International Public Notice: The Final Foreclosure Notice

Intrigued by the tedious but correct translation from Latin of Pope Boniface VIII’s Unam Sanctam (aka, Unam Sanctum) Trust, and its claims upon the “human creature”, plus  comparative studies of the medieval language usage in English and French, plus the exhaustive study of the secretive Roman Catholic practice of baptizing the Afterbirth all the way back to St. Thomas Aquinas, provided by Kurt Kallenbach’s decades-long research into this topic, we may safely conclude: 
The “human creature” that Pope Boniface was referencing was not a man, but was considered a “monster” and an “unknown person”, a “hue-man”  that died soon after birth and was “abandoned” by the Mother. 
The death of the placenta, which was observed, but not understood, had long been regarded in this general fashion, but circa 1100 A.D., just as the Church was coming to grips with the necessity of funding its Crusades, the ever-ingenious Catholic Hierarchy hit upon not only an income tax called “Peter’s Pence” collected by the Inquisition once a year on April 15th (sound familiar?), but a means to seize upon every man’s earthly estate.
This dead “brother”, the Afterbirth, was given a Christian burial and baptized using a second-class baptism as outlined in the Unam Sanctam Trust declaration itself, and having succumbed to death prior to the living child (warning: a child is not a baby) this “human creature” became the prior heir of the joint estate.  
Of course, this “brother” died intestate, and the survivor with the “survivor interest” didn’t even know they were a survivor, which left a very convenient post for the Church to act as Executor de Son Tort and, in consideration of its services — rescuing the dying, providing for its baptism, granting it protection, burying it discreetly without a word to its “family” in hallowed ground, not a confirmed Catholic, but generously assumed to belong to the Kingdom of God, etc., etc., etc., the Church also became a claimant upon the joint estate — both directly for its services, and indirectly as the self-declared owner of everything God created.    
The living “child” — another legalistic misnomer for a Person, not a living baby — owed the Church for all the services performed for the “human creature” named after him or her, and any other service performed for the benefit of their joint intestate estate. 
Until the living heir of the joint estate publishes his or her Express Trust in writing, the Church and/or State continues to assume that it is the Owner and Executor.  
If the surviving baby became a Catholic, the Church claims 100% of everything anyway.  If they failed their confirmation or went the Protestant route or adopted any other religion, they were assumed to be a “lost debtor” that absconded without paying the Church for the services provided their dead brother, and all the Catholic Monarchs (and they were all Catholic by definition) received a 40% share upon recovering the Debtor and forcing him to pay the debt. 
And all of this was, and is, completely undisclosed and unconscionable as far as the living baby and his family are concerned; all this is happening in Legal Fantasyland, and this whole web of legalistic presumptions and implied contracts and debts has been woven around each one of us in our cradles like the victims of a giant spider, waiting to be sucked dry at Shelob’s convenience. 
This gigantic crippling fraud is imposed upon us by undisclosed paperwork our Mothers signed without any cause to know the consequence of their signature, and all promoted by invisible organizations that roam the halls of the hospitals and clinics like Harpies, and sit at desks at the Bureaus of Vital Statistics — collecting the souls and substance of the “dead brothers”, defrauding the Mothers, and collecting the 40% of our “life force value” owed to the King’s British Territorial Government, aka, U.S. Government, USA, Inc. 
Please note that like the word “child”, the word “British” as in “British Monarch”, is not what it seems to be, and that Britain, in fact, does not exist as a country and does not have standing to perform as a country.  
Britain is a theoretical construct and Great Britain is a derivative of that theoretical construct — an unincorporated business entity operating in international jurisdiction. 
The “British Monarch” is therefore also made of paper, not substance. It’s in the role of the British Monarch that the purported King of England collects the souls and renders them to the Pope for a 40% share. 
So to make this explicit on both sides of the Sting — the King of England has to stand on the land to have standing, but the current Pretender never entered upon the Christian Land Jurisdiction Crown nor made its affirmations.  He left the land vacated.  
He also vacated the British Monarchy, which as we have explained, is a business office rooted in Legal Fiction.  It’s here that the British Monarchs have ruled the Jurisdiction of the Sea and created much of their calumny, but the present Pretender didn’t occupy that tainted office, either.  
“King Charles III” was crowned as his “Imperial Majesty” — as an Emperor, a Holy Roman Empire Office existing only in the Jurisdiction of the Air.
