Getting Caught Up After 160-Plus Years – Notice to DOD By Anna Von Reitz

When you’ve been really sick for a long time, it’s hard to get caught up with your own daily life, much less your work life.  We’ve all been there.  Something, an infection, an injury like a sprained ankle,  lays us low and leaves us like a beached whale for days or weeks or even months.  
Thankfully, I am back on my feet.  I may not be running anywhere fast, but I am plodding along in my Great-Grandma way, slow and steady.
What I want to share with you today are some very basic things I need you to know and remember — for your own sake and the sake of your country and your world.  And then, I need you to share this information. Make it ring around the world.  
During this period of enforced rest I have had time to think about our world’s situation.  It’s not just America that got blown off course 160 years ago.  The entirety of western civilization was illegally and immorally usurped by the British Crown and related commercial interests.
Our British brethren bit the bullet in the years immediately following 1840 when the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert left the fortunes of Britain at the mercies of the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha House of Wettin.  This quiet invasion by German industrialist interests paved the way for the enslavement via “enfranchisement” of millions of working class British, Irish, and Scottish (formerly) free men. 
The money the German-run British Government raised by enslaving the folks back home and seizing title to their private property assets for use as government collateral, was used for the conquest of the Indian Subcontinent and to promote the “American Civil War”. 
The Mercenary Conflict we have been taught to call “The American Civil War” and the British-Bar member, Abraham Lincoln, who was never eligible to serve as the actual American President, were used to create a similar take-over, only by fraud, in this country.  
The “civil war” left our country occupied by our own U.S. Army and under the control of a British territorial military regime similar to the Raj in India —  with almost nobody here being the wiser.  
Lincoln, who never had any authority beyond that of a “President” of a British Territorial Corporation, bankrupted the consortium of American States-of-States organizations that he controlled as “the Union” during the Civil War—- the day after he issued his infamous first “Executive Order”, General Order 100, the Lieber Code, which left this country at the mercy of the Union Army. 
There are no provisions for “Executive Orders” and no “Emergency Powers” bequeathed to any Federal Subcontractors under our laws and contracts.  The military dba “U.S. Army” and all other branches have cause to know this and no further excuses. 
This criminal fraud scheme pulled off with the assistance of treasonous U.S. Army Generals Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman and the members of Lincoln’s Cabinet and the members of the infamous Rump Congress was orchestrated by the same German-Continental-Industrialist interests that bilked Great Britain.
Then as now, the men behind this were war-mongers, industrialists, and transnationals who didn’t care a fig about their own countries or people.  Like John D. Rockefeller, they were rapacious businessmen with no thought or morality beyond their own religion of profit. 
When the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as “The United States of America — Incorporated” went bankrupt in 1906, the Schemers had already arranged to set up a new base of operations for themselves in Puerto Rico, and planned to use the results of the Insular Tariff Cases (1900-1904) to justify their actions.  
They did the same thing to Australia at the same time, setting up an offshore base of operations for their Territorial Corporation’s “Government” on Norfolk Island, while acting as “Australia, Incorporated”, and usurping against the lawful government of the actual country, Terra Australis.  
Here is a wonderful short video by Romley Stewart, in which he succinctly describes what went on, and exactly why this is in violation of international law and the Treaties of Vienna:
Bear in mind that these same lawless commercial corporations did the same thing in Puerto Rico and used it as an offshore base to conduct pirate and privateering operations against the American States and people.  They did the same thing in New Zealand and other prior Commonwealth countries.  They did the same thing in Japan after WWII and they did the same thing in most of Western Europe.  
We have all been under an illegal, immoral, and unlawful foreign military occupation regime, complete with oppressive unauthorized “military districts” and unauthorized “military district courts” misaddressing members of the General Public.  This has all been master-minded by the Government of Westminster and the Privy Council acting under the influence of the German House of Wettin actors and their Dutch and Vichy French Allies. 
All of this crime has been accomplished by “service corporations” — foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing “governmental services” including military services for hire. 
They simply didn’t tell our boys and girls that they would be hiring out as cheap commercial mercenaries when they signed up to serve in the U.S. Army and other branches of service organized under the auspices of Federal Corporations registered in Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, or the Municipality of Washington, DC.  
Here is just a partial analysis of “Department of Defense” aka, “DOD”, as a foreign commercial corporation controlling among other things: 
NIH, CDC and FDA, Social Security, Health and Human Services including Indian Health, Railroads, National Transportation Safety, Bonneville Power, Nuclear Regulation Agency, DOE Petroleum Reserves, BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, DOEducation, FBI, DEA, DOJ, US Attorneys Army, Army Reserves, Corps of Engineers, Navy Exchange Service Command,  Air Force, NSA, Secretary of Defense, Civilian Personnel Advisory Service, Strategic Command, and “Congress” –meaning the British Territorial United States “Congress”— are under DOD.
