International Public Notice: Analysis for Laymen By Anna Von Reitz

We are being killed, robbed, and defrauded by our own public employees. 
That is the literal truth. 
They are, in large part, being misdirected and misinformed by corporations acting as middlemen that they assume to be their employers — but aren’t actually their employers. 
Their paychecks actually come from us, and so do the paychecks of the middlemen involved. 
This disconnect between employer and employee results in our public employees being misled and  harming their actual employers, the very people upon whom they all depend for their own livelihood — also the very people they are paid to serve and protect. 
This is how we have “Federal” troops facing off National Guardsmen in Texas. 
This sounds too crazy to be true, but it is, and this is not the first time this has happened.  
America is not alone in having been bamboozled. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Roman Catholic Church all succumbed before we did. 
As we began to dig into this absurd circumstance we discovered a pattern of this same thing happening for the past couple hundred years, with some of it going back far longer. 
We were left wondering, how can this be?  
How can people hired to protect and serve forget who they are serving, and then, not even serve themselves in the process? 
The public employees aren’t served by harming their employers. 
Some of them get payola out of it, but ultimately, they are out of their jobs and their pensions, and some could face being hung. 
So what causes so many of them to obey patently unlawful, illegal, and immoral orders? 
And why are the public employee unions not protecting and properly advising their members?  
Police Unions have got to know that their members are not properly insured or protected by actual public bonding. Laborer’s International Unions have to know the same thing. 
The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees is leaving its millions of members hung out to dry, their pension funds left at risk.  
The American Bar Association, International Bar Association, and US Bar Association are acting in gross dereliction of duty owed to protect and advise their members and so is the American Medical Association. 
All these licensed professional organizations and Agencies hired as Subcontractors of our Subcontractors are just going along, letting their members operate under false assumptions, and leaving them liable. 
All of this is happening because, among the various middlemen, there is a “middleman of middlemen”: a comptroller, the banks. And the banks are corrupt, because the banks have been promoting and enriching themselves via fraud. 
Thus, you have known con artists in charge of the other middlemen and they are holding the purse strings, not our lawful Congress, not our Fiduciary Deputies; if the banks stopped paying for it “in our names”, none of these evil things would be happening in the world. 
No wars for profit.  No poisoning of the environment. No peonage and enslavement rackets. 
The banks are the stopcock and bottleneck in the whole system.  
Long ago, bankers were doing a simple service — issuing and keeping track of warehouse receipts for commodities.  
Ten bushels of wheat into the warehouse, one warehouse deposit receipt, ten bushes of wheat out of the warehouse, one warehouse withdrawal ticket.
Throughout Europe, they were called “bankers” in slang because the warehouses sat on the banks of rivers and bays and harbors, to expedite imports from the sea to the land and vice versa.    
It was simple, and for what it was, it was honest. 
So long as we were dealing in actual commodities, it remained simple and honest, because a bushel of wheat is a bushel of wheat.  You can’t fake it. That bushel is either in the warehouse, or it’s not. 
Unfortunately, things moved on from there and became more and more abstracted. 
The actual bushels of wheat came to be represented by coins and still later, by paper deposit certificates instead; the banker stamped a piece of paper, signed for it, and this piece of paper now stood for ten bushels of wheat that the bank warehouse “guaranteed” to be in its possession. 
We see this practice still in use in the issuance of Safekeeping Receipts called SKRs to this day. 
So far, so good.  Everything is still sane and on track and attached to the factual world, but circa the beginning of the 1800s, everything got out of whack and bankers began dealing in insubstantial things, like copyrights, performance contracts, and shares in joint stock corporations as “bankable assets”. 
Like the disconnect between employers and employees, this disconnect between the old warehouse paradigm’s factual reality, and the insubstantial nature of things like promissory notes and labor contracts and bonds and shares of stock being “warehoused” and monetized, has led to gross confusion and fraud. 
Some Parties figured out that they could increase what appeared to be their asset base by fictionalizing assets — also known as “legalizing” them. 
You could begin with a living man bound by a fealty oath, and create a human named after him to function as an indentured servant (peonage) and you could then create another legal fiction, a corporation franchise, and name it after him to function as a slave (enslavement).  
And at each step, in each jurisdiction, you could increase your asset base and also increase your ownership and control over the victim of this fraud. 