This is another gargantuan fraud that has been promoted upon the people of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.  
The English think they have a King of England when they haven’t had one in 200 years.  
All the people in the British Isles think that Britain and particularly, Great Britain, is a contiguous land mass and are astonished to learn that no such country exists. 
And everyone agrees that the Holy Roman Empire rode into the sunset in the early 1800’s, but it is self-evident that many Roman Catholic Church offices today carry the designation “HRE” just the same. And they are obviously still crowning Roman Emperors. 
We have learned by dint of hard slogging, that it is the seldom-mentioned Dominican Order, not the ever-maligned Jesuits, who are the Heavies in charge of the Inquisition, which does the “collection” of the souls and the levying of the purported “private contract” debt misapplied to each and every one of us.  
Most of the top agents are middle-aged nuns and priests of the Dominican Order who aren’t wearing their clerical dress, but are acting in street clothes instead.
These people entered Holy Orders years ago and were lost to general society, so when they re-enter without their frocks and act in the service of Mammon, they are curiously faceless and rootless middle-aged waifs without apparent family or recent history.   
Most of them additionally take on Assumed Names, like “Amber Grabbaugh” to further put us off the scent. You can search all day and find no record of such people, and even if you do find the name change records in some place like Puerto Rico, you are left to think that they changed their identity to avoid the onus of being an IRS Agent. 
That is partly true, but there is a far deeper reason. They are shielding the Church from complicity. They don’t want it known that yes, the Inquisition still exists, and yes, they are part of it. 
We know them as the Internal Revenue Service (“internal” with respect to the Church and the British Co-Conspirators) and the IRS — the Catholic Municipal Corporation that collects from Municipal PERSONS owned as franchises of its UNITED STATES, INC. operation, even after the UNITED STATES has been bankrupted in Chapter 7. 
They just spin off another “sacrificial” corporation and keep on skating. 
Nobody knows for sure what “IRS” stands for; it appears to be another deceit, promoted by self-evident assumption that it stands for “Internal Revenue Service”, but just as likely, it stands for “In Rome’s Service” instead. 
IRS certainly stands for Municipal Corporation collections from franchise PERSONS merely presumed to exist on the basis of the pre-existing Territorial Persons — all “lost at sea”. It also stands for the misapplication of unconscionable private contracts created without disclosure and exercised without disclosure. 
And both the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS are run by the members of the Inquisition to this day.
All the Top Brass is associated with the Roman Catholic Church and the Dominican Order, but nobody mentions that, because in the guise of the UNITED STATES and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, these yahoos and their German cohorts have been impersonating and defrauding The United States and The United States of America for over 150 years. 
The Roman Catholic Church deserves to be shamed in the streets for this, and all the secular corporate “governments” that have been associated with, and which have benefited from this vile fraud scheme, need to be lawfully converted (that is, nationalized).   
This is the biggest and longest running conspiracy to defraud between church and state in human history, and the “marks” — the targeted victims of this Kingdom of Lies, have been babies in their cradles and their innocent new mothers. 
So along with being gross hypocrites and liars, they prove to be cowards as well.  They are white collar criminals preying upon the ignorant in the same way that beer cellar thugs prey upon the weak. 
We have traced it back to the days of the Norman Conquest and then traced its development, culminating in its modern form with  King Henry the Eighth’s double-cross of the fledgling Anglican Church and the enduring 60/40 Split between the Church and the Secular “Government” Overseers of the slaves.  
They’ve been working this “private contract” scheme behind the scenes like a well-oiled machine for hundreds of years, against the interest of untold millions of people who have been deceived, misled, coerced, and farmed like farm animals, herded, lied to, “harvested” and sacrificed. 
And now, the Truth comes home. 
If you are Catholic and hearing this, you might think several things.  You might think, for example, that I have lost my mind.  Or that I have some sort of vendetta against Christianity.  Or that I have a grudge or prejudice against Catholics. 
In all those suppositions, you would be wrong.  
What is happening here is the discovery of a vile sin and duplicity that has haunted and ruined the Roman Catholic Church for centuries. 
Anyone who loves the Catholic Church should be on their feet and leaving its current administration, whether Catholic or so-called Protestant, behind in a cloud of dust.  
By the process of incorporation, the Roman Church contrived to enfranchise all the Protestant Churches and then set up the same arrangements with the Church Leaders that they had with Henry the Eighth.  Incorporation unlawfully converts all the churches into franchises of the Roman Catholic Church’s parent corporations.  
