ILIEN Press Release

Press Release __________________________________________________________________

The website is now live “pursuant to the ilien whitepaper. 

The concept is to introduce  a coin/token that is immutable, debt-free and abundant;

 The whitepaper outlines the entirety of the ilien project, and the source of ilien coin value;

An ilien coin is contractually set at lien conversion price of 1g of gold, making its value immutable with the price of gold,

The target audience for the project, is commercial lien holders, and everyone who desires to experience abundance;

Currently 3 tranches of converted liens have been put into circulation  (ILN 3m+ coins)

50% of coin are returned to the respective lien holders after conversion.

25% is issued out to wallet holders in various types of bonus’s.

15% is allocated for issue to good cause project applications,

5% is allocated for marketing with  foreign friendly cryptos,

5% is for administration & marketing;

To benefit, one should open an ilien wallet ( and  participate in the tranche bonus’s or apply for funding for good cause projects that align with the ilien project ethos;

 No bonus’s have been issued to date, and the release of Tranche 1 to 3 bonus’, will take place after Tranche 4s conversion and before tranche 5  in late January 2020;

The 3 types of bonus are detailed in the white paper and the website;

Bonus 1, is an equal share of 10% of the conversions for wallets with 1 ILN or more;

Bonus 2, is an equal share of 10% of the conversions for wallets with 50 ILN or more;

Bonus 3m is a pro rata share of 5% of the conversions for the top 500 wallets of ILN coin;


No wallet balance = no bonus!

Total ilien bonus coin to be distributed after Tranche 4:       300,000  ilien         

Projected  payout  after Tranche 4:        Bonus 1:   20 + Ilien coins

3 tranches of bonus’s will be paid out  out in one in hit after Tranche 4,

The time is now to open your wallets and to get ILN coins into your wallets by trading or purchase;


Coin can be purchased from a third party by a link in the website,


Some good cause projects have linked up with this third party to sell some of their allocated ILN to fund the fiat side of their projects;

Project targets to be addressed in the short term:

  • Apply to have ilien listed on atomicdex, the komodo platform decentralised  exchange      There is no plan to apply to list on centralised exchanges (CEX), due to nonsensical global registration restrictions and requirements;
  • Liaise with VerusCoin on minor ilien wallet modifications;
  • Convert Tranche 4 liens and put into circulation;
  • Issue out the Tranche 1 to 3 bonus’s to wallet holders that hold required number of coins;
  • Liaise with global debit card providers to get ilien listed on their debit card;
  • Long term – an agreed and seamless handover from current ilien team to master node teams after Tranche 9;

The main goals achieved to date:

  1. Ilien has its own secure & tested blockchain in operation.
  2. The ilien blockchain is secure on the Komodo platform,  with all the benefits of being in the Komodo platform.
  3.  Ilien listed as coin on the secure Komodo/VerusCoin Agama wallet;
  4.  The 1st foreign coin bonus from Tranche 1 was given to Komodo platform (in spring 2019);
  5.  Three tranches of liens contractually converted allowing the issuing of 3m+ debt free ILN coins into circulation;  ILN debt free value contractually tethered on conversion in each tranche, to “debt” price of 1g of Gold;
  6.  Circa 10 Good Cause funding’s for good causes on foot of approved applications issued to date;
  7.  Whitepaper taken out of draft in Nov 2019,
  8.  Website is now live,  and  CRM type applications system are being tested on the website, for lien and good cause applications
  9.  Investor Portal for ILN Coin Purchase: Third party agent/portal is selling/exchanging  ILN coin through medium of gold rate at 


Uptake is very encouraging despite no marketing to date – typical purchase is either 1+ ILN or 50+ ILN coins to avail of first and/or the second type of bonus’s;

In closing we would like to issue a  thank you on behalf of the community, for the  vision of the lien holders, who have participated to date;

The community also thank the Komodo platform team,   the VerusCoin team for use of their Agama wallet;

The Chainmakers team deserve great credit in the setting up of the blockchain,   as do DesignOfDreams the website designers;

We also acknowledge and thank the many contributors – past and present on the ilien project journey, and trust that we have generally delivered as discussed;

Lastly to you the reader – whether you are researching the ilien project or are currently part of the community – scarcity financial models are cyclical, debt based/backed financial models are also cyclical and both by design create the boom bust experiences we have become accustomed to; Most of the trials in our lives can be attributed to either scarcity or debt based/backed models; Its time to step out of these cycles; We believe there is a simpler and better way forward, and invite you to experience it; Thank you for taking the time to read this welcome notice, and further project information is in the whitepaper, and the “information sources” section in the website;

From:   Ilien Team;                                        



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