Iran Rejected the 2022 amendments to the International Health Regulations

Many thanks to the people at Door To Freedom for bringing this to the world’s attention.



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Please watch the video below…


(especially the final minute)

At the opening session of WGIHR-4 on July 24, 2023, Iran stated that they had officially rejected the May 2022 amendments. I must admit that I missed this detail back in July 2023. Kudos to the people at Door to Freedom for noticing this important statement by the Iranian delegate.

To watch the original video, click on the link below and play the July 24, 2023 session of the WGIHR. Iran’s statement begins at 52:50.


The Amendment to Article 62 included a NEW authority for states parties to enter reservations to amendments:

The authority to submit reservations to adopted amendments is not in the 2005 version of the International Health Regulations:

Unfortunately for Iran, they should have only rejected Article 59. By rejecting the other articles, they will never be able to make a reservation to any future amendments.

HOWEVER, in my opinion, this is all a moot point because the 2022 amendments must be considered to be null and void since they were submitted in the middle of the 75th assembly in violation of Article 55 (without 4 months notice).

They must also be considered null and void because a proper vote was never conducted nor recorded.

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29 NOVEMBER 2023
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The Deadline is January 27, 2024

27 DECEMBER 2023
The Deadline is January 27, 2024

SPREAD THE WORD… The Working Group for amendments to the International Health Regulations (WGIHR) has openly admitted that they are going to FAIL to meet their deadline. NO AMENDMENTS MAY BE CONSIDERED AT THE 77TH WORLD HEALTH ASSEMBLY IN MAY 2024 UNLESS A FINAL VERSION IS SUBMITTED FOUR(4) MONTHS IN ADVANCE (BY JANUARY 27, 2024).

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