Final instalment; Bloodlines & Bankers: Who is running the show? Part 3

In this final look at the Grand Jury report, we cover psychological manipulation, “common purpose” and the documents which verify the plan to control the hearts and minds of an unsuspecting public.

If you thought this was all just a collection of rumors, keep watching, the evidence is overwhelming and fact-checked prior to uploading this final look into this important report on the state of play at the time of writing.

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CDC Adverse effects:

Lack of MSM input or discussion: where are the loudest voices???

Strategic planning for mental health: Rees(e) 1940 report: (Same guy who started the Tavistock clinic!!!) and gender id for Kids!:

SPI-B Team notes, UK Gov:

Vaccine hesitancy:

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Crimson contagion:

Dark Winter:

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