International Public Notice — Iteration of Error Consequences

To briefly review: 
Pope Boniface VIII squarely identified the subject matter of the Unam Sanctam Trust as “human creatures” meaning legal fictions created by man, not living men created by God. 
Both the Church and Law make an absolute distinction between the divine nature of man created by God and the secular nature of “persons” and corporations created by men.  
The Unam Sanctam Trust as expressed by Pope Boniface VIII was never intended to address mankind, the living divine creations of God, but was instead directly concerned with “hue-mans” — legal fiction persons and corporations created by men. 
During the administration of Pope Nicholas V, over a hundred years later, a fundamental error occurred and the Express Trust created by Pope Boniface VIII was misinterpreted to apply to living men, specifically to Saracen-Turks and “other non-Christians” who were to be bound to “perpetual enslavement”. 
It was this fundamental error, misinterpreting the purpose and subject matter of the Unam Sanctam Trust, that has led to all the other problems including the Church’s unsavory role in enslavement and the slave trade as a means to enrich itself and its European Monarch cronies. 
This same error persisted and expanded upon iteration in subsequent generations so as to deny the divine birthright of living men and women to own the land and soil of the Earth already bequeathed to them by their Creator. 
Both the Damnation Corruption that misinterpreted and overstepped any authority vested in the Unam Sanctam Trust, and which resulted in condemning living men and treating them as things — mere “hue-mans” and Legal Fictions separated from their divine origin—- and all similar errors and mistakes, known as sins in the jurisdiction of the air, all resulting from the reiteration of this gross error, are similarly null and void. 
The nature of an Express Trust cannot be changed or violated by subsequent additions and deletions proposed by others; it can only be defiled by their ignorance and redefinitions, resulting in the misuse and misadministration of the trust, which is exactly what has happened both then and now. 
Pope Nicholas V arbitrarily redefined living men he hated, the Saracen-Turks— who are nonetheless divine creations—  as “hue-mans” — creatures of the mind created by men, so as to obtain legalistic authority to condemn them via this unlawful conversion to a condition of  “perpetual enslavement”.  
Pope Nicholas V’s “redefinition” is simply a lie and in no way alters the nature of the Saracen-Turks as divine creations and living men; rather, this lie has transformed the Roman Catholic Church and the associated European Monarchs into a dishonest coterie of liars and thieves bent on the enslavement and destruction of the divine creation. 
This first Great Lie reduced mankind to the level of humans.  
The second reiteration of this Great Lie in the present day seeks to further reduce humans to the level of patented and invented things, Genetically Modified Organisms, owned by commercial corporations and municipal investors. 
We are here to remind the Catholic Church Fathers and their associates in the Roman Curia that their own position in life depends on respecting the limits of their jurisdiction, which they have grotesquely overstepped in their endless search for profit. 
It is not given to them to redefine divine creation as something different and less than what it is.
The Living God gave the Saracen-Turks their form and substance and life, not Pope Nicholas V. 
A similar uncorrected Error has resulted in the illicit trading of “souls” on secretive stock markets resembling casinos — this is another egregious, unrepented Error, in which they pretend to trade upon assets that are not now and never were theirs. 
Having reduced Man to Hue-man, the Church and its Allies have further attempted to “salvage” the parts of the wreck they have caused, and tried to hide the perverse logic of their repugnant claims against the substance and authority of the divine creation.  
In Judaism the soul is regarded in three parts, the Nephesh, the Neshamah, and the Ruach. The early Church adopted the same basis for defining the soul. 
The Nephesh represents the animal energy of desires and instincts most closely allied to and suffused in the flesh and the autonomic nervous system. This is our bodily energy. 
The Neshamah is the literal “breath” that God delivered to each one of us to create the life of the unique and sentient self. 
The Ruach is the “wind of God” similar in concept to the Holy Spirit. It is this “breath” that resurrected the dry bones in Ezekial’s vision, and which appeared at Pentecost. 
At the Council of Trent, baptism was redefined. 
The original custom of baptism signifying a first washing away of sin initiated by the Sinner’s own repentance, was redefined as an agreement to enter the jurisdiction of the sea, and an excuse to seize upon the Nephesh — that part of the soul held in common with the animals. 