We will post the particulars as pdfs on the and TASA websites so everyone can see this for yourselves.  
So when you look for what is wrong with this country, who is responsible? 
A foreign commercial corporation operating as the Department of Defense, which is acting with no granted authority or lawful position as “a” government, much less any position as our government. 
As you can see from the list above, the worst perpetrators of mayhem and injustice in this country, including those organizations responsible for the “pandemic” are all under the thumb and forefinger of the “DOD”, as are the infamous FBI and DOJ.  They are all nothing but foreign commercial corporations without a shred of actual lawful authority and not even any actual approved service contract anywhere in sight. 
You will also note, that even though every single officer in our Officer Corps knows that he or she is supposed to be operating under civilian authority, they have successfully undermined every form of civilian authority by taking over their own “Congress” and by changing the Judicial Oaths of Office so that the Judiciary is no longer obligated to function in a manner agreeable to the Federal Constitutions. 
We have recently confirmed that these same commercial corporations have set up shop in the Mariana Islands with the clear intention of creating an “Internal Revenue Service” in China and Japan to fund their takeover efforts there, and also have confirmed their activities in concert with “NATO, INC.” in Ukraine — all illegal, immoral, and unlawful operations comprising commercial mercenary operations involved in arms trafficking, drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal bioweapons production and research,  treaty violations, organ harvesting, adrenochrome production and other criminal activities.  
These criminal organizations do not represent us and do not represent our government.  They are rogue commercial mercenary organizations that must be held accountable by the American States and People — and by their own internal organizational command structure.   
Now that you are fully aware of who and what is causing all the problems, it’s time to take action.  
And this brings us to the “rest of the story” that you all need to know and remember. 
A hundred and sixty some years ago when all this rot began, corporations were rare.  All forms of corporations have proliferated like cancers in the decades since the Civil War and have become both predatory toward the General Public that supports them and increasingly criminal in nature overall. 
DOD, INC. isn’t the only problem.  There are numerous other “service corporations” that have failed to be service-oriented, have failed to honor the obligations of service to this country, and which deserve to be fully and permanently liquidated.  
The creation of all these forms of corporations did not take place in a vacuum or without widespread public debate.  As all corporations are legal fictions they are all created in the Jurisdiction of the Air and they are all subject to liquidation under Ecclesiastical Law.  They are all required — as a condition of their existence — to function “lawfully”, which is a much higher standard than to function “legally”.  
Thus, when faced with out-of-control commercial corporations and corporations of other kinds that are rampaging around murdering people for profit, the immediate and appropriate action is to demand their liquidation and return of their assets to the control of the civilian government.  
This is why we take our claims and complaints to the Vatican Chancery Court and the reason why we hold the Pope and the Roman Curia responsible for liquidating the WHO, INC., the DOD, INC., and other offenders.  They are the ones responsible for the existence of all these corporations and they are the ones obligated to discipline and liquidate any and all corporations that threaten natural life and lawful peace on this planet. 
Remember who is responsible for corporations and which form of law applies to liquidating those corporations that go rogue.  Most people have been amazed to learn that these matters are held under Ecclesiastical Law.  Don’t forget.  If you forget the controls placed upon these organizations they can run rampant and destroy the entire planet for lack of a competent complaint against them.  
All American Officers and Employees of the Department of Defense/DOD are hereby placed on Notice and demand of their Oath to defend the Constitutional Guarantees that the American People are owed against all enemies both foreign and domestic, to defend our borders, to remove politicians acting in treason against this government, to return our assets and Good Names to us unharmed, and to in all ways honorably acquit your duty owed to the General Public and our civilian State Governments. 
Any Officers, Enlisted, or Civil Service Employees or Employees of Federal Subcontractors or Agencies caught participating in anti-American activities, attacking members of the General Public, committing acts of arson, poisoning food or water resources, or undertaking any other other hostile commercial mercenary activities on our shores, allowing military district personnel including Military District Courts formed in May of 1865 and thereafter to misaddress Americans,  promoting Bills of Attainder, engaging in illegal demands and confiscations and unauthorized nonconsensual hypothecation of debt, licensing and registration of private persons under color of law, or in any other way harming or imposing upon or impersonating their actual employers, will be held individually and commercially and personally 100% liable to the fullest extent of international and Public Law.  
This includes but is not limited to activities of the “Department of Defense”
