International Public Notice: Joe’s Hamburger Shop Worldwide By Anna Von Reitz

Recall our little story about Joe’s Hamburger Shop:  

A Federal worker comes in with a government I.O.U. called a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE and uses this as “legal tender” to “pay” (sort of) for a hamburger.  

Joe gives him the hamburger, which has actual value, and accepts the debt-note in exchange. 

Obviously, Joe is still owed compensation for the hamburger.  No equitable exchange has taken place.  

Obviously, too, the debt note (I.O.U., Promissory Note, FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE) has already been used once in the exchange, so it should be “dead”, but instead, Joe exchanges it to buy more hamburger buns. 

So far, Joe has contributed a hamburger, and now, the baker contributes hamburger buns in exchange for the same I.O.U. 

So, one $10 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE has garnered $20 worth of actual goods and services– first the burger, and then buns, too.  

What happens when the baker exchanges that same  $10 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE to buy flour?   

And then the flour mill manager uses it to pay a farmer for wheat?  

Now we’ve got one I.O.U. — one $10 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE — that has garnered a hamburger, buns, flour, and wheat in inequitable exchange. 

Forty dollars-worth of actual goods and commodities have been received in exchange for the same $10 “NOTE”.  Now, extrapolate that out over the average lifetime of a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE?  

Thousands of dollars worth of actual goods and services will have been exchanged for that same $10 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE before it finally gets torn apart or incinerated or lost in someone’s cast-off coat pocket.  

That $10 debt-note has generated thousands of dollars-worth of credit representing actual goods and services that have been prepaid. 

And when we balance the books, that $10 debt is nothing compared to the credit balance it raised. 

Now, if you do the common thing and just stop and stare at the “National Debt” and never ask yourself — what about the National Credit? — and never realize that because of the “Money Mill” effect just described above, the National Credit in actual goods and services far, far, far exceeds the National Debt represented by the face value of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES in circulation, including interest, —then you will be victims of a sleight of hand. 

This sleight of hand seeks to keep your attention fixed like a bunny in the headlights on the “National Debt” and also encourages you to think that this “National Debt” belongs to your nation.  

But the “National Debt” doesn’t belong to your nation.  It belongs to a British Territorial Corporation operating as the United States of America, Inc. and their U.S. Citizens, most of whom exist only on paper.  

Once the actual American Government steps forward, and says, “Let’s apply our National Credit and balance the books.” — it’s game over.  

As of June 12th 2024, The United States of America, Unincorporated, has done that. 

The “National Debt” owed by our employees disappears like a mirage, and we, the actual American Government and the living people, are left with an absolutely mammoth prepaid credit based on the value of actual goods and services we’ve exchanged over the years for Federal Reserve I.O.U.s. 

Wherever our erstwhile British Territorial Subcontractors have occupied countries under conditions of deceit,  this same system has been applied and fiat currencies have been used to build up humongous “National Debts”, whether in U.S. Dollars or EUROS, but in no case does this paper debt begin to approach the value of the credit owed to the living people, which is all based on actual goods, commodities, and services. 

If you are a living man or woman, welcome to the new world economy based on prepaid credit and actual assets, which also belong to the living people and to the lawful governments that do still exist and still represent the interests of the living people. 

We don’t need banks to issue credit or money for us, as we are owed both the underlying assets and the prepaid credit, directly. 

This applies not only in America but throughout the world, wherever oppressive and unregulated legal tender “laws” have been applied.  

Issued by: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 16th 2024


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