German ‘miracle healer’ Bruno Gröning

In the year 1949 great excitement developed around Bruno Gröning who was described in the media as a miracle healer. Even people diagnosed as incurable swore by his power to heal. But his activities were soon prohibited by the authorities. So, instead, he began to lecture about wellness and people were still healed without him touching them. Below is a short (7-minute) introduction to his life and work.



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Bruno Gröning taught that the human body is constantly surrounded by healing waves that only have to be absorbed. To absorb them, the person seeking help sits with hands open, palms facing up. Their arms and legs are not crossed, as crossing them blocks the free flow of the healing stream. Thoughts about illness and personal problems have an inhibiting effect, while thoughts about something pleasant are beneficial …This is why it is essential for the person concerned not to dwell on his illness, but, rather, to believe that for God, no illness is incurable. Read more.