This bodily energy, which is what we use to perform work of all kinds, is what they claim to own via the current process of baptism.  To legalize this, they give the victim a baptismal certificate, but no explanation of what they have actually done. This promotes the idea that the victim has entered a private contract in maritime jurisdiction guaranteeing the value of their labor to the Church whether it be Catholic or Protestant.  
These contracts are undisclosed and deliberately misrepresented so that the victims could never imagine that baptizing their baby would result in gifting his lifetime labor to either the Catholic or the Protestant Church, for the benefit of the Roman Pontiff or the British Monarch, respectively. 
This is what happens when you incorporate a Church. The “religion” they espouse is then changed to the religion of profit, of Baphomet, and Molloch, and Baal.
They pretend to offer a baptism affording forgiveness of sin, but they’ve changed the definition of “baptism” and played a Bait and Switch. Now you get lifetime peonage, instead. 
And this is how the entire blood-money system of Federal Reserve Notes is backed, on the labor stolen from babies in their cradles and parents believing that baptism is a religious sacrament. 
This is a gross fraud and it results in multiple forms of harm inflicted on the divine creation. 
To justify their actions, and “legalize” them, the so-called Secular Church has Cede and Company (acting for the Catholics) positioned inside the Depository Trust Company (acting for the Protestants) and they set up trust accounts naming the victims as the beneficiaries of a series of bonds issued in their names, but of course, the victims are never told a word about any of this chicanery and their own forced “investment” in this system.  
The primary asset in this account is a Labor Bond for child labor under the Miller Act, issued by the Department of the Treasury, and then, ten derivative bonds created by the Social Security Administration, after you’ve been coerced and misdirected to tax yourself to provide pensions for federal workers and misidentified yourself as a federal worker — even though you get no paycheck from the federal government, and this is considered a gift tax.  
Isn’t it sweet of our colluding religious institutions, to entrap and enslave their congregants using the sacrament of baptism conveniently redefined as a maritime contract? 
They’ve been getting away with this and variations of it ever since the days of King Henry the Eighth. 
We think it is clear where this process of redefinition without disclosure leads, and also the corruption and unjust enrichment it spreads. 
When each of these bonds mature, they are supposed to pay their victims the face value of the bond, plus interest, but as nobody was ever told about all these cozy arrangements, the funds are pocketed by the banks that own the DTC and now the DTTC, and split with the Federal Reserve. 
Those who catch on are given “DTC Direct Participant” status and are obliged to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement— and are paid off. 
All this crime and fraud, all this outlawed enslavement and peonage, all this deceit and racketeering, illegal impersonation, all of it, goes back to the information discussed in our several prior International Public Notices including the Three Crowns Final Summation and Damnation Corruption Notices. 
By serving Notice on the entire incorporated world, our lawful Government is shining the light on this fetid corner of European History and calling for both religious institutional reform and reform of the guilty governments. 
We have foreclosed upon the assets of these corporations, and hereby present our second demand for the  immediate lawful conversion of all incorporated and chartered entities that have profited from these schemes in Breach of Trust, Breach of Sacrament, Breach of Social Contracts, and Violation of Commercial Service Contracts, too. 
The proceeds from the surreptitiously imposed bonds must be returned to the living people plus interest; all taxation related to these criminal activities must cease; the books and account ledgers of all alleged tax and mortgage cases must be set aside in favor of the beneficiaries and paid off with bond income. 
All purported debts imposed upon the living in the name of dead things must be set aside and the books must be balanced, odious debts must be discharged, and the Way opened for the divine creation to thrive, free of corporate parasites.
Those who, prompted by hatred of the divine creation and greed, have attempted to debase humanity and steal its gifts, to thwart the meaning of the Unam Sanctam Trust, and to exalt themselves as rulers over the victims of their deceit, must be removed from any position of trust or honor and prevented from ever again holding any kind of office. 
Likewise, those who have deceived the Public and coerced and forced people to accept mRNA injections deliberately misrepresented as vaccines, must pay the price of their own evil and iniquity. They will receive their own medicine as their reward. 
The season of the Great Fraud has come and it has gone upon the Earth; we are here to witness its demise, to heal the pain and trauma it has caused, to recognize its ways and means so that they cannot be re-employed in some other, however distant time. 
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


January 3rd 2023