International Public Notice: Banks Can Steal Your “Money” By Anna Von Reitz

That is, they can steal what you are using “as” money, but not actual money. 
This is an important point.  
Bank Notes are not money and never have been. They are evidence of debt owed by the banks issuing these notes.  That’s why they are suddenly so desperate to destroy cash.  
Cash is evidence. 
Federal Reserve Notes like any and all Bank Notes are not “Money” and have no actual appreciable value — and never did. 
Notes are, in effect, Monopoly Money and you cannot be charged with a crime for stealing Monopoly Money.  Neither can the banks.  
That’s how they propose to seize your accounts and bank deposit boxes and anything else you left with them as “abandoned property” and destroy all the cash they can possibly destroy. 
You can’t even charge them with robbery or theft, but you can charge them for fraud and false claims in commerce and obstruction of trade and counterfeiting securities and a great many other things. 
And there is another point, banks can’t steal actual money.  If you faithfully denominated your deposits as “lawful money” they are SOL.  They can be charged with robbery for taking that. 
Another point is that because such Bank Notes are without value, and don’t meet the definition of a “negotiable instrument”  receiving them or checks transferring them to you does not indebt you and does not accrue any profit to you— hence, no income as in income tax, either.  
It’s all fraudulent as Hell. 
So any actual money you still have after they stole everything from you under color of law and via strong arm racketeering and grossly inequitable “trade” of your silver and gold and oil and timber and labor and land and everything else, in “exchange” for their paper — is still money and still has value.  
Everything else is just the ashes created by the Great Fraud that has engulfed our world for the past 300 years.  
We note that it will do you no good to take your money out of the bank because it will devalue to about a penny on a dollar wherever it is — whether sitting in a bank vault or in your hand.  It doesn’t matter. 
So, spend it while you can for what you need. If you have dental or medical needs that you’ve been putting off, get it done now.  If you haven’t got food and fuel and other necessities, take care of business now.
The criminals who took your actual money are mostly overseas and being tracked down to their lairs and exterminated; that feels good, but is hardly the point. 
Those who are exterminating them are claiming your property for themselves, so it’s just one group of criminals self-righteously and unjustly enriching themselves— in lieu of the original thieves.
Neither group is focused on returning what’s yours to you.  
The White Hats are actually Grey Hats with a lot of greasy spots.  They are wallowing around in their new hegemony and creating Hollywood-style narratives to demonize the losers, but don’t be fooled. 
If they were Nice Guys or even mildly competent Public Employees, none of this crap would be happening in the first place.  They are only getting out of bed with the banks, because someone has to take the fall for all this embezzlement, impersonation, poverty, and 8 million missing kids per year. 
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


March 5th 2024