We enter the new year with a sense of foreboding. For years, we’ve been told to get ready for a major cyberattack.

Last week, Patrick Byrne explained how the events currently unfolding at the border were all described in 2003 by Chi Haotian, the former Defense Minister of China, as part of the CCP’s longterm plan to take over the territory of the United States.

Earlier this week, CBS investigative reporter Catherine Herridge predicted what many people are sensing; that 2024 will see a Black Swan event, which is an unpredictable, major national security event with severe consequences.


And now, Mike Adams gives a more granular rundown of how he sees the worst case scenario playing out in 2024-2025, based on his military intelligence sources and on meetings that he’s had with top law enforcement in Texas:

• Trump will be reinstalled in the White House. The power people in military – not the public-facing ones – they desperately want Trump back, because the Biden Regime is deliberately destroying the military with their woke insanity, scaring off recruits.

• Trump will activate the mass-deportation of millions of illegal immigrants. Most arrests will be made is via aggressive traffic enforcement.


• The same Globalist-funded Radical Left that rioted in 2020 will revolt over the mass-deportations and they will work to activate all of the military-aged illegals in an effort to jointly overthrow the Trump administration. They will attack the substations, refineries, bridges, ports, water treatment, etc. They will have some surface-to-air missiles and other weapons.

Mike says, “You’re going to see organized raids of armed illegals attacking and carrying out mass exterminations of police departments.” They’re going to try to wipe out all of the law enforcement in a given area in order to gain control of it. He describes it as the October 7th Hamas attack times a thousand, happening simultaneously.

• Trump will have to declare a National Emergency. America will be a war zone. There will be curfews, lockdowns and military checkpoints. The chaos and the danger in the streets will be so bad that Americans will beg for the military to come in and to restore law and order.

• During this chaos, anti-American elements working with the Globalists will conduct a massive false flag attack that will take down the electric grid and/or the internet that will be blamed on Russia, China or North Korea.  This will either be an EMP or massive cyberattack that causes the banking system to collapse, whereupon the ‘Great Taking’ described by David Webb will commence. The Central Bankers will confiscate all securities, bank deposits and property financed with debt and they will introduce the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

• Law and Order will be gone, the cities will be controlled by criminal gangs. This is why billionaires are building underground bunkers for themselves.

In a grid-down scenario, 90% of the US population would die within 18 months, according to US Government studies. had long predicted that 70% of the US population would be dead by 2025.

To survive, people will have to organize strong communities, they’ll have to grow their own food, they’re going to have to have weapons, emergency medicine, communications, currency, etc.

Mike Adams says he’s been a prepper for over two decades but even he doesn’t feel like he’s prepared for this worst case scenario – and hopefully, it won’t come to this.