How To Break The Spell Of Mass Formation Psychosis | TCM #76 (Part 1)

Laura and Bernhard discuss the bigger manifestations of the mass formation psychosis, how to break the spell, the different levels of the awakening process and soul evolution, the in-fighting in the “truth movement”, how we all are transducers of higher energies [divine & anti-divine forces], the trap of the paranoid/fearful mind, questioning virology and allopathic medicine, and more.

Show Notes Part 1:

  • Humanity has been under a spell for thousands of years
  • A dark force has taken over humanity (wetiko, occult hostile forces)
  • The way out of the mass formation psychosis is the Great Work
  • Pathology has become normalized in the modern world
  • We’re in a battle for the human soul
  • Society’s obsession with youth and the physical body
  • The importance to stay human
  • The different levels of consciousness within humanity: consensus, individuated, spiritualized
  • Joe Rogan, Robert Malone, Jordan Peterson, etc. are still in a consensus state pushing towards individuation
  • The truth movement, gatekeepers, and controlled opposition
  • Different levels of the awakening process – everyone plays their role
  • Seeking truth is an ongoing learning process
  • Infighting within the “truth movement” based on the tunnel vision of external information warfare
  • Truth movements/communities can easily be taken over by wetiko/hostile forces if there is a lack of sincere psychological and spiritual self-work
  • Art of war strategies and keeping the bigger picture in mind
  • The matrix is not “out there” but a mind program working through people
  • Most people that have been “red-pilled” are still attached to the consensus state and the temptations of the matrix
  • Positive [hero] projections on tennis star Novak Djokovic
  • Evil works through your shadow, blind spot, weaknesses, ego, trauma, in more subtle ways
  • Practical suggestions and reflective questions on “how to break the spell”
  • The short attention span epidemic, ADD, and lack of focus is a matrix program

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