Francis Richard Conolly : Prince Andrew must testify

Sunday 12th December 2021 – My guest tonight is the English Writer and Film Director Francis Richard Conolly, who grew up in Wallsend not far from the city of Newcastle. His Father was a Shipyard Tradesman; his mother was a Nurse; and he stayed in the Irish Catholic community where he grew up until he was 20, when he left for St John’s University with the intention of becoming an Artist. He soon found that making Films was a marvellous way of combining the passions he felt for both words and pictures and he became a professional Producer, making a TV series for the Health Service, even before he graduated. He eventually got his break as a professional dramatist with the BBC, but swiftly became disillusioned with the rigid structure of the corporation. George Orwell once described the BBC as “a cross between a girl’s school and a lunatic asylum” and having discovered this to be true Francis decided he had best make his own Films in his own way. This led in turn to his Writing and Directing the cult movie ‘JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick’ which achieved over a Billion hits before being banned by the Anglo/American establishment.