It’s Over! (Democracy That Is)

The United States’ experiment with democracy is now officially over.  It’s time to declare the experiment dead and make other arrangements.

This is the conclusion I come to after witnessing the utter depravity of Democrats who attempted to censor RFK Jr from speaking at a Congressional Committee hearing on…censorship.

Aside from the punishing irony involved, what was revealed, for all to see, was just how deranged and disheveled the thought processes and arguments of ‘the left.’

It’s so bad, that Representative Sanchez (D-CA) actually said “No right given the people of the United States is absolute…and that includes the right to free speech.”

She actually said that!  On purpose in front of a recorded hot mic.

She’s a lawyer by prior profession and training, but she somehow slithered through that educational process without being informed of the difference between a right and a privilege.  Rights are not granted.  They simply exist.

But she would argue that point up and down and then sideways because it does not fit into her authoritarian worldview.  And she speaks for many, which is why we have to become prepared for the mass difficulties we’ll have to endure if we wish to avoid the mass casualties that will otherwise result.

Because that’s the final destination of the Mass Formation train.

see link to video below