All of this is perfectly “legal” but not lawful, and the laws that apply to these fictional persons are completely different, too.  
One kind of law applies to living people, another kind of law applies to Legal Persons, and yet another to CORPORATIONS.  Predictably, the laws that apply to each “class of person” are increasingly Draconian and increasingly unfair as we progress from the status of a living man to that of a human to that of a slave. 
If we were to allow the further descent into madness, the slaves would be redefined as Genetically Modified Organisms owned by corporations via patent, and they would be totally unrecognizable as living men.   
By mistaking the living man for the other “persons” thus created and skillfully manipulating between the forms of law owed to each of them,  it has been possible for the Vermin responsible and the banks supporting them, to create a completely dystopian world in which the educated and wealthy are set free to prey upon, degrade, and rob the unsuspecting public. 
And that is precisely what they have done. 
Except that all their works and ways have been conceived in self-interest and fraud, and fraud vitiates everything, nullifying all that it has tainted. 
In the course of our research we have determined that, while appearing to act as the English Kings and Queens, the purported sovereigns of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have been acting in totally different capacities in league with the afore-described “asset control and manipulation scheme”. 
The British Monarch is neither a King nor a Queen, but is instead the head of a Corporate entity, a Company, called “Great Britain” — not a country at all. 
Likewise, the same Person acting as the British Monarch, can act as His or Her Imperial Majesty — an Office of the Holy Roman Empire, which is even more detached from physical reality, and is in fact the CEO of an incorporated franchise formerly called the UNITED KINGDOM.  
These phony assets are all owned and operated now as franchises of Earth, Incorporated, yet another Municipal Corporation operated out of Switzerland. 
The CEO of this giant swindle scheme is called the Pindar, instead of the President; the Pindar is a priestly office associated with the Mystery Babylon religion. 
As “King” Charles III was recently crowned in the office of Imperial Majesty instead of operating as any form of “King, and as “Pope” Francis is not operating in either of the traditional offices of a Pope, we may safely assume that Francis is operating in the office of the Pindar now, and as a priest of Satan — the Father of All Lies. 
And what is all this, except lies?  
Lies about identity and authority, lies about offices and capacities, lies about ownership interests, lies about contractual obligations, lies about religion, lies about government, lies about everything you can think of, culminating in otherwise sane people dressing up in drag and parading around giant furnaces in the shape of an owl. 
Unbelievable insanity. 
Of course, when we bring this forward for public examination, some people think that we are off our rockers, too — until they gain an understanding of how Satanism inverts everything — and observe that Judges are now peddling injustice, doctors are promoting disease, Kings and Priests are lying about their offices and authorities, governments have been reduced to being incorporated governmental services monopolies, and a commitment to protect the public has been converted into a commitment to prey upon the public, instead.  
These criminals, for criminals they are, have already forced mass human sacrifices upon us in the form of abortion on demand, endless wars replete with genocide, ethnic cleansings, and catastrophic environmental disasters, and never forget the recent pandemic democide; no doubt they ultimately hope to revive the blood-letting of the Aztecs and to restore their practice of throwing babies and dissenters into fiery furnaces as sacrifices to Satan and his minions. 
Remember the Babylonian captives, Shadrach,  Meshach, and Abednego, whose Hebrew names as free men were Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah? 
There is always a name change involved in the conversion associated with this venal fraud, from Babylonian times until this. This is Old School. 
Just as the Babylonians gave their “human” servants  new names to commemorate their denigration, and branded their slaves with signs, never believe it when you are told that James Allen Finch is the same as JAMES ALLEN FINCH or J.A. Finch or JAS. A. FINCH or anything else of this kind; each change however small, and any addition or deletion, results in the creation of a different entity or a different kind of entity. 
It’s the same kind of fiery furnace, too. 
If we won’t be fooled or seduced into doing these cruel and barbaric things voluntarily, they propose that they will do it for us — via wars, pandemics, “legalization” of cannibalism, and other steps toward the complete denigration and destruction of mankind.  
We are just as determined that the only thing going into those furnaces will be their charters and registrations and licenses and permits, and their entire “legal” system, too. 
We are not deceived.  We are done with evil and delusion in all its forms. 
Throughout the step-by-step descent into madness there has been an increasing reliance on abstraction:  a free physical, living, breathing man is abstracted as a two-dimensional character known as a human, which is subject to peonage and indentured servitude. 
