International Public Notice — Why We Must Declare By Anna Von Reitz

Here, in America, we have been forced by deceit to participate in a European Caste System.  This Caste System recognizes three levels of increasing denigration.

The highest level of the overall Caste System recognizes men and women who have sons and daughters and who possess Natural and Unalienable Rights.  They are living people and Lawful Persons –  a “Lawful Person” is the Name that we use to conduct trade and business in public.  These lucky people are protected by the Constitutional limitations and guarantees.  They may use Public Law for their private purposes and are not naturally subject to legislation—codes, statutes, and regulations, which pertain to their public employees instead.  They own this country on a state-by-state basis.  They take their nationality from their State of the Union and are known as Californians, Virginians, New Yorkers, and so on.  This is our political status the moment we are born on the land and soil of this country.

Almost immediately we are denigrated by our own public employees to a second-class status as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, via a process of registration and the issuance of a Birth Certificate.  This creates a Legal Person operated under the same name as your Lawful Person, but this “Human” has only Human Rights and no Constitutional guarantees at all.  They are subject to all forms of legislation and must know and obey literally millions of codes, statutes, and regulations. They are prevented from owning land in this country, so all they own is a “title” to land, while the actual property is held in trust for them by the British Queen or King.  They are considered to be in a condition of peonage or indentured servitude as a Ward of the State and typically have a tour of duty or set number of years that they can be expected to serve, such as a published retirement age.  They are not considered to inhabit an actual physically defined State of the Union, but instead inhabit another Legal Fiction — a British Territorial State-of-State, such as the State of Vermont.  They are allowed to be here in this country under the provisions of the Residence Act and often note that they are “residents” and are “residing” here on a purportedly temporary basis before returning home to Puerto Rico or England or another unknown home.  The reason they are here is to provide us with “essential government services” as described in Article IV of all three Federal Constitutions. They aren’t supposed to be registering us as one of them and unlawfully converting our birthright political status, but they have been getting away with this in Breach of Trust since the 1920’s.

Having been denigrated once to the status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, the fiends responsible have seen fit to act as Public Usufructs and create a Municipal CORPORATION named after the British Territorial U.S. Citizen — who, conveniently, is named after us.    Because the foreign U.S. Citizen is a Legal Person and already denigrated to the status of an indentured servant, their Master, the British King, holds their property in a private trust and may also choose to create a public trust named after the victim.  This results in the creation of a slave bearing your name, a second BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and a further degree of denigration.  This Municipal Corporation franchise functioning under the name of an actual living man, say, ROBERT JOHN MARTIN, has only Civil Rights, which are actually only privileges granted by the Slave Masters and Overseers.  These Legal Fiction PERSONS are slaves for life. They are sometimes called Fourteenth Amendment Citizens.  They are pre-considered to be criminals and guilty of any crime they are accused of.  They are also permitted to be here to provide “essential government services” and are residents under the Residence Act, and inhabit imaginary Municipal STATES, like VERMONT or the STATE OF VERMONT.

So, like dominoes, the identity of the American baby is stolen within a few days of being born and his actual and political status is sequentially denigrated; his Mother is not told a word about the registration process or its results.  Instead, she is deliberately misled into thinking that the paperwork she is signing is harmless routine hospital recordkeeping.  She does not know and is never told that she is changing and denigrating the political status of her baby.  She is not told that she is “waiving” his birthright estate as an American and giving him and his property assets to the British King. All this is kept very hush-hush, as it should be, because it is an international capital crime of unlawful political conversion. 

Because the parent is never given disclosure about any of this, and because the baby is too young to know anything about it, this registration process results in a totally unconscionable contract, one that pledges the baby and all his assets into the feudal British Territorial Government system and makes him the servant of the British King, and then, secondarily, as a result of the creation of the Municipal CORPORATION named after him, makes him the slave of the British Crown Corporation and the Pope.

And all without his American parents or the baby being any the wiser. It is only much later, when the victim grows up and notices that although he supposedly lives in a free country, he is not free himself, that he begins to suspect that something is not right in America. 

And this is, at the root, what is wrong.  We have been the victims of a National-level identity theft promoted by our own public employees.

As Americans, we are still owed every jot of all three Federal Constitutions.   As Americans, we are still owed all our rights and our property.  As Americans, we are still free.  But individually, one by one, through the guile and disservice of our own public employees – many of whom have been completely clueless themselves – we are no longer “recognizable” as Americans. 

This is how we, individually, and collectively, have been overcome by our misdirected employees acting in Gross Breach of Trust, and by Foreign Principals – the British Kings and the Popes – also acting in Gross Breach of Trust.  This is how they have evaded their own obligations under the Federal Constitutions – not by attacking the Constitutions directly, but by “legally” redefining the people these contracts are owed to, so that we can no longer individually access those protections and guarantees.

It has been a long road leading to this perdition and every step has been cloaked in secrecy, as it had to be, because the Perpetrators have been engaged in a known capital crime of unlawful political conversion the entire time.

So now you know why it is necessary for you to, individually, correct this circumstance and reclaim your birthright estate as an American and as a State National – a Wisconsinite, a Texan, or Ohioan, et alia, — by declaring, recording, and publishing your own ownership of your own estate as a free man or woman, and reclaiming your birthright, including your Constitutional Guarantees.

As this was all taken from you by paperwork and “legal” but not lawful process, you have to use other paperwork and legal processes to undo the damage and regain your birthright position as a living, breathing American.  As a thing is bound, so it is unbound. 

This is why we have to do the Declaration paperwork. This is why we have to record and publish it, too.  We do this to free ourselves from the otherwise automatic legal presumptions that attach to us as a result of our names being registered as U.S. Citizens and later, as Municipal “citizens of the United States”. 

This fundamental misrepresentation has led to millions of Americans being misidentified and mistreated.  These unconscionable contracts –from the baby’s point of view — were signed by Mothers who suffered non-disclosure, so that nobody actually knew about the meaning or existence of these purported agreements, but those self-interested Perpetrators responsible for their existence. 

These same purported citizenship and allegiance contracts have been ruthlessly applied to the clueless Americans by British Bar Members working as Hired Jurists on Commission — Privateers, in other words –not only receiving salary and benefits as public employees of the British Territorial United States Government and its State-of-State franchises, but also receiving a kickback commission to their “retirement accounts” in the CRIS System, based on how many convictions they could guarantee and how much property they could illegally confiscate using this scheme.

These men and women knew that they were working with a foreign Caste System as they had to know the difference between Municipal and Magistrate COURTS that deal with Municipal CORPORATIONS and those State-of-State and Admiralty Courts that deal with U.S. Citizens.   

The Popes, the British Monarch, and the British Crown Corporation have all been served Due Notice and Due Process for over seven (7) years, which gave them ample time to correct their operations. Instead, they, for the most part, redoubled their efforts to steal more loot, ruin more lives, and create more problems for their erstwhile Treaty Partners, Allies, and Friends. 

They stepped up their planned transition to move their operations to China and to use the Chinese military as their new source of cheap mercenaries.  

They did not tell their Courts or their Court Officers the truth and did not instruct them to stand down.  

The Municipal Government run by the British Crown has been especially miscreant and violent, and has used Municipal CORPORATIONS and Licensed Medical Doctors as a secret Mercenary Force embedded in our country to recklessly misrepresent injected nanotechnology as a “vaccine” that was neither a vaccine in any traditional sense and not a “gene therapy” either.  

Rather, the injected material is a radical new technology with gene editing capabilities that can be directed by wi-fi signals, and it has been injected in over a billion people under False Pretenses and with lack of disclosure and with immense amounts of False Advertising employing semantic deceit, mandates enforced against the public under color of law, and other elements of fraud. 

The end line beneficiaries, WHO, Inc., and DARPA, Inc, and Microsoft, Inc., dba MICROSOFT,  as well as the Principals responsible, Pope Francis, dba,  FRANCISCUS,  the British Territorial United States, Incorporated, dba, DARPA, Inc., and the various pharmaceutical corporations and other UN CORPORATION franchises have attempted to claim, as we could foresee, that all those who “volunteered” to receive these undisclosed injections, were rendered Genetically Modified Organisms — GMOs, literally owned as property by the Patentholders and therefore, disposable by the Patentholders. 

This commercial criminality and graft and fraud against the living people of this planet is at an end; all those involved in this conspiracy of dead corporate entities against the living people are guilty of capital crimes in an illegal, undeclared, and insufferable “war” for profit and coercive control; whereupon we have published our Public Law prohibiting their patent claims and their surreptitiously imposed Caste System, too, more than two years ago.  

Take Notice that it doesn’t matter what kinds of guarantees these Criminals have tried to give to themselves or to their corporations, especially those guarantees given by the U.S. Congress to U.S. Corporations under the Reagan Administration, promising indemnity that that Congress itself did not possess. 

Take Notice that we are free to liquidate all foreign CORPORATIONS and all foreign licenses and registrations, rendering them moot, null and void, within the borders of our States. 

We are ordering all American Forces to use all appropriate protocols necessary to arrest Joseph R Biden who is merely a political party hack pretending to hold a public office, all members of the similarly compromised US CONGRESS,  all UN CORPORATION officials, all FEDERAL RESERVE officials, all DEPARTMENT OF THE GLOBAL FEDERAL RESERVE personnel, all members of the WHO, Inc. and WHO, INC. administration, all board members and executive officers of DARPA, the Municipal DOD, BLM, FBI, FEMA, PFIZER, MODERNA, ASTRAZENECA, JOHNSON and JOHNSON, DARPA, MICROSOFT, and their affiliates as members of a criminal conspiracy against our country and our people. 

The impersonation, misdirection and misrepresentation of our lawful government must end immediately. 

All forces are directed to secure the Southern Border with Mexico and ordered to assist Governor Greg Abbott of Texas.  Anyone resisting this order is to be fully advised of the circumstance and urged to comply.  If they don’t comply, they are to be regarded as Mercenaries engaged in capital crimes of invasion and conspiracy against the Constitutions. 

As the attached Public Law makes clear, all Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses are set free of any foreign licensing or conscription obligations and are required instead to act according to their conscience; they will be held responsible as living men and women, not merely as corporate franchises.

Thank you for your cooperation and prompt action. 

Issued by: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 25th 2024