For Declared Americans Only — Part 2 By Anna Von Reitz

This is for people who are papered up and who have proven and declared their birthright political status — and them only. Those who have not reclaimed their birthright are not protected and cannot pursue these avenues.  You will get in serious trouble if you do this and are not properly papered up and declared!  

The British Territorial United States used an undisclosed birth registration as a means to latch onto you and your Good Name and then claimed a Public Usufruct; they later declared you “legally dead” and created an intestate Public Trust Estate in your Name. 

The same rats also created a Municipal Corporation franchise operated in your NAME.  

This results in a situation where you are innocently oblivious of any change in your political status, unaware that there is a British Territorial Estate operating in what appears to be your Proper Name, and also unaware of the Municipal Corporation franchise operating under what appears to be your NAME or some version thereof.  

Your Proper Lawful Name is, for example, Elizabeth Renee Olson. 

Their British Territorial Estate is operating under the same name deceitfully, as it should be “the Elizabeth Renee Olson Estate” — they purposefully omit the word “Estate” to confuse things.  Make sure that you add the word “Estate” to clear up the meaning whenever they mention your Name in a Court Action or Debt Collection of any kind.  

Their Municipal Corporation franchise functions under a “sign” in American Sign Language which only appears to be your name in all capital letters, like this: ELIZABETH RENEE OLSON. 

They have used your name without your knowledge or permission to create corporate entities to benefit themselves, thereby they have become Usufructs; in order to get away with this, they have to guarantee that no harm will come to you or your assets as a result of their use of your name. 

Obviously, they have been very remiss about this obligation, and have instead played a complex game of fraud and deceit, in which they persistently mistake their Legal Fictions for you, and use these Legal Fictions as a means to seize upon your assets and harass you and deprive you of rights. 

Upon receiving any bill, claim, summons, citation, or other communication from any “government” entity, court, agency, department, etc. begin with a simple communication and blanket disclaimer that sets the ground rules and leaves them (1) no room to interpret the nature of your communication and (2) instruction regarding the assignment of any attorney:

Example: (This could be in response to a summons, a Billing Statement, a Notice of Levy, etc., any correspondence alleging a public debt or otherwise being misaddressed to you.)

Please receive my compliments in response to the process summons attached and returned to the Court, without, however, mistaking any aspect of this communication as an offer of contract, acceptance of contract, representation, commercial correspondence, any acceptance of legal representation, or action in rem.  The Court may, of course, appoint their Attorney to represent their fictitious Defendant, but in no case shall any such Attorney represent me, nor shall any claim against any such fictitious Defendant attach to me, my Estate, my assets, my credit, or any beneficial derivative belonging to me.  

This Disclaimer and Instruction should be applied to tax bills, courts summons, or any other “official” correspondence you receive alleging a debt or other problem. 

Next, you will plainly divulge a number of things in succession: 

(1) I have the only survivorship interest in the (– for example–) Mary Joanne Cleaver Estate and any beneficial derivatives of the Estate; 

(2) I am not a corporation and am not representing any corporation; 

(3) I object to the use of Federal Reserve Notes;

(4) All Usufructs using my name owe me safe passage and must hold me harmless; 

(5) I am not a British Territorial U.S. Citizen;

(6) I am not a Municipal citizen of the United States;

(7) I don’t voluntarily operate in Maritime Commerce or Admiralty jurisdiction, either one;

(8) I am in fear for my life from commercial brigands; 

(9) I do not, however, recognize any actual war being present, as no competent Congress has declared war since 1812;

(10) I am an American called a “Specially Designated National” in your system of things, and I am owed good faith service from all Federal citizens and franchises;

(11) I have been misaddressed; 

(12) I am hereby issuing my express trust in writing to corporate officers or officers of the court. 

This is all groundwork.  Put it right up front from Day One.  These denials and objections and claims are each potentially crucial and need to be in place as soon as you receive any claims or allegations, especially any court summons. 


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