Interview with Mel K, May 28, 2024

Technocracy, the “information-liquidation model,” military operations cloaked as public health, geopolitical vs. class warfare, WWIII as social engineering, and resistance in the Omniwar

Many thanks to Mel K for a stimulating discussion. We got into: 

  • the history of technocracy;

  • the Great Reset as a global form of passive revolution;

  • continuities between the political economy of 1930s Nazi Germany and that of the West since 2020;

  • the “information-liquidation model,” from the Holocaust, through Operation Phoenix, to the ARPANET and the internet;

  • the technocratic infiltration of political systems everywhere; a political class that does not work for the people; and governments as implementers of agendas formulated at higher levels; 

  • hiding the truth in plain sight; decoying/distraction/camouflage (a military tactic); public health being used to cloak military operations; 

  • the fundamental principles of liberal democracy being openly discarded;

  • geopolitical (“horizontal”) warfare vs. class (“vertical”) warfare;

  • indicators of crisis pre-2020 (social, financial, and in the Western propaganda system);

  • resistance in the Omniwar beginning with each of us individually, based on conscience;

  • Wall Street’s historical preference for “corporate socialism”;  

  • World War III and world war as social engineering;

  • ruling class desperation; and

  • smart people deploying their skills for evil in the intelligence agencies.