/DOD,  “Department of Justice”/DOJ and the “Federal Bureau of Investigations”/FBI, the British Territorial “Congress”, NIH, CDC, “United States Treasury”, and all and any other franchises, subsidiaries,agencies, and affiliates of any foreign governmental services corporations operating in this country. 
Among the other issues to be addressed immediately are: 
(1) Return of our gold and silver assets to our control; 
(2) Settlement of a consensual and equitable agreement regarding use of actual private assets and credit resources by the Global Federal Banking System and/or the immediate arrest of those responsible for avoiding a new contract since 2005 for financial crimes and malfeasance; 
(3) Return of American Land Patents to Americans; 
(4) Closure of Military Districts in the States; 
(5) Closure of Military District Carpetbagger Courts that were promoted beginning in May of 1865; 
(6) Access to new formal military tribunals for the arrest and prosecution of foreign nationals and undeclared foreign agents engaged in crimes in our States of the Union; 
(7) a new American military Paymaster contract; 
(8) Return of all implied public trust interests owed to the individual Americans and the American States; 
(9) an immediate end to all and any prosecution of the January 6th visitors to the Municipality of Washington, DC.— Americans who had every right to be there; 
(10) absorption of the Municipality of Washington, DC and District of Columbia back into the States of the Union; 
(11) Arrest of members of the British Territorial “Congress” who refuse to take the actual Public Oath of Office; 
(12) Arrest of members of the Judicial Service who refuse to take the Public Oath of Office as stated prior to 1990; 
(13) Return of all illegally confiscated American private property; 
(14) Immediate dropping of all Legal Presumptions and conventions of impersonation related in any way to the defunct 1868 Scottish Commercial “Constitution” and its Fourteenth Amendment, Social Security, and Internal Revenue prosecutions; 
(15) Arrest of members of the Bar Association who are working for Federal Corporations or federally-connected State-of-State Corporations without complying with the Foreign Agent Registration Act; 
(16) cessation of all civil and criminal prosecutions by military district and foreign state-of-state courts misapplied to American civilians; 
(17) release of all foreign occupied territory to the appropriate civilian national governments; 
(18) immediate cancellation of all federal grants or aids aimed at censoring free speech, interfering in matters of private religion or health, and otherwise trifling with the rights and prerogatives of free people in this country or anywhere else on Earth; 
(19) arrest of the members of the “World Economic Forum” and any members of their “Future Leaders” program who have insinuated themselves as corporate actors engaged in usurpation against legitimate national governments; 
(20) cancellation of private corporation elections masquerading as and substituting themselves for Public Elections; 
21) arrest and prosecution of all and any organizations and individuals involved in the arson and looting and rioting and destruction which took place throughout this country in 2020; 
(22) assistance to the actual national and international government of this country to maintain order, provide accurate education, and complete the reconstruction of our government by 2025; 
(23) immediate cessation of all bioweapon development and deployment; 
(24) immediate full-scale reparation and medical assistance to repair damage done by the plandemic “exercise” and 5G radiation; 
(25) arrest and prosecution of all actors responsible for deployment of these bioweapons and electronic weapons against the American civilian population; 
(26) immediate repair and reorganization of our currency and credit to maintain the value and viability of the American Silver Dollar and our American Federation Dollar (gold-backed); 
(27) an end to all pretensions of “war” — commercial mercenary war or otherwise — on American soil; (28) arrest and deportation of all persons who have illegally entered this country in the last three years.   
We, the people, are pissed off and tuned in. Everyone who has volunteered to fill a public office needs to fulfill it and do a straight job of it or else.  This especially applies to all members of Bar Associations and court administrations and “private security personnel operating as police forces”.  No more funny stuff.  None at all.  Same for the phony politicians who have been operating their corporations “as” the government owed to the people of this country. 
We have every right and reason to start stretching necks.  We have chosen to maintain the Public Law and to seek peaceable redress for a gross plentitude of wrongs addressed to us by our own Public Employees and purported Allies.  
Members of the military — you’ve been caught operating as an illegal mercenary force. Your corporations are being liquidated. If you want your lives, your pensions, and your benefits now is the time to knock off all the crap and get straight and get moving on the laundry list presented above. 
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America 


25th of March 2023
For the document showing the DUN and Bradstreet numbers download this file and save it.
Central Intelligence Agency is line 49962

FTC 49960

US Dept of Treasury line 49957

Smithsonian line 49959

Small Business Administration line 49965

DHS line 49947

SEC line 49946

EPA line 49973

Please see attached.

NIH, CDC and FDA, Social Security, Health and Human Services including
Indian Health, Railroads, National Transportation Safety, Bonneville
Power, Nuclear Regulation Agency, DOE Petroleum Reserves, BLM, Bureau of
Reclamation, DOEducation, FBI, DEA, DOJ, US Attorneys Army, Army
Reserves, Corps of Engineers, Navy Exchange Service Command,  Air Force,
NSA, Secretary of Defense, Civilian Personnel Advisory Service,
Strategic Command, Congress are under DOD.  I did not see a reference to
Space Force.