Next, the human is denigrated and abstracted to the level of a franchise corporation enslaved to the will of its parent corporation, and, most recently, abstracted further and rebranded as a Genetically Modified Organism owned as a product under patent. 
In this country, if you are a member of the military or have a title of any kind — Mister, Missus, Sir, Lady, Gentleman, Doctor, Professor, Confessor, Captain, Sergeant, etc., you are classed as a Human, owed British Territorial Law. Humans have no Natural and Unalienable Rights and are not Parties to the Constitutions nor heirs to their protections. They are considered foreigners in this country and subjects of the British Monarch. 
If you accept any identity couched in sign language, as for example, JAMES MARTIN PIERCE, you are considered illiterate and a slave that exists as a Municipal citizen of the United States. The only law you are owed is the Spanish Law of the Inquisition. 
If you accepted a clot shot, you are considered a Genetically Modified Organism, owned under patent by DARPA and licensed to Microsoft, Inc. 
All of this has been done to you by people taking their paychecks out of your pockets, while considering themselves your owners and masters, by “the grace of Satan” — the Father of all the lies that have gotten them this far along the road to perdition. 
Finally, let’s look at how all of this has been fueled by a similar process of denigration and abstraction in the banking system. 
We started out bartering freely for goods and services, my ham in trade for your potatoes, my work as a carpenter traded for your skill as a seamstress. 
All is consensual and self-evident, and at least in the consideration of the participants in the exchange, it’s fair. 
This got abstracted to the substitution of gold and silver coins, which had accepted value in-and-of-themselves, and which could be traded for a range of other commodities.  Now we were trading my gold coins for a variety of other goods and services — hams, potatoes….but what about services? 
In order to trade services in an early money system, we had to invent the concept of time and unitize it as a quantity that could be measured, assigned values, and bought and sold as services.  
The second, minute, and hour were created so that men could trade their services in exchange for gold and silver coins.  Along with this came a whole pecking order, as some jobs were more necessary or more skilled than others, and commanded more gold per hour. 
The next level of abstraction came with the development of “certificate money” — paper receipts standing for guaranteed quantities of warehoused gold, silver, or other physical commodities. 
The “birth certificates” monetizing Municipal citizens of the United States that Franklin Delano Roosevelt literally sold as slaves to the Pope are exactly such warehouse guarantees.  The British Territorial Birth Certificates that Jimmy Carter transferred to the International Monetary Fund were warehouse certificates of the same kind attached to British Territorial U.S. Citizens — plus millions of Americans merely presumed to be British Territorial U.S. Citizens on the basis of unconscionable registrations that were engineered when they were babies. 
Those tallies included millions of Americans who were neither citizens of the Municipal United States nor British Territorial U.S. Citizens, either one. 
We were falsely registered and rebranded as such, because our own government remained relatively dormant and was not provided with any information regarding these activities. 
Finally, the bankers utterly corrupted and abstracted the system by issuing “notes” instead of guaranteed “certificates” to be used “as” and substituted for actual money under so-called Legal Tender Laws. 
Any kind of “note” is a “promissory note” otherwise known as an I.O.U. representing that the one offering it will pay you off at some later stipulated time or according to a schedule of smaller payments to be paid monthly, yearly, or whatever is agreed upon. 
To be valid, a note must have a stipulated end date or repayment date that is knowingly agreed to by both parties.  
No Federal Reserve Note in history has had a firm repayment date published on the face of the note, so these promissory notes are all fraudulent on their face. 
Additionally, the Perpetrators have deliberately removed any means of actually paying a debt, which creates another condition of fraud and force.
All forms of promissory notes are fraudulent in another sense as well; everyone signing or accepting promissory notes has cause to know that they are bargaining on future events that cannot be guaranteed to happen. 
As such, both parties to such an arrangement are engaged in a form of unregulated gambling — a fact that banks have cause to know, but do not divulge to their victims. 
When promissory notes are used as money, everyone involved is engaged in gambling on future events, in the same sense that insurance companies are engaged in legalized gambling.  
Witness the pattern of abstraction: a bushel of wheat is “equivalenced” to a gold or silver coin in value, the gold or silver coin is replaced by a guaranteed warehouse certificate, the warehouse certificate is replaced by a promissory note underwritten by the good faith and credit of the U.S. Congress, that is, the elected Board of Directors of the United States of America, Incorporated. 
