This clip from a British morning show is going viral because of the fact that such words were actually aired on the mainstream media – and in the UK, of all places, the home of the Deep State. It’s almost like a petite asteroid landed in your living room.

UK-based US Republican commentator, Dr Jan Halper-Hayes joined GBN’s Stephen Dixon in the wake of Donald Trump’s latest indictment, when the show turned into a head-exploding conspiracy extravaganza.

After affably defending Trump for several minutes from the contempt of her Trump-deranged host, she lets it be known that she’s in a DoD task force and the US Military has all the evidence of exactly what happened during the recent elections.


She says, “Trump knew that if he presented any of the goods early on, we’d have a civil war. He really felt that the people needed to see how bad it could get.”

She then proceeds to drop a bombshell about Trump’s Royal blunder, when he walked in front of Her Majesty, as they inspected the Queen’s Guard.

Dr Jan claims that this pas de deux was an optic to tell the world that he was about to bankrupt the US Corporation, i.e., the 1871 association of the US, Vatican and the Crown, which has had US Taxpayers paying them back debts from the Civil War.


She says Trump told the Queen, “I’m ending this. We’re dissolving this corporation. We’re going to go back to being a Republic and we’ll all be separate.”

Dr Jan adds, “The Pope wasn’t happy. You should find the picture of him visiting the Pope. It took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican Bank!” 



Stephen: There are so many people who are putting this down to a conspiracy theory. But actually, there are real questions to be answered, here.

Dr Jan: There are?

Stephen: Yeah. Of course, there are. Of course, there are!

Dr Jan: What he’s being accused of – but what part do you think is to answer? The 2020 Election is going to be re-litigated because of this?

They’ve made a HUGE, HUGE mistake with this one. Because even though we thought what was going to happen was they were going to go after him for treason or sedition? But they did criminally charge him but they didn’t go to that extreme. As a result, he has due process, so he can subpoena people and bring things in.

Now, let me say something about this 2020 Election, is that Biden is the legitimate president of what is now the bankrupt US Corporation. And that was a treaty in 1871. Well, on September 12, 2018, Trump created an Executive Order.

Within that, he outlined, in future elections, any kind of foreign or domestic interference – specifically, for the 2020 Election.

So, we say, “How did he know some of these things were going to happen? Election integrity on both sides of the aisle is tough. It’s really tough but what this has done is it’s opened the door for Trump to present his case.

Stephen: Well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? I mean, because what we see over here, on this side of the pond is a very difficult situation, where the legal system is politicized in the United States, which is absolutely abhorrent to us, over here. So, the fact that Trump can subpoena, and there are people who are saying it’s a mistake, Jack Smith, but actually, he can subpoena, people can actually see evidence from both sides. That’s a sensible move.

Dr Jan: Exactly. And it’s a GREAT mistake by Jack Smith, that he’s done that, absolutely great! You see, the thing is – think of Edward Snowden and all the information he had. Think about the fact that our military, Department of Defense, Space Force. If you think that they don’t have the actual, real results from the election, then, you’re fooling yourself.

Stephen: Yeah, but what we do know with this, is we’re told there are plenty of notes from people, including Vice President Pence that there are some recordings of Donald Trump acknowledging that actually, what he said in public was nonsense. “Detroit! It’s all corrupt! The results are corrupt! When, in reality, he knew it wasn’t. That’s illegal.

Dr Jan: But you know what, that’s what someone’s claiming, but that’s not the fact and that’s not what Donald Trump really has ever said. He’s been very, very clear.

When the issues were, for example, in Pennsylvania the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania stepped in and changed some of the election laws. Under our Constitution, only our state legislatures can do that. ‘2,000 Mules’, the film that came out. What they did was they spent $4 million tracking the phones and the reason why it’s only 2,000 mules is that, based on the visits to the drop boxes in Georgia, they had to have gone over ten times and they’ve got all the film for that.

So, the thing is that the election integrity is so different and so problematic in every single state but that doesn’t mean that the machines didn’t do something, that there were some other kind of finagling, but the long and short of it – go ahead –

Stephen: But that’s where conspiracy comes in, to say, “Well, it doesn’t mean that something didn’t happen. There’s no evidence that it happened. How many court cases did the Trump Campaign try to bring? Nothing gone in his favor.

Dr Jan: OK, wait a minute. The media goes, “There were 60 court cases that were rejected.” No. There were three. He won two, he lost one, 57 were never heard because they had “no standing”. And standing means, the person bringing the case has to claim some kind of impact or injury. So, it’s really – the media did that. They’re great at doing that but there was a fallacy in there.

The thing is, you know, I sit on a task force at the Department of Defense and the thing is, they’ve got the goods. They’ve got the goods and Trump knew that if he presented any of the goods early on, we’d have a civil war. He really felt that the people needed to see how bad it could get. 

Female Presenter: That’s the sense that we’re getting from Trump’s lawyer, about what his defense is going to be. This is all going to be based on Free Speech. The first Amendment in the US Constitution, that he had a right to say what he believed, that the election results were not as what was put out. But the point is, if you live in a democracy, and you believe in a democracy, that means that even if you don’t like thee outcome of the election, you respect that, because it’s a democratic vote.

Dr Jan: Well, a democratic vote and so, therefore, he should be silent about it?

Female Presenter: He has a right to speak but then, the issue is if he then acts to subvert that election result.

Dr Jan: Because you think he’s being criticized, because he said in Georgia, “Can you find me 12,000 votes?” The thing is, he didn’t try to subvert anything. What he’s really done is he set up the Deep State to come out and that’s why we’re seeing all these things.

It was revealed with whistleblowers and Hunter Biden’s ex-best friend, that in 2015, the head of Burisma gave Joe and Hunter Biden a $10 million bribe. In 2018, Joe is on TV publicly that he threatened that unless they got the prosecutor fired, that he wasn’t going to let them have their $1 billion in support. In 2019, Trump calls Zelenskyy to find out about what went on to get the prosecutor fired and he gets impeached. We’ve lived with it for a long time. 

Stephen: We’re almost out of time. I just want to pick on you for one other thing. You said earlier on, “Donald Trump has been very clear on this.” Is he a man that you find believable? I mean, He’s about as believable as a chocolate tea party, isn’t he?

Dr Jan: Thank God you got the negativity in at the end and not the beginning. I can always count on you for that. Always!

Stephen: It’s a legitimate point, to say that Donald Trump is a man who always speaks the truth. That can’t be the case! It’s hardly the case of any leader, to be fair – but definitely not Donald Trump!

Dr Jan: Well, I don’t know if I said “everything” or “always”, because I do call him the Embellisher-in-Chief, because he’s a marketer. But in terms of telling us things, optics, you better believe he’s very much a straight shooter, in terms of actions he’s going to take or what he thinks needs to be done.

They made fun of him because they assumed he broke protocol and walked in front of the Queen. No! If you go back and look at it, you’ll see he looked at her, she gave a wave with her hand, he proceeded, she took a couple of steps and he waited for her to join.

That was an optic to tell us that he then was going to bankrupt the US Corporation. Because it was the Vatican, the Crown and the US that was part, since 1871 and we were giving you our tax dollars. We were paying back – forget this Tea Party and “taxation without representation”, we owed you a lot of money because you helped us in the Civil War. 

And so now, Trump told the Queen, “I’m ending this. We’re dissolving this corporation. We’re going to go back to being a republic and we’ll all be separate.”

The Pope wasn’t happy. You should find the picture of him visiting the Pope. It took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican Bank! 

Stephen: I’m not too happy about it, Jan, to be perfectly honest, we could do with your money at the moment. It’s really good to see you.