Fraud: BOS Attempts Possession without original Deed And Fails.

Fraudulent Possession Claim Exposed.

Judge rules, No Valid Deed, No Claim as Bank says the mortgage deed is “lost”.

The following screenshots are taken from a website, entirelylegal which was posted under the headline, “Liverpool woman battles Bank of Scotland for alleged mortgage fraud.” It shows how crucial a genuine mortgage deed is to a bank’s possession claim. It was posted on the website at 11:17am and then removed within an hour.

Now why might that be the case?

One of the key elements to TGBMS class action is the demonstrably fraudulent mortgage deed. In this protracted battle with BOS, Geniene Azalea has been demanding that the bank provide the original deed in order to prove its possession claim against her home. 

“At the 15 minute hearing, Judge Langley ordered that the BOS produce said document, within 14 days.


The 2 weeks came and went, and 21 days after the original hearing, Geniene wrote a 26 page counter claim requesting that the case be struck out as the bank could not produce the deed, as she had some evidence that it had been securitised (sold) on the stock exchange, potentially many times, along with many other discrepancies on her mortgage. Miraculously, this woke the bank up, who immediately requested a hearing for extra time. Once again, Geniene appeared in court, where she heard the BOS ask for 2 years to find the deed as it had been ‘lost’. Judge Langley adjourned the case for 12 months, with liberty to restore’ should the BOS find the deed.”




Given the rigged judicial system, this is a stunning victory. Without a valid deed, the bank’s possession claim amounts to nothing less than a fraud.  A fraud perpetrated on Geniene and on the court.  That is a fact that the judge has appeared to downplay, issuing an order that understates the implications of the bank’s actions.

The elements of the fraud are laid out in this previous article and need to be understood by anyone who has a mortgage, particularly right now for the reasons detailed in this article, Covid1984 & TGBMS, on how, from 1st November, 2020, millions of householders will be facing possession claims against their homes. This situation is looming large and, for now at least, no one is focusing on it as a consequence of the smokescreen created by the covid1984 psyop.


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