Inventor of Completely Untraceable Communication – Tanner Haas

By Greg Hunter’s (Sponsored Post)

These days, privacy with your smart phone is virtually non-existent.  Everybody knows Big Tech spies on us, but did you know virtually every piece of information about you is sucked up and sold off?  “Even your address book and full contact list” is taken off your phone by some social media sites.  Tanner Haas invented a new app that he calls “the future of privacy,” and it cuts the spying and data harvesting off completely.  It’s called Converso, and as the slogan says, it is “Completely Untraceable Communication.”  Haas says, “It gives you the piece of mind that everything you say is between you and the intended recipient. . . . If we are talking, the conversation is only on your phone and my phone.  I can also ‘Unsend a Message.’  This means if I ‘Unsend a Message,’ it is off your phone, it was never on a server and it is gone forever.”

Haas also points out, “If you have all your conversations on Converso, they would not be able to see who you are talking to.  All your conversations are managed on your device. . . .  The only way anyone can see who you are talking to is to physically grab your phone.  You cannot see call logs, it’s not on a server and it’s all private.  Our tag line is ‘Untraceable Communication’ because we want to have friends and family communicate in privacy.  That is a God given right, and we are here to give that back.  We have one feature that is called ‘Sensors Off.’  It’s no secret these companies want to listen in to your conversations and access your camera and microphone.  This is what the NSA did in the Obama Administration.  So, we created ‘Sensors Off’ . . . it can completely deactivate your camera and microphone. . . .We also have a feature called ‘Screen Shot Protect.’  If I am texting you my credit card or personal information and I enable ‘Screen Shot Protect,’ and if you try to copy the screen shot, all you will get is a blank white screen. . . .$30 billion was lost to spam last year.  It’s because people send their credit card over text or email and that information can get out. . . .If you value your privacy, you need to use Converso.”

Here’s the best part.  This cutting edge privacy app is totally free until July 31, 2023.  You do NOT have to give your credit card to sign up.  You also will not have to give your credit card unless you want to pay for Converso privacy services.  Even after that, there will still be a free level you can use.  Click on to get more details.

There is much more in the 18-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Tanner Haas, inventor of Converso: “Completely Untraceable Communication.”