Jim Willie: “How Do You ‘Regain Trust’ After a Failed Genocide Attempt?”

Jim Willie of Golden-Jackass.com is more hysterical than usual as he yells at Patrick from Patriot Underground that there are two Cabal groups that cooperate from time to time but now, they’re seeing that one of them is about to be put to death.

Jim calls one group the “Satanist Globalists” and the other group as the “Fraudulent Banksters” (aka the “Light Side of the Cabal”).

He says:

“The Satanist Globalists distinguish themselves from the Fraudulent, Bankster-type Globalists in the way that the Satanists get involved in the ritual killing of children and torture of children in prisons and adrenochrome-harvesting, in young kid organ-harvesting slaughterhouses, in bioweapon research and trafficking.

“The Satanist Globalists engage in the actual trafficking of kids, the actual trafficking of drugs, the actual trafficking of adrenochrome, of body part organs, of bioweapons. The Satanists have no rules. The Satanists sell out the planet, they sell out the species; the human species. They’re engaged in chemtrails and murder and vaccines that kill. Genocide. That’s how they distinguish themselves…

“The Fraudulent Banksters distinguish themselves by doing all the money-laundering. They do the market-rigging. They assist in bribery for political and government and judge and governor control. Power controls through bribery. That’s what the Fraudulent Banksters do. They get involved with honeypots, sexual lures in order to comprise officials of various types, including generals…and maybe corporate officials, like maybe Dupont or Exxon or whatever – and foundations…

“The Fraudulent Banksters, I don’t believe routinely kill, unless it’s to do a severe cover-up. Remember, about 4 years ago, 5 years ago, there were a lot of JPMorgan and Goldman-Sachs men flying out of windows? OK, that is a kill to cover up a fraud. That’s not a kill for pleasure. That’s what I call a ‘motivated kill’…I’m trying to delineate how are these two groups different.

“Remember the Hillary Spirit Cooking? Torture. Rip the faces off. Kill the kids. Eat body parts. I mean, this is where the Fraudulent Banksters don’t fit. They don’t go along with all that. That’s my opinion.”

Jim says that Donald Trump is in the Fraudulent Bankster wing of the Cabal and he says, “I think the Epstein tapes are going to eventually do great damage to Trump’s reputation…I think Epstein was his friend. Epstein and he hung out together. They exploited women together…This guy [Trump] is not who we think he is. He has a lot of incredibly ugly things in his past,” Jim says.

“He has too many damned skeletons in his closet and they don’t want to bring him back, because they know it would come out. So they have to work it in such a way that when he comes back, he immediately resigns. It’s very complex!…We’re not going to get out of this, with a New Republic and a unicorn society without evil bankers.”

Jim believes that the Fraudulent Banksters don’t want Disease X to be released by the Davos-Rockefeller-Big Pharma-WHO gang (aka the Satanist Globalists), because the Fraudulent Banksters don’t want to see their friends and cousins killed. He says, “They want to remain in power and what we’re seeing right now might be an effort by the White Hats to recruit Fraudulent Banksters and offer them a role in the next chapter, in return for killing of the Satanist Globalists…

“I believe the White Hats have had the Fraudulent Banksters in their group for a long time…They’ve infiltrated the Light Side of the Cabal and they’ve given them orders…’You must bail out the banks in order to keep all the deposits’ and we’ve seen this since about April…

“The Fed and the Department of the Treasury have promised to do unlimited funding of the FDIC to make depositors whole. Depositors will not be victims. We’ve had no bail-ins. I think the White Hats have infiltrated the Fraudulent Banksters. I think they’ve taken over Wall Street and now they’re realizing, ‘We’ve taken over Wall Street and what we have on our hands is all these giant, insolvent banks!’ And they cannot make them solvent, because interest rates are rising, bonds are losing value and everything is going to sh*t in the paper securities world, dollar-denominated.”

Jim says the Biden Regime is being puppeteered by Barack Obama and Victoria Nuland via the United Nations in Manhattan. He was told that Obama was controlling the Executive Branch, Susan Rice (before she left) was controlling economic policy and Nuland was controlling foreign policy, which is how we got the Ukraine War.

Jim says that last June, the Germain Trust offered to cover $21 trillion of the US debt on the condition that the criminals leave office but the Biden Regime refuses to leave, threatening to release Disease X or to randomly start nuking US cities.

