International Public Notice: Disturbing News By Anna Von Reitz

We have always said and continue to say that these are criminals and need to be dealt with as criminals. 

This week Ben Fulford warned that it was about to go “kinetic” and that military action was necessary because these nutcases are still trying to kill off most of humanity. 

So, the unconfirmed news is that Vladimir Putin just allowed strikes on 900 US and NATO bases.  

And if that is true, it  puts our boys and girls in dire jeopardy and does nothing to take out the actual criminals. 

War is not a response to crime.  Arrests, starting at the top, are the solution for crime. 

If Vladimir Putin and the Joint Chiefs haven’t been taught that simple fact, it’s time they either learned it or are arrested themselves. 

We agree that action has to be taken and yes, it requires multinational military support to arrest these criminals, but you can’t get the job done with bombs.  

It takes hand-cuffs instead. 

Second, another disturbing (and unconfirmed) rumor is that Trump has been “crowned King” in Israel.  

If so, he is no longer any kind of President associated with this country and is operating as a rogue Commander in Chief.  Our Law and The Constitution of the United States of America are very clear on this point. 

No President of ours can accept foreign offices and retain any office of ours, including Commander in Chief.  

(It’s true George H.W. Bush accepted a Knighthood from Elizabeth II but there are contracts and treaties with England that technically allowed that; there are no such loopholes concerning Israel). 

Derek Johnson is right about all the code and technicalities Trump put in place to remain Commander in Chief, but that’s all blown away if Trump’s authority depends on Executive Orders. 

Lincoln created the practice of issuing Executive Orders with no authority to do so.  

If Trump has gone rogue and has accepted being “King of Israel” he needs to stay in Israel permanently and turn over the keys of the Commander-in -Chief’s Office to General Eric Smith. 

The best use of our military at this time is to arrest the criminals who are responsible for the usurpation and theft and other crimes that have been practiced against this country and most other countries on this planet. 

Issued by:

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America 

In care of: Box 520984

Big Lake, Alaska 99652 

June 10th 2024 


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