Free Reiner Fuellmich! by Peter Koenig, Global Research

The famous lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, founder of the International Crime Investigative Committee (ICIC), formerly the German Corona Commission, was deported last Thursday, 12 October, from Mexico City to Germany, to be arrested for alleged financial irregularities at arrival in Frankfurt, on Friday, 13 October. He was immediately put in pre-trial detention.

In Mexico, Reiner had to consult with the German embassy for passport issues and, to his shocking surprise, was immediately arrested and flown to Germany – accompanied by two guards, no personal belongings, no clothing, not even a toothbrush. His wife is not accused and was allowed to remain in Mexico.

From Frankfurt, Dr. Fuellmich will eventually be transferred next week to Göttingen, where he will be kept for an undetermined period in pre-trial detention because they unjustly suspect him of attempting to escape.

His confinement was based on a 30-page arrest warrant written already in September 2022.

He is falsely accused for financial fraud, precisely by those people who themselves have questionable criminal records and who supposedly worked with him during the 2+ years Dr. Fuellmich was running the German Corona Commission from Berlin.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich will be defended by two excellent lawyers, Dr. Dagmar Schön and Dr. Katja Woermer. They filed immediate counter-accusations against the predator-accusers.

Lawyer Dr. Dagmar Schön presented Reiner’s story on Sunday evening, 16 October 2023, on BittelTV, where 33,000 spectators and supporters listened to his case.

Reiner is well known and highly appreciated throughout the world for his fine work, defending victims of government-induced COVID crimes, and other crimes against humanity, perpetrated by governments and government institutions around the world.

The attempt to censure and outright silence him has failed bitterly – and the very German government, which disrespects human rights, freedom of speech and is guilty of lying and distributing false information on the media, has now found no other way than arresting Reiner illegally.

They will not succeed. Justice will eventually prevail. A higher justice, way above the manmade twisted laws – justice that reigns over Mother Earth and the Universe – always rules.

This case will be followed closely and updated periodically.


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