Jim says that there is currently an underground war raging against Mexican cartels, Chinese soldiers – and possibly Chinese cyborg soldiers – beneath Southern California and beneath the Canadian border with New York.

“I’m telling you that we’ve got this won – the White Hats have got this won and we’re dealing with an extraordinary minefield…of threats. A couple of years ago, it was random hits by nuke of US cities. If we pulled out of the Biden Show, that’s what we would have gotten. It would have been detonation for over 100,000 kids in underground prisons for torture and sale but now, it seems to be the threat is of the Marburg. The virus. Release of a more powerful virus.

“Watch all Holy Hell descend upon Davos and the WHO…I want to talk about Davos…Something very big is going on in Davos, with the World Economic Forum, with the exposure of [the Young Global Leaders] who are all over the place, with fraudulent elections to make sure they have their posts. Something has happened that I’ve never seen before at Davos and this is a developing story.”

Jim talks about Javier Milei’s dressing-down of Davos Man at the World Economic Forum last week and how it was remarkable that Milei wasn’t assassinated in his hotel room that night but he says he has the inside scoop: During the past 5 or 6 months, word has gotten to Davos, ‘You better straighten out or we’re gonna hang you all – after we strip you of your assets.’

Jim says, “So, they’re hunting down their assets. They found some of them. Many of them are involved in this Climate Change extortion. They’re going continent to continent, getting billion-dollar commitments, multi-billion commitments and that’s to keep these Cabal criminals in power. Ukraine lost their money-laundering, so they’re upping the ante with Climate Change extortion.

“This is very complex…I believe that Davos has been informed, ‘You better straighten-up or you’re all going to get strung-up. Hanged.'”

Jim says that the theme of last week’s meeting was ‘Rebuilding Trust’ and he asks, “How do you regain trust after a failed genocide attempt? How do you regain trust after trying to destroy the economy with lockdown, claiming that everybody would be poor but happy eating insects?

“You do NOT regain trust. So that part of the negotiation is stuck, Patrick. They’re asking for amnesty. They’re asking to get a Mulligan in golf…They’re not going to get amnesty…Some of the Davos leaders will have to be executed or driven off the planet and I am not sure whether Klaus Schwab is an avatar.”

Jim says he believes that at least 5 important people at the Davos conference were avatars, with the real ones sitting in control rooms watching the action on the floor. He believes that 80%-90% of the Globalist Cabal leaders will have their assets sacked to go towards a trillion-dollar fund to begin the remedies for the damages from the Death Shot.

“We don’t need $20 billion. We need the entire market cap of Pfizer, the entire market cap of Moderna. Anyone who thinks there are going to be wrongful death lawsuits where Pfizer is going to get gutted, you’re naïve. They’re long gone. I think they sold out to BlackRock and they’re not operating under US law. They’re operating under European law and narco infiltration…

“I believe that some of the Davos überlords will be arrested and tried for murder – genocide. Some. And some of the lower-ranking ones, who turn states evidence and help out, they will be allowed to live, provided they forfeit two thirds of their wealth. This is very practical and compromising. If you don’t do these things, it never gets resolved. I don’t want to see a World War II-like resolution, where Operation Paperclip didn’t bring in 200 scientists, it brought in 10,000 Nazis.”

Or, as Patrick points out, they brought in our entire establishment or what became the Deep State ruling class and it was they who hired Barack Obama, who Jim says was an agent working with three or four different governments. Jim says that he believes that, “Obama did attend Columbia University – but in Shanghai.”

Jim continues, “David Rockefeller, Papa Bush and John Pierpont Morgan did more to destroy our country than any four people in our history…

“This is a very complex war. We’re in the negotiation phase. They’re negotiating the Ukraine War. The one side calls it a ‘truce’ and the other side calls it a ‘surrender’.

“So, this is very nasty. I believe there will be some people that are charged with genocide in the Ukrainian higher levels, whether it’s military or government.

“I want all of the property of Zelenskyy confiscated. This guy’s a cokehead and a killer. He’s trying to remove his political rivals by giving Russians GPS coordinates of where his rivals are located and they bomb them with missiles. This is very, very ugly.

“I want Ukraine to be completely revealed as the global European trafficking center for children, drugs and adrenochrome and bioweapons.

“And the US military’s involved…in the biolabs.”