Lacking a date certain for repayment, the promissory notes are fraudulent and subject to immediate foreclosure by the injured Preferential Creditors, the actual States and People of this country.  And we have foreclosed on them. 
Faced with the possibility of another round of this monkey-business and provoked by the recently announced United States Note, we have foreclosed the Federal Reserve and its Successors, as well as the International Monetary Fund.  
They cannot expect to purloin and squander our assets or our credit based on unconscionable contracts and undated, unspecified promissory notes. 
Their good faith on all issues has been found lacking. 
An entire unregulated gambling market and futures investment market has been generated by this misuse of promissory notes without the conscious knowledge of the public. 
Meanwhile, banking the value of joint stock company shares, like the advent of “mortgage backed securities” has left investors in the dark about the indivisible nature of their “share”. 
Think about it this way: anyone who has invested in mortgage backed securities can’t point to any one house or property that they own no matter how much money they have plowed into such investments. They can’t prove they own a single house. 
Even pension funds have been hoodwinked.  
Their investment interest is commingled with the interest of many others in the same property and there has been no regulation in place to prevent the sale and resale again and again of the same or different property or share interests which results in a ballooning of “derivative interests”, with the percentage interest in the actual asset being infinitesimally subdivided.  
Add to this that the legalization (fictionalizing) process results in the creation of assets that don’t actually exist, and you have a recipe for both corruption and disaster.
The fictionalization of land has resulted in a proliferation of legal fiction entities all claiming to have an ownership claim on the same physical parcel, and it is one thing when that parcel is legitimately public land, but quite another when it is in private hands. 
Here is an example. 
The UNITED STATES, INC. went bankrupt in 2015 and it was Chapter 7, Involuntary Dissolution. This meant that all its franchises, including the local franchise doing business as the MATANUSKA-SUSITNA BOROUGH was also bankrupted.  
The Receivers of the bankruptcy, the British Territorial State of Alaska, inherited the assets and the debts of the MATANUSKA-SUSITNA BOROUGH and rolled the whole shebang over into a newly created structure doing business as a British Territorial “County” — a local franchise of the State of Alaska which is a franchise of the United States of America, Incorporated.  
This new British Territorial County doing business as the Matanuska-Susitna County is now addressing all the British Territorial Humans presumed to exist and calling upon them to pay up the debts of the defunct MATANUSKA-SUSITNA BOROUGH. 
I, an American, who corrected my political status on the public record many years ago, and who published my Express Trust and recorded it on the Public Record years ago, and who also extracted my name(s) and all assets attached to my names, have no contract with either entity — not the MATANUSKA-SUSITNA BOROUGH and not the new Successor doing business as the (British Territorial) Matanuska Susitna County, either. 
We have received and returned tons of intergovernmental mail misdelivered to our privately bought and paid for post box, unopened, because we know the difference between mail and private post, and also know that we are not  British Territorial U.S. Citizens and not acting as agents of their foreign corporation, so by definition, the Royal Mail Service is either committing mail fraud or not addressing us. It’s addressing a British Territorial franchise “Person” named after Americans– a Human that doesn’t exist, on behalf of an equally airy-fairy British Territorial County that has no substance, either. 
Next, they hold a “tax sale” of what they also “assume” to be our house and land here in Big Lake, and a gullible Buyer goes to the tax sale and thinks he has bought our land and house, etc., for a pittance based on alleged unpaid service fees owed to the MATANUSKA-SUSITNA BOROUGH by other non-existent franchises named after us. 
All this is based on a single unconscionable and undisclosed contract foisted off on American babies in their cradles by their British Territorial employees. 
We interviewed some now- former MATANUSKA-SUSITNA BOROUGH Employees.  
They freely disclosed that they could not and did not in fact create or own or sell any interest or accrue any debt against our house or land. 
What they did create and copyright and buy and sell were their own land descriptions and location of service designators, such as street names and numbers attached to the public road easement in front of our house — 2390 South Park Road, and their own Subdivision descriptors, such as Lot I, Block 12, Birch Park Subdivision, amounting to custom plat maps, neither of which have anything to do with us or our house. 
