worked from the point where john left us and we pay tribute to this souls work. now we have found the power of Equity, the propositions of Equity and Trust Law. we have indeed come a long way and eye believe john’s spirit has infected a great many of us and has helped us during these trying times of Roman Occupation! these videos have been uploaded in advance of’s upcoming seminar on the 20th august 2022 in rickmansworth – for information on how yew may attend our private seminar visit and read how to R.S.V.P. via our homepages. R.I.P. John – that is if he did pass? eye think that there is a chance john may have moved to the private and as such, the public legal entity / person known as MR JOHN HARRIS may have gone through a “civil death” and he may well be with us today,living in the private! I.M.H.O.