JOE KNEW: Titanic Sub PSY-OP EXPOSED as IRS Whistleblower Drops HARD EVIDENCE of Biden Crimes

So, we’ve explored the anatomy of this PSYOP from the underbelly of the federal bureaucracy but we also now have the perfect example of how the Biden White House manipulates the news cycle to mitigate their own endless cycle of shame, dishonor and treason.

The Titanic Sub PSY-OP has been exposed and it is really great how more and more people are becoming media-savvy and are starting to spot the PSYOPs to the point where eventually, it won’t be worth it to them to even try, anymore.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the US Navy detected the implosion of the Titan submersible on Sunday but Joe Biden held the news until Thursday’s whistleblower testimony on Hunter and The New York Post‘s Miranda Devine was all over that.


In other words, the entire past week of reports of the search for the sub and the clanging sounds and the debris fields was a distraction op during what was perhaps the worst week of news for Biden’s struggling presidency.

The Titan submersible story enveloped and smothered ugly political developments like Adam Schiff’s censure, Joe Biden’s impeachment vote passing the floor, and of course the IRS whistleblower testimony that implicated both Joe and Hunter Biden in a shakedown scheme with a Chinese business tycoon.

The whistleblower testified under oath about the Department of Justice’s efforts to cover up Biden crimes, obstruct justice, and hide evidence from investigators. If proven true, and the sources are both credible and trustworthy, then these should be presidency-ending developments. It should also mean years behind bars for the president’s son at a minimum.

During a news cycle that would have led to relentless coverage of brewing scandals under any Republican president, the coverage became flooded with the ill-fated tale of the Titan submersible and now, we know why and they won’t be able to get away with it now or ever again.

So, the DHS, which was largely responsible, along with the FBI, the CDC and the State Department for de-platforming millions of Americans from Facebook and Twitter for talking about things like Hunter Biden’s Laptop – and, remember? – how the DHS wanted to set up the Disinformation Governance Board to wipe the internet clean from any so-called “harmful disinformation”?

Well, it turns out that the DHS was actively engaged in planting this fake story which donated the airwaves and Rolling Stone magazine, to its everlasting shame ran with this BS.