So, by deceit, by guile, by fraud, by sins of omission, by unlawful and unconscionable contracts, all the churches have been reduced to profit-making things, under the same Roman Catholic ownership. 
Go find your true shepherds, your Remnant, among the outcasts and the “permanently retired”, like Archbishop Vigano. 
There can be no doubt any longer about the nature of the Great Whore, or why this particular analogy applies. The Church and those who have served it to implement these crimes against little babies in their cradles and against their innocent mothers, have sold their souls to Mammon. 
They have served a different “god”. 
And they conveniently didn’t say a word about their unlawful conversion.  
They didn’t tell you that there was a “Secular Priesthood” involved in the highest ranks of the Church.  
They didn’t tell you that, for centuries, the Popes have attempted to serve two Masters. 
And they have certainly tried to hide the fact that Pope Benedict XVI took the sacred ministerial office to his grave with him. 
All that remains is the loyal Jesuit, plodding onward, playing the role of Pope without actually having inherited any office. 
None at all. 
Think about it. 
The Roman Pontificate and the Office of the Roman Pontiff was shut down in 2011, along with the Romanus Pontifex land trust.  So the Office of the Roman Pontiff no longer exists. H.E. Jorge Bergolio, S.J. could not possibly have inherited that office in 2013, though he clearly inherited the work.  
There went the Secular Office of the Pope. 
In the same way, in announcing his departure, Benedict XVI clearly and explicitly retained his 
“ministerial” office, that is, the Sacred Office of the Pope. 
When Benedict XVI died, he took the Sacred Office with him, and nobody, nowhere, in the entire Catholic Church, has proposed any means by which either of the Pope’s Offices could have been transferred to 
“Pope” Francis. 
Perhaps he is left holding the title of the “Prince of the Air” but that begs the question of who, exactly, is the “King of the Air”?  
And you will be told, Satan, that great Liar, the Deceiver of the whole world, that serpent (from the Tribe of Dan) of old, the Fallen Archangel, having entered the body of a man and having possessed him, now uses him like a sock puppet and wheedles and wiles away his days seeking the power to engulf the whole world in flames. 
So, here we are at the end of the world, waiting for the Great Eagles to come fish us up off our rock in the midst of the flowing lava field. 
The ring of power is broken, dissolving, the countless minions in their endless ranks, the deformed and denatured orcs, the miserable creatures of evil, the trolls and even Hannibal’s war elephants have come back to haunt us, and still, the ravens circle the battlefields pecking out the sightless eyes of the dead. 
The armies of our own ghosts await, those who lost their power to act in this physical world, are gathered nonetheless; they know, and we should know, that at the appointed hour, the veil between the living and the dead will be torn apart like the temple curtain, and all the lies will be laid waste. 
All the Liars will be carried away and we will not remember them anymore. 
Their names and faces will be gone at last, erased from the mind of the Living God; we will not grieve for them nor have any cause to be troubled at night. 
We have already moved on, and being done with evil by our own choice, we will know it no more.  We have learned the lessons of evil, have remembered the past, and we are not condemned to relive it. 
I am no man, so let me remind you:   
Those who are ruining the Earth with their lies and self-service will be brought to ruin; those who are trying to disguise the effects of their own evil upon the Earth, and who are seeking to blame this on others so as to enrich themselves on “carbon taxes”, will be left empty-handed. 
The entirety of their guilt will be handed to them. 
Those who have hidden behind the “WHO, INC.” — and it does not stand for “World Health Organization”– will be found out and their cries will not be heard again, and neither will their brethren at the World Economic Forum be heard of anymore. 
Those who have sought to hide behind their corporations, their labels, their trademarks, their made-up names, those who have done the devil’s service, will smell like the rotting carrion they have chosen to create, and sound like the buzzing flies they attract. 
They shall be hounded both day and night, all their lies availing them nothing. 
In this day and this hour, they are cast away and this mark is placed upon them, that they shall stink and fester outwardly with the pestilence of their own minds. 
All their love of war and profit will be sealed upon them like a loathsome venereal disease; all their sacrifices and scapegoats will haunt them.  
They cannot say I did not warn them. 
Those who love and who love each other, will be safe in this world and all others. 
This is the Third and Final Notice of Foreclosure on all Corporations, issued in the jurisdiction of the air. 
This completes Due Process on Air, Land, and Sea. 
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


January 20th 2024