From Fear into Love: Coping During Panicked Times

With all the panic and hysteria in the air, many of us tend to forget that the world around us is a beautiful place. The sun is still shining, the birds are chirping and the flowers are emerging.

Let’s move into the pre-frontal cortex (rational thinking) and out of the amygdala (fight or flight). Ask yourself, am I okay right now? If you’re reading this, most likely you are.  Of course, we want to protect the vulnerable from getting sick. Of course, washing our hands thoroughly (without going into obsessive-compulsive mode) is a good idea.

Remember that we are [mostly] strong, healthy and resilient humans (my family takes elderberry syrup all winter to help with that). Focus on your health, on the good things in your life, and you will raise your personal vibration to invite in more good things.

Fear does the opposite. We have much more power to co-create our lives than we have been taught.

Sure, you could try to think of the worst case scenario of what “could” happen, but how likely is it (on a scale of 1 to 10) going to happen?

They want us to stay in fear, since we are easier to control. And boy, is it working.

Does it really feel good to live in this state of being? Do what brings you joy. You deserve it. And this will keep you strong and healthy!

Take the time to breathe, to go outside in the fresh air, to take care of yourself naturally.

The worry, the stress and the anxiety is not serving us and we need to let it go to free ourselves from the social, mental and spiritual prison that they have had us in for thousands of years….

And why are so many people buying in to the freak-out of the mainstream manipulation? There’s this thing called “confirmation bias”. This is the psychological state, which happens to all us humans, in which we look for something to confirm a previously-held belief. For instance, we buy a shirt that we really don’t like and paid too much for, but we pretend that we like to avoid the painful realization that we bought a shirt we wished we hadn’t.

This is because the Ego part of who we are wants us to believe that we are “right”. So, in spite of feelings (and evidence) that something is not actually true, we look for reasons to confirm our long-held stance (of what we believe or have been taught) as correct to avoid being “wrong”.

Now, this is happening in a rampant way. Many of us don’t want to believe that we are being manipulated, that the media and the government would skew the truth to make us afraid. It would be too painful to come to the realization that those who “rule” and “control” things actually do not always have our best interests in mind, but instead are wedded to the profits of the pharmaceutical industry and helping the richest 1% get richer, and helping those in power stay in control.

Of course, when you look back at history and fear-based things, it happens over and over. It’s hard to see that you’re being manipulated when you’re in it, but once you turn off the news/TV, start meditating, and opening the third eye, you start to see the truth.

But this awakening to truth is scary to many people, as it shakes up their world too much. This is why I believe some people are so vehemently attacking people trying to share what they feel to be true. On a subconscious level, this truth threatens their worldview so much that it’s like being told that there’s no Santa Claus. Or that you believed someone to be your parent but that they are actually not.

This type of information can be so life-shattering that the Ego fights it, to stay in a safe place. So some will use the term conspiracy theorist” or other labels to try to neatly put you in a box that they can understand and dismiss. It’s almost too much to bear for some people, so there is a “shoot the messenger” mentality (or confirmation bias).

There is a silver lining to all this, I believe… the ‘powers that be’ are so desperate to maintain control that they are pulling out all of the stops.. unsuccessfully in the long run, though, I believe. We are, as humans, one by one, awakening and moving toward light, love and healing.

We can find gratitude in our hearts for this corona virus that is awakening us. We can find gratitude for those looking out for friends and neighbors. We can find gratitude for people caring for each other, for time spent at home together with our families.

We are being asked to have hope, to not let fear overtake us. Things are still unfolding, and while we may want to lash out, out of self-preservation, can we find it in our hearts to understand how strongly people have been conditioned by fear? They have been conditioned by the media, by the companies, by the forces desperately trying to maintain control. These forces are powerful, they are strong.

But love is stronger. When we are ready, may our anger transmute into love. Yes, we may protect ourselves as we deserve to, but turning against our neighbors and friends is just what they want us to do: “divide and distract”.

To shift the vibration of fear, we must work on our own vibrations – moving from anger/fear into love/gratitude/compassion. We can forgive and help others who are suffering, so heavily conditioned and influenced by fear, as many of us have been.

Try this exercise:

STOP – Stop, Take a Moment, Observe, Proceed. You can use this acronym to remember to “STOP and Shift” fearful thoughts/emotions. When an unwanted thought/feeling comes up, pause for a moment. Just observe that this is a temporary sensation that you are having. See if you want to attach to the thought/emotion and create stories around it. Maybe you do not. In that moment, you make a choice whether to get on the ride and take off with the train of thought, or you can let the train leave the station, letting it pass on by. If you are worrying, you can ask yourself, Do I really believe this? Is this true 100% of the time? Chances are you will see that everything is usually okay and has been that way in the past.

We are the way-showers, we must lead the way with our light. We can also begin reprogramming our thinking with mantras like these:

“Love and only love may enter my energetic space. I am safe. I am free. I take my own power. I am a sovereign being responsible for my own choices. I am strong and in control of my own life.”

People have been giving away their power for so long, and a part of our own vibration has created this onslaught of fear.

We can learn to take back our personal power, to stop allowing others to tell us what we should do… and to trust our own hearts and intuition. It’s our responsibility as individuals to shift our vibrations so that we stop subconsciously allowing ourselves to be controlled, as part of us thinks it’s easier to do that than to take back control of our lives in our own hands.

And we can help allay the worries of those who are scared right now. I will be pausing every day when I can to imagine the cords of fear and anger and control being pulled out of our country and out of the planet. And we can quiet our minds regularly (like this weekly Sunday live, complementary, online meditation I will be doing), to quiet our own fears. I hope you’ll join me, as this visualization of light and healing can help in magical ways.

You can listen to/watch a recent “impromptu light meditation” I guided on my personal Facebook page to help spread healing and light.

Planetary healing starts from the individual level, from our own healing, and then this energy spills out to others.

Blessings to those of you who are boldly pointing out the absolute insanity happening at such a widespread level. Keep spreading the truth and the light! We need you, and we will get through this. May we all see the light. May we have hope. May we stand for what is right, steadfast and strong.