History to ‘vindicate Swedish COVID-19 strategy’

Sky News host Rowan Dean says the effectiveness of the COVID-19 herd immunity strategy implemented in Sweden and Switzerland “should put the fear of God into every politician in this country”.

Some emerging reports seem to endorse the herd immunity strategy utilised by Sweden, which has now recorded far fewer deaths per capita than the United Kingdom while maintaining basic freedoms and a far milder recession.

Former Swedish State Epidemiologist Professor Johan Giesecke warned a major lockdown would simply destroy the economy and leave the population without herd immunity and permanently vulnerable to future COVID-19 outbreaks.

Mr Dean also examined Switzerland and its use of the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) which is currently banned in Victoria and Queensland as a coronavirus treatment.

He said “Switzerland briefly banned the drug after the Lancet claimed it was killing people” but quickly re-instated the drug when the article was withdrawn by the journal.

According to a study done by John Hopkins University during the weeks preceding the ban on HCQ in Switzerland the fatality ratio index for Switzerland fluctuated between 3-5 per cent.

“Will history record that not only was the destruction of our economy completely pointless but preventative treatments using drugs such as hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin in combination with others were sitting there right under our noses all along?” Mr Dean said.