So now, we have to fully inform the Buyer of these interests that they have nothing to do with us or our house, and if there is any problem both he and the new Matanuska Susitna County have no recourse, because the MATANUSKA-SUSITNA BOROUGH never had any ownership claim or interest in our substance, and technically didn’t claim to have any such interest.  
As the BOROUGH entity is bankrupt, they can’t be held to account for any  misrepresentation they made in making their Municipal addresses and plats and cataloguing systems available for sale. 
So, they offered “2390 South Park Road”, etc., for sale, which was their copyrighted creation, but my house and land isn’t attached to their “title”; that title only attaches to a public road easement in front of our house and their other land description, Lot 12, Block 1, of the Birch Park Subdivision, only attaches to a totally imaginary Subdivision Plat, a special purpose map that they created and copyrighted and are free to sell. 
Please note, if I didn’t know all this, the two colluding Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia could actually succeed in illegally “latching upon” our house and land in consideration for one of them hiring a young woman to run around and make up a street name and assign a number to a piece of neighboring public road easement. 
These swindles based on appearances have to stop and those indulging in these patently deceptive practices in pursuit of unjust enrichment have to be apprehended and punished for making false claims in commerce, illegal latching, misrepresentation, false registrations, and impersonation. 
****Anyone hired as a Jurist by any incorporated Legal Fiction Entity and running a court to support and enforce these swindles against the American Public is committing a capital crime of inland piracy and unlawful political conversion under international law. No further Notice or Due Process is required to deal with this problem.****
And, we would assert, the Buyers of such misrepresented “property interests” should be held harmless and made whole, because they have acted without full disclosure from the Sellers and in anticipation that they were buying a house and land, not an arbitrarily made-up and copyrighted land description and a map.   
The actual American Matanuska-Susitna County surveyed and defined by the Bureau of Land Management in the early territorial days prior to Territorial Statehood in 1959 encompasses land and soil as well as water and air, and that version of Matanuska-Susitna County belongs to us, as Americans, under the General Jurisdiction of Alaska, officially a State of the Union since October First 2020, retroactive to January 3rd, 1959 when Alaska — under the provisions of The Northwest Ordinance — entered Territorial Statehood. 
The Territorial Statehood of Alaska and all the States created since the beginning of the American Civil War thus officially ended as of the first of October over three years ago, and all ownership interest in the State Trust Assets throughout this country reverted to the actual Alaskans and their counterparts in other States of the Union.   
We extracted the assets of all the Territorial and Municipal STATES including the State Trusts and rolled them into two American Common Law Trusts, one public and one private; these actions and the numerous notices and liens associated with them are cured on the Public Record of the numerous and Several States and Counties. 
Our courts hold superior concurrent General Jurisdiction with regard to all Americans and American assets, including our land, soil, water, and air resources. 
We don’t deal in legal fictions and flim-flam.  
We don’t recognize registrations obtained under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure. We don’t recognize unconscionable contracts applied to babies in their cradles or foreign citizenship obligations arbitrarily conferred on anyone without their knowing and fully disclosed consent. 
We refute and rebut any assumption that the Law of War or Law of Peace apply to us and our situation, though we would be owed the Law of Peace in any actual war; our country, The United States, has been at peace since 1814; all else that has happened here has been in the nature of illegal Mercenary Conflicts promoted by foreign Municipal and Commercial Corporation Subcontractors acting in Gross Breach of Trust and Violation of their Service Contracts. 
Our Court rendered Final Judgment in April of 2014. 
Let those who have ears, hear. 
It should now be apparent that we have lived in the grip of a foreign peonage and enslavement racket promoted by our public employees — who have done this while owing us good faith and service and while taking their paychecks from our pockets the entire time.  
It should also be apparent that continuing these practices and acts of fraud “legalizing” — that is, “fictionalizing” and impersonating actual people, and using this to promote actual crimes against humanity, has to come to an end. 
There is nothing fictional about the harm being caused by these impersonations, misrepresentations, and mercenary acts of fraud, force, and violence. 
The corporations responsible must be dissolved back into the ether from which they sprang and the Principals and responsible Parties who have concocted and run this con game have to be recognized as the criminals they are. 
It must also be firmly recognized that by descending to the level of an incorporated entity, any subcontractor of this or any other government, loses State Immunity. 
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


February 3rd 2024