Jim Willie: Crisis Just Ahead – September Intel – Final Stages of the War

Jim Willie joins Patrick at Patriot Underground to discuss the latest financial developments and to analyze the final stages of the war.

Jim Willie says we are entering the “accelerating final phase”, a “quickening” towards a US Government debt default, as other countries begin dumping their Treasury Bonds on a mass scale. Oddly, it hasn’t really affected the exchange rates with the US dollar. Jim says this is because all foreign currencies have the US Treasury bond as their foundation.

“Consider this thought,” he says, “None of the currencies have a legitimate basis. They’re all from the Rothschild model of a debt foundation – and what is the global currency reserve for a debt foundation but the Treasury Bond? So, the Yen has a Treasury Bond as its foundation.


“Here’s the consequence: Their Yen went down. It went 22.5% down in a 12-month period!…More than 4% or 5% is big. It went down 22.5% and caused a major Japanese government debt crisis and banking crisis and they made it worse by printing more money to cover their debt…and now, they’re having inflation problem, they’re having a big run, a huge demand for gold…There’s your model!

“Country after country is going to dump Treasury Bonds, as a result. They’re going to create a price inflation problem…The dollar is going to be rejected at US ports. I believe it’s been rejected for over a year.”

Jim says he’s told by a dock worker official that the rumors about pre-2015 Diesel trucks needing to be retrofitted and union strikes were fake – they were told to go on strike as a cover story, because T-Bills were not accepted at the port by the Chinese cargo ships.

Jim says there’s about to be an inexorable multi-trillion-dollar transfer of T-Bills into gold, which will have the effect of momentarily raising the value of the dollar. Jim says that while other forecasters are predicting a dollar implosion, he is predicting a dollar supernova before it disappears.

Jim says the result is going to be massive shortages from import supply interruption. There’s going to be a black market for Asian goods coming through Canadian and Mexican tunnels. The use of XRP will come into play.

He says the BRICS is all about de-dollarization and the main point of contention among them is that the non-Chinese members don’t want the BRICS currency to have social credit attached to it.

Patriot Underground host, Patrick asks Jim what he thinks the role of China is in this 5th Generation War and does he think President Xi is a White Hat? Because he seems to be pushing the Fascist Rockefeller-UN Social Credit system.

Jim replies that China is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma and that he has never been one to claim to fully understand China however, he says, “Here’s my interpretation. Xi is a White Hat, he’s part of the Trump-Putin-Xi ‘TPX Triumverate’ and their main mission is to avoid nuclear conflagration – keep that in mind – their main mission is to avoid nuclear war.

“There are going to be plenty of skirmishes and we’ve got a very, very big skirmish in Ukraine and we might have another skirmish in Taiwan…

“Here’s my interpretation of President Xi: He withstood an assassination attempt and a coup attempt. I don’t know the result of the assassination attempt and I don’t want to get caught up in that here, because it’s complex and he might have been taken out. Let’s not get caught up in that.

“But he had to withstand an assassination attempt and a coup attempt, so what I believe he’s doing is he’s trying to install through the backdoor a capitalist system that’s in keeping with the Chinese Army Corporation, which is their biggest capitalist corporation.

“They’ve got a big problem, because they’ve not been able to dissolve adequately Evergrande. I believe Evergrande is ten times bigger than Lehmann…They cannot dissolve it, nor resolve it. So, it is bringing down the Communist pillars within their economy.

“I believe Xi is trying to do the capitalist agenda while giving lip service to the Communist agenda. And the lip service includes the Rothschild-UN-banking-credit-scoring model – which, privately, I believe Xi hopes that it fails – but I think he’s giving it lip service.

“Now, he noticed the failure in Shanghai, where people were jumping off balconies, because they didn’t have any money, couldn’t get food. That’s the sort of thing that happens with credit scoring but that Shanghai story was much bigger, because I believe Shanghai was the political opposition center for the Chinese Communist Party.

“Remember, we do not want the credit-scoring system, nor do we want the Central Bank Digital Currency. We don’t want that. That is a Fascist tool.

“I want the Digital Gold Token. The BRICS Gold Token is a Gold Utility Token that cannot be interfered with. You can’t do a currency hit, like with the Turkish Lira or the Venezuelan Bolivar. You can’t do that! The Iranian Rial. You can’t do that!

“The Gold Token for the BRICS is a Gold Utility Token. Sign up for the Hat Trick newsletter to learn more about all these things.

“The only way to interfere with the Gold Utility Token is by taking down the gold price and that ain’t gonna happen, because there are tens of billions of dollars – hundred coming – billions in Treasury Bonds to be dumped, in order to buy gold. Good luck trying to interfere with the rising gold prices.

“We are, I think, months away from a sudden discontinuous move up in the gold and silver prices. I mean, like – suddenly it’s $3,500/oz gold. Suddenly, It’s $8,200 gold. Suddenly, overnight. Suddenly…

“Let me leave you with a very big gem. In 1995…the Basel BIS Bank for International Settlements Chairman…a guy named Zijlstra, a Dutch banker. He was their Chairman for years. In 1995, he made a statement that eventually, the Rothschild – he was referring to the Rothschild Central Bank franchise – he said, eventually, the group of central banks are going to paint themselves into a corner and it’s going to be of insolvency, from rising debt, because he realized that every year, there’s more debt, more debt, not just the economy but in governments, sovereign debt, Treasury Bonds, etc.

“He said eventually, the central banks are going to paint themselves into a corner of insolvency. And notice, we’re in that right now. Every major central bank within the Rothschild system is in insolvency right now, because they’re raising interest rates to prevent an instant Treasury Bond default. They’re raising rates to defend the auctions and they’re not going well, even with higher interest rates…and their bond holdings at the central banks are going down in value from rising interest rates…

“By September-October, we’re going to be in an accelerating breakdown stage and we’re going to have a lot of ‘events’ that’ll be clear as day and we’re beginning to get them. We have a lot of shake, rattle and roll and not too much is breaking yet but we’re getting a lot of shake, rattle and roll.

“I believe Maui was a desperation event…I don’t talk about the weapons, I just say, ‘a hit’. Judy Wood      had her life largely destroyed at Virginia Tech for talking openly about the DEW. Her mother was murdered, her top PhD student was murdered and a friend was murdered and her bank accounts were sacked. Let’s not talk about the actual weapon. Let’s just say, ‘Maui got hit from aerial attack.’

“We’re about to get a lot of really important events. Notice, that for the last 4 months, the Fed has not shared any income with the Department of the Treasury? They’re insolvent! They’re not making any money. And all the big banks are a reflection of the central bank, with magnification, because they use debt leverage.

“The big banks are croaking. The big banks are breaking BIG TIME and I believe we’re going to see Bank of America and Wells Fargo soon in bankruptcy.”