Hotbed Alert By Anna Von Reitz

We have information indicating a high — very high — concentration of
irregular air traffic in the vicinity of Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin,
Houston, and Galveston, Texas.  And similar swarms at Anchorage
International and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

This air traffic is specially identified commercial and military
traffic of the kind associated with major mercenary force attacks used
in CIA-style “change of government” operations in foreign countries.

This time, it’s potentially aimed at us.  The carrot is attacking the
stick and it’s a flurry of wood shavings and carrot juice for the

The maps are lit up like Christmas trees and show this air traffic
pattern with many, many flight designators of this kind all
concentrating on these destinations: Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin,
Houston, and Galveston, Anchorage International and Joint Base

This all appears to be further connected to multiple shell
corporations that have “employed” thousands of non-existent Americans
— British Territorial Corporation franchises and Municipal
Corporations named after us and used for money laundering purposes.

Put bluntly, all those thousands of salary and benefit packages, all
those shareholder dividends and stock options “you” were owed, but
never received, went somewhere.

So did all the drug money and payola rolling off the human
trafficking, gambling, organ harvesting, adrenochrome, and other

There were also millions of illegal fraudulent land grabs.

Remember that I told you that you were all set up to (purportedly) be
“Grantors” of your land and property interests to the Queen, which
“converted” your private property into public trust property and “real
estate” — meaning “royal” estate property? Proof attached.

Remember I told you how they used “shelf corporations”— basically
empty made-up paperwork that sat on a shelf (or in a computer center)
in Puerto Rico and never actually represented a real business — to
offshore your assets and evade taxes?

Well, after the operation in Puerto Rico got blown up, they tried to
move it to the Ladrones — aka, the Mariana Islands, which like Puerto
Rico are “US Possessions” acquired from Spain and which are
technically British Commonwealths with access to the Spanish Law of
the Inquisition.  They were intending to apply this same “System” to
all the workers in China.

Just imagine the “acquisition” of two billion slaves?
It’s enough that even Jacob Rothschild must have wet his pants.

But things started going South and East as the Mob closed in and
grabbed victory out of the jaws of the Queen— simply by working with
Spain to set up fifty new shell corporations at home in California.

Spain is a Spoiler, because Spain got ripped apart by these same
criminals in the Spanish Civil War and suffered the theft of its
once-vast fortunes at the hands of the “legal fraud” artists both
before and after. So, yes, there is a grudge match and the Spanish
fight as dirty as the Brits.

It’s okay.  Britain deserves to lose.  The British Government(s) both
the Monarchy and Westminster deserve to be obliterated for all the
senseless misery they have caused and all the war-for-profit, fraud,
and destruction they have promoted.

See attached black screen regarding a holding company called 50
CALIFORNIA STREET in SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94111.  How much do you want to
bet that there are fifty subfiles?  And they each “represent” the
private and public landholdings of the fifty States of the Union?
Here’s another one, at 233 S WACKER DRIVE, CHICAGO, IL 60606.

The men fronting these so-called “Appraisal Districts” are settling
the public bankruptcies of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the U.S.A. Inc.
as if your land and assets were part of their public bankruptcy and
also including “your” private probate as a “lost” British Merchant

They are going back to the 1700’s and naming people who died in 1769
as intestate Colonials and subjecting their dead “persons” to probate.
Are you beginning to grasp the depth, breadth, and width of this
outrageous Legal Fraud?

And under those “[Probate] Appraisal District” frauds are all the
millions upon millions of “grantors” who purportedly gave everything
they ever had away to the [British Territorial] State of California?
And the [British Territorial] State of Florida?  And the [British
Territorial] State of Wisconsin? And….for no apparent reason?

Except that you were all misidentified as Warrant Officers working as
“Taxpayers” in the British Merchant Marine Service, all U.S. Citizens
domiciled in Puerto Rico, lost at sea, intestate, with your estate
naturally returning to the trusteeship of the King and his loyal court

And all the taxes that were owed by this phony British Territorial
Estate that was managed in your name during “your” absence “for” you
were identified as — guess what?  IRC Manual Subsection 6209,
Section 2: W-2’s are Tax Class 5 — “Gift and Estate Taxes”, not
Income Taxes.

Which makes perfect sense when you realize that they were taxing your
Estate and collecting gifts for the Roman Pontiff — and not
admitting to collecting an “income tax” from you at all.  After all,
you were never a Federal Employee or Dependent, so they had to come up
with some other excuse or narrative to explain how and why it was they
were getting all this credit from you free gratis.

And that is not all they are hoping to get free gratis. Take a look at
the second document attached. Oh, someone just “died” and left me this
lovely piece of property…

And I just happen to be an Esquire, a Bar Attorney, one of those who
set up this crime against sweet clueless Americans and defrauded them
in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of my actual service
contract and the conditions of the Residence Act.

Good ole Joe.  Always paying the bills for everyone out of the
goodness of your heart.

This has been the biggest con game in human history.   Baal none.

Looks like a showdown operation in Texas and/or Alaska within the next
few hours or days. Just be aware, and avoid D-W, Austin, Houston, and
Galveston if you have no urgent need to go there. If you live in these
metro areas this might be a good time to go visit the kids out in the
country.  We are similarly advised in Alaska for the Anchorage area.

Remember that certain parts of what we think of as “our” military are
at “war” — properly, in mercenary conflict — with other parts of the
military and federal civil service agencies.

Dallas-Fort Worth is a major transportation and communications hub and
depository for ammunition and medical supplies, therefore, a target
for military operations.

Austin is the State Capitol.

Houston is a banking and telecommunications portal as well as
headquarters for major industrial and big oil companies.

Galveston is famous for its oil refineries and shipping capacity and
also home base for what is known as the “Army Fleet” — and would be
either a target or a base of operations.

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with the most competent
international airport in the region. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
is the largest non-civilian special air traffic hub in Alaska.

Many of the overflights and confirmed on tarmac landings of these
irregular air traffic fleet stops are associated with Chenega
Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation formed as a result of the
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

Chenega benefited from the break-up of Blackwater and inherited many
Blackwater contracts and facilities in Alaska and other locations.

AUSTIN, TX 78701-2461

AUSTIN, TX 78701

3000 C STREET, SUITE 301

1601 ELM ST STE 4360
DALLAS, TX 75201-4701


10505 Furnace Road Suite 205
Lorton, VA…..

Chenega now has a secondary office in Georgia that is involved in
epidemiology. Aw, gee, go figure.

Additional irregular air traffic fleet activity is evident in Alaska,
too, at Anchorage International and at Joint Base

Swarms of irregular air traffic usually precede Black Ops and False
Flag operations.

If anything happens to me or the people of Texas or Alaska, you will
know that this incoming activity was self-evident on the air traffic
control records.

If we suffer any epidemics in Alaska or Texas, see any untoward
events, “Russian” attacks, etc.,etc., —don’t believe any poxy

Turn the investigative nozzle full on Chenega, Inc.  Look for the
Frequent Flyer Chemtrail contracts, too.


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