Incarnation of Ahriman

To become conscious of evil and help redeem it through Christ consciousness, we must know the many faces and manifestations of evil – the biographies of Lucifer and Ahriman. We should understand the meaning of both Lucifer and Ahriman’s physical incarnations and glean from those lives the wisdom to rise above their example of evil vices that lead to the Seven Deadly Sins. The time has passed for recognizing the incarnations of Lucifer and Christ. We should have already learned what we needed from Lucifer’s egotism and from Christ’s selfless “I Am.” Ahriman and Sorat [Sun Demon] are now leading humanity into a culture of Anti-Christ selfishness. Our immediate task is to understand the anti-spiritual materialism of Ahriman and the physical incarnation of Ahriman, who wishes to turn humans into transhuman automatons, non-thinking animals, and worse. No one has written more extensively about Ahriman than Rudolf Steiner, so it is helpful to read what he has written and said about him. The essential purpose of this book, The Incarnation of Ahriman, is to provide the aspirant and the initiate with a compilation of Steiner’s descriptions of Ahriman and Lucifer, and where those descriptions are not easily understood, provide the reader with a summation of Steiner’s indications for each topic.