HUGE! Dr. David Martin Explains the Landmark Court Ruling That Opens Door For LAWSUITS Against COVID Vaccine Manufacturers!

The COVID “vaccines” aren’t vaccines after all, according to a ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Dr. David Martin says that this paves the way for sweeping lawsuits because the manufacturers “willfully misled the public” by calling them [COVID shots] a vaccine.” This is a violation of the Federal Trade Commission acts in the U.S. and the Deceptive Medical Practices Act internationally, he emphasized. But the implications go even further. According to Dr. Martin, the decision also cracks the liability shields that have protected various entities involved in mandating and administrating the mRNA injections. “What this also does is [it] starts to give us the cracks that we need to pierce the liability shields against vaccine manufacturers and against the individuals, employers, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, hospitals that actually injected people for the first time. We actually now have the ability to say that the 9th Circuit has held that Jacobson was misapplied, that this did not stop infection, did not stop transmission, and as such, the public was willfully misled, which is a crime.”
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