International Public Notice: HR5404 and Why Banks Are Collapsing By Anna Von Reitz

The banks are collapsing for an intrinsically stupid reason: the Federal Reserve Banks have been caught red-handed in an enslavement and peonage racket against Public Employees and their Dependents (including millions of Americans deliberately misidentified as such), and as its so-called Federal Reserve Notes aka FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES were based on kickbacks from these securitized labor contracts, they are no longer able to provide the member banks with enough cash to do transactions. 

This is leading banks to close their doors, as they don’t have the Magic Widgets to meet the demands of consumers. 

This whole situation underscores the idiocy of believing in fiat “money of account” based on blood money– that is an alleged public interest in labor and performance contracts, or, to update the concept, a digital currency that costs virtually nothing to produce and nothing to give and nothing to take away, either. 

Here, as revealed by their own courts, are the facts about Federal Reserve Notes: 

Money “does not include treasury notes”. Foquet v. Headley, 3 Conn. 534, 536.

In legal acceptation, “money” means current metallic coins; therefore, an indictment for embezzling “money” is not sustainable by proof of embezzling greenbacks or national currency notes.” Block v. State, 41 Tex. 620, 622.  

The term “money” does not include bank notes. They pass as cash, and constitute a part of the circulating medium, and for many purposes are to be considered as money; but, in the strict sense of the term, they are not included therein.” Dowdle v. Corpening, 32 N.C. 58,60.

“Money,” as used in the Crimes Act, section 13, providing that any person stealing any money, the property of another, shall be guilty of larceny, cannot be construed to include bank bills, for strictly bank bills are not money, though for many purposes they are treated as such.” Johnson v. State, 11 Ohio St. 324,325.  

The term “money,” in the statute defining robbery as taking from the person of another any money or personal property of any value whatsoever, with force and violence, and with intent to steal or rob, does not include bank notes.” Turner v. State, 1 Ohio St. 422,426. 

“Federal Reserve Notes are not dollars.” U.S. Treasury, General Counsel, Munk. 

Both notes and checks are acknowledgments of indebtedness and promise of payment.” Hegeman v. Moon, 131 N.Y. 462, 30 N.E. 487. Smith v. Treuhart et al, 223 N.Y.S. 481; 

This overall theme of getting something for nothing, while acting “as” the government or as a government-related entity, continued unabated from 1865 to today.  

The Federal Reserve stole our actual money, beginning with the Greenback Scandal in the 1870s and again in 1907 in which they “exchanged” our gold for their paper; they did it again when they “exchanged” our silver for their paper in the 1930’s, and finally, they are trying it one more time — and failing — right now, as they try to find a substitute for securitized slave labor contracts and peonage contracts, which are and always have been illegal, unlawful, and immoral as Hell in this country. 

There was nothing equitable about this series of “exchanges” of our gold, our silver, or our labor as “presumed to exist” Federal Employees and Dependents.  

The only way these Pikers got away with it, was because they acted under color of law, and while only being foreign corporations engaged in providing certain stipulated and enumerated services, they pretended to be our lawful government. 

Their actions were all done under force and color of law, under the oversight of the British Monarch, the various Popes, and the Government of Westminster, all of whom acted in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts owed to the American People, using our own unlawfully converted military as a disguised foreign Mercenary Service illegally occupying our country and paid for with our own money.  

Franklin Delano Roosevelt fully admitted that his Administration collected an additional 20,000 Metric Tons of privately held gold from Americans under force and color of law, and that he distributed 6,000 MT to the “new” Federal Reserve that got started during his tenure, and another 14,000 MT to the then-new World Bank and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. 

The same foreign incorporated government service providers regularly sought bankruptcy protection from what should have been their own employees constituting their “public”— but which was gratuitously extended to all Americans, along with phony registration of our babies as U.S. Citizens — so that we were made responsible for their debts based on totally unconscionable contracts.  

These are all known international crimes and commercial swindles involving enfranchisement and impersonation, and they differ only in that they have been carried out on a grand and organized scale, giving rise to a new meaning of “organized crime”.  

Now, the same erstwhile Employees who have been responsible for all the prior breaches of Law and Trust are sitting in their Territorial “Congress” trying to gather the guts to pass House Resolution 5404, which would assign a gold value to United States Dollars. 

We have already issued a new gold-backed American currency, the American Federation Dollar, and have already set its exchange value. 

We note that none of these foreign Persons have any authority to issue actual money “for” our States, which is a right that the States have always retained for themselves and their Federation of States.  

You can read their contracts, The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America all day long, and never see a single reference to these entities having any function related to gold or silver or actual money.  

What you will see is Article 1, Section 10, referencing our States of the Union, not any element of our Federal Government at all.  

HR 5404 is beyond the scope of their authorities and duties and is moot anyway, because our Federation of States has already done what is necessary and has established a new gold-backed American currency. 

Issued by: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 18th 2024