International Public Notice: Notice of Insanity By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we observed that there is no such thing as a “human” or a “subhuman”.  There are in fact only men and women. 
We observed that this presumption that “humans” and “subhumans” exist was created and promoted by the Medieval Roman Catholic Church. 
The presumption that “hue-mans” exist was based on profound ignorance and observation of the placenta, misinterpreting this specialized organ as a dying and ultimately “stillborn fraternal twin” of the living baby accompanying it. 
The corollary presumption that subhumans therefore also exist was asserted by Pope Nicholas V, who declared the Saracen Turks to be “subhumans” and condemned them to “eternal slavery”.
We examined some of the language that has been created to promote the existence of these “subclasses” of people, especially the distinction made between men and women and males and females, those with titles and without, and the use of different typefaces, fonts, and styles to designate the status of individuals at any given time: 
(1) Free men and women in our country have Natural and Unalienable Rights that cannot be severed from them. They have two-part names, like Anna Maria (private), or Anna Riezinger (public), printed in Upper-Lower Case, and without titles. 
(2) Males and females in our Military Services, knowingly or unknowingly, claim to be “humans” and as a result, they have only Human Rights. They have titles, like “Mr.” and “Mrs.” and “Doctor” and “The Honorable”.  They have tripartite names in Upper-Lower case like: Allen Avery Stumpbottle, which may or may not be printed or written in script, and which operate in international jurisdiction, under international law.  
(3) Those in the Federal Civil Service are unisex “subhumans” having only so-called Civil Rights that are actually privileges that can be removed with the stroke of a pen.  They are designated using pronouns
like him, her, or it. What appear to be their names are spelled out in all capital letters: ALLEN AVERY STUMPBOTTLE. These entities operate in global jurisdiction under two forms of commercial law. 
We observed that this idea that “humans” and “subhumans” exist is a lie and a logical fallacy amounting to a grand delusion and resulting in a great fraud against mankind.  
We observed that there are, in fact, no human rights because there are no humans and, equally, there are no civil rights because there are no subhumans, either.  
In truth and fact and substance, only men and women exist, and only their inseparable Natural and Unalienable Rights exist. 
All the fanciful excuses for trying to sever the Natural and Unalienable Rights of living people by substituting “Human Rights” and “Civil Rights” are acts of fraud, deceit, malevolence and self-service on the part of those promoting these schemes. 
In Law, animals exist as “male” and “female”, so by adopting the status of a “human” and claiming “human rights” the ignorant are beguiled to denigrate themselves as animals and surrender their Natural and Unalienable Rights as men and women; in return, they receive titles and a “station” but lose their lawful standing in life. They have the same political and social status as indentured servants. 
In Law, by adopting the status of an “entity” which may be defined in many ways — for example, an estate, a trust, a franchise corporation, or a Special Purpose Vehicle — the ignorant further denigrate themselves and surrender their Natural and Unalienable Rights owed to them as men and women, and also surrender any Human Rights they might have been owed as “human animals”. They have the political and social standing of slaves. 
This ugly pernicious caste system persists even though it is the cause of endless conflict and injustice, even though it is entirely fictional, and even though it has no authority to exist apart from the delusional mental meanderings of two Popes who have been dead for more than 500 years. 
If this is all we can produce as the basis of the bulk of current law designed to further define, confine, and control these non-existent humans and imaginary entities, we might as well seek help within the nearest psychiatric ward, for we are dealing in phantoms no less than any schizophrenic.  
Looking back to our days on the playground we can all recall games of tag in which our companions ran around as if they had some special power loaded in their fingers and the one chosen to play “It” was most anxious to catch another player and touch them and make them “It” instead. 
This is precisely the game that this entire insane social order is playing in courtrooms and schools and board rooms.  
Everyone is desperately trying to denigrate everyone else to the status of a slave, an “it”, as if doing that will instantly promote the winners and return them to their natural estate as men and women.  
Instead, we all need to recognize that we are playing a self-defeating game of denigration of ourselves and others, all based on insupportable delusions promoted by institutions and individuals who are morally and mentally incompetent.   
The game, the caste system, the enforcement apparatus, the labels and definitions, and all other parts and pieces of this oppressive illusion must be removed without delay and the courts operating upon these delusions must be set aside and never again allowed to address living people as their subject matter. 
There are no humans and no subhumans.  They don’t exist and to promote them as “legal fictions” is to admit that we are engaged in an evil fantasy lacking authority to address anything or anyone of substance. 
There are only men and women.  These men and women are of differing colors, heritages, religions, and political beliefs— differences which have all been exploited to promote and excuse variations of this same logically and morally insupportable caste system which destroys both reason and justice.
This same artificial and delusional caste system has been used to support oppressive regimes based on religion, politics, and even skin color and has given rise to complex and burdensome systems of “law” which upon examination are simply more substitution fraud. 
Statutes, codes, regulations, ordinances, mandates,  and even corporation policies and administrative rules have been substituted for actual Law and wrongfully imposed upon the General Population of this country.  
Immense efforts have been made to secretly register, denigrate, and impersonate living people as humans and subhumans, for purposes of criminal misrepresentation and barratry. 
We are, accordingly, taking action to dismiss and disallow all systems of “law” that are based upon these foundational Falsehoods and False Identities, specifically those systems and courts promoting the existence of humans and subhumans and imposing upon free men and women as if they were bonded servants and slaves.  
We will not respect nor will we obey insanity being promoted in the guise of a court system. 
If any court officer or foreign politician or officer of a foreign corporation should stray beyond his or her strictly limited jurisdiction in legal fantasyland and knowingly misaddress a living man or woman or seek to impersonate a living man or woman or in any way coerce, presume upon, denigrate, pillage, plunder, latch upon, summons or subourne a living man or woman, we shall consider these activities crimes in progress. 
All those engaged in military and quasi-military occupations (“Uniformed Officers”) are reminded that there is no such thing as a license to kill and that they will be held liable to the full extent of International and Public Law for capital crimes of Unlawful Conversion, Murder, Conspiracy, Treason, Desertion, and all other crimes that may additionally apply, and that they may easily face Capital Punishment for aiding, abetting, promoting, or allowing the continued abuse and misuse of these so-called “special purpose” courts as venues engaged in fraud, barratry, impersonation, coercion, terrorism, and crimes of state against this country and our people. 
We unilaterally assert and stipulate that all living people who have been victims of these delusions and the resulting caste system promoted by these misapprehensions, are owed and do accept all beneficial rights and interests, all assets public and private, all assets that have been attached or purloined, all survivorship interest in all constructive estate trusts and derivatives, special purpose vehicles, copyrights, trademarks, patents, grants, certificates, stocks, bonds, accounts, cash, land, etc. apportioned to purported humans and subhumans named after them; all interest as the natural inheritors of all corporate and purloined and leveraged or securitized assets in any way associated with the Good Names of the men and women of this country and the name of the country and the name of our Federation of States is due, and payable back to us
This Notice of Insanity renders the claims, acts, and authorities of the affected corporations, courts, agencies, trustees, board members, officers, elected officials, and other individuals responsible for promoting the existence of humans and subhumans null and void. 
These organizations and individuals are not mentally competent by definition; in that they believe that humans and subhumans exist, and have used constructive fraud to promote myriad felony level crimes based on these delusions, they must be deemed criminally insane, armed, and dangerous. 
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


January 23rd 2024