Free heating fuel but it’s illegal – £120 8kw Diesel parking heater review from VEVOR

** EXPAND THIS DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFORMATION** As my valued subscriber enjoy these discount Codes on the VEVOR website: VVPRO to get 5% off (general coupon for the whole website) VEVOR USA heater: VEVOR UK heater: VEVOR EU heater: Additional affiliate links: UKAmazon – Power supply 240v – 12v 300w: USA Amazon – Power supply 110v – 12v 250/300w: UK Amazon – Vevor Diesel heaters: USA Amazon – Vevor Diesel heaters: Banggood – Parking heater all in 1 unit:… Banggood – Parking heater kit form:… Banggood – Thermal camera:… Recommend products USA (Affliate links): VEVOR Electronic Hydraulic Hole Puncher: VEVOR Magnetic Drill: VEVOR 1100lb Hoist Lift: Recommend products UK (Affliate links): VEVOR Electronic Hydraulic Hole Puncher: Out of stock VEVOR Magnetic Drill: Out of stock VEVOR 1200kg Hoist Lift: Out of stock Recommend products EU (Affliate links): VEVOR Electronic Hydraulic Hole Puncher: VEVOR Magnetic Drill: VEVOR 1200kg Hoist Lift: My designs/comissioning:… Watch Joshua De lisle AWCB walk you through the creation process with his welded and hand forged works of Art and Luxury items. In this episode we review the 12V 8KW Diesel Air Heater For RV Trucks (With Blue LCD Display) by VEVOR, also known as a parking heater or multi fuel oil heater. These are ideal for tiny houses, van life and workshops. We will explore how efficient these are to run and the use of free fuels such as biofuel and waste oil. !!PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING!! I’m doing a follow up video as I understand now that it’s impossible to be 8kw as diesel doesn’t contain that much energy in the 350ml that I tested. So I’ll conduct a new experiment to calculate the actual heat output. I’ll also be testing how much electricity these consume at different Hz and also use the exhaust to boil water. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see tested in the follow up video. Uk waste oil burner law article:……… Recomended youtube videos: waste oil clean out after 3 years – All you need know maintenance –… Veg oil burn: Ethanol burn: $200 vs $1500 version: Is a 5kw heater the same as the 8kw or 2kw?: For latest news and insights visit our instagram page here: