Israel/Hamas War: Problem–Reaction–Solution

The operational history of The Order can only be understood within a framework of the Hegelian dialectic process. Quite simply, this is the notion that conflict creates history. From this axiom, it follows that controlled conflict can create a predetermined history” – A Sinister Force Behind Historical Conflicts, Global Agendas, Revolutions and World Wars


I’ve kept an eye on this Israel situation for the past few days.

Here’s what I’ve learned, & here are my blunt & honest thoughts:

1. Israel chose to ignore intelligence from Egyptian officials about a major attack coming from Hamas.

2. Multiple former IDF soldiers & Israeli intelligence personnel have come forward online and said there’s a zero percent chance Israel was unaware of this attack beforehand or couldn’t have prevented it.

3. We just watched unsophisticated terrorists on hang gliders soar into one of the most heavily-defended & surveilled countries on the planet.

4. Within 48 hours of the attack, we’re now suddenly seeing enormous support for an American war with Iran and the genocide of the Palestinian people.

I’m witnessing American pastors and formerly level-headed influencers in our world completely lose their minds and call for genocide.

It’s unsurprising, but insane to watch.

If the events of the past three years have taught me anything, it’s that when people get whipped into an emotional frenzy, critical thinking completely goes out the window.

People become highly suggestible and will rush to extremely dangerous conclusions without thinking about the consequences.

I think this is what we’re all witnessing with this situation in Israel.

I’m reminded of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

In both scenarios, the American government received intelligence in advance of the attacks, but chose not to prevent the attacks.


The American government was willing to sacrifice the lives of American citizens in order to advance its geopolitical goals.

Pearl Harbor gave the justification to enter WWII.

9/11 gave justification to invade the Middle East & drastically expand the American military industrial complex & our surveillance apparatus.

They were brutal & extremely traumatic events for the American public to witness. The emotional trauma caused people to get whipped into an emotional frenzy.

America wanted ONE THING in response to these attacks:

The blood of our enemies.

I see the same psyop playing out now.

People are whipped into a frenzied bloodlust.

In their frenzied bloodlust, people are overlooking some SERIOUSLY important facts here, notably:

1. The fact that none of this adds up,

2. Innocent civilians are being threatened with genocide, and

3. Escalated violence in the Middle East and a war with Iran both risk ***the rest of the planet getting dragged into WWIII.***

What happened in Israel this weekend was obviously gut-wrenching and awful to witness, but I do not trust Israel’s so-called “intelligence failure”, nor do I trust the snakes in Washington calling for war with Iran, & I sure as hell no longer trust any of the emotionally-frenzied influencers calling for explicit genocide of innocent civilians.

This was a defining moment in history, similar to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, COVID, the beginning of the Ukraine war, etc, and a lot of people just got played.


People responded by going full mask-off, exposing themselves as reckless & incapable of exercising sound judgment in moments of chaos and heightened emotion.

And we’re now at the brink of WWIII because of it.

This is all worth noting.

There’s a high likelihood that there will be more chaos throughout the rest of this decade.

There will be more psychological operations.

There will be more moments in time in which cooler heads ought to prevail, but people will get whipped into an emotional frenzy instead.

Keep your wits about you, & be cautious in whom you allow yourself to be influenced by.

Recognize that governments & intelligence agencies spend enormous resources waging psychological operations on social media nonstop when stuff like this goes down.

Remember that when chaos is at its peak, history shows there is ALMOST ALWAYS a hidden agenda being played out, & that hidden agenda is ALWAYS designed to prey on our base emotions to facilitate a desired end result.

Pray for world peace tonight.