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Mike Holt is the founder of Advance Australia and author of “My Will Initiative”. Mike served with the RAAF during the Vietnam War in North Eastern Thailand in 1967. He returned home disillusioned with the political system that sent thousands of young men into danger for all the wrong reasons.


After Gough Whitlam came to power Mike could see that the changes begun back then would be bad for Australia.

Mike’s vision has proved to be right. The Socialist political parties have stripped us of our former wealth, our manufacturing capacity, our farmers are up against the wall, all due to the destructive socialist policies that have been enacted since then.

After returning home from his war service, Mike resigned from the RAAF. He traveled extensively around Australia and to many countries around the world. His experiences showed him that Australia was heading down a track he didn’t like. At the time, he saw no solution to the many problems Australian politics have brought onto our wonderful nation.

During his travels he met and married a Thai woman. They settled in Bangkok, Thailand in 1978 where he set up an English teaching school. He sold the school ten years later after the marriage broke down due to personal reasons.

Soon after that he set up an IT company and a couple of years later he got into the real estate business as well. In 1998 Mike met and married his current Thai wife and they had two daughters.

In 2008 he sold his Thailand company and returned home to Australia in 2009, expecting to retire and enjoy the fruits of his many years in business as the family settled down on the Sunshine Coast.

Mike says he thought he was coming home to a stable political environment. Shortly after he returned Julia Gillard ousted Kevin Rudd in what can only be described as a bloodless coup. Mike survived 5 coups during his time in Thailand, so he recognized a coup when he saw one. This was when Mike realized that he wanted to do something to help stop Australia becoming another 3rd world banana republic. Mike started looking around for solutions to the many political problems we face. He eventually met Lt Col (Ret) Charles Mollison who had spent over 12 years working with a group of Australians to write a Draft Constitution.

After reading it, Mike started working to help Australians take control of our own political destiny. He and Charles set up RestoreAustralia with the aim to amend Section 128 of the Constitution to put the power into the hands of the people to start referendums. Bringing in Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) will allow Australian voters to decide on the type of government we want, and make politicians directly accountable to We the People.

But after nearly seven years struggling to achieve change Mike and Charles could not agree on how to achieve it. They decided to part ways.

Mike continued working and changed the name of the group to Advance Australia. By then, he had helped recruit hundreds of people as members. Those numbers continue to grow every day. We currently number members in the thousands.


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The aim has always been to try and effect change. Then, in early 2018 his efforts started paying off. He met a patriotic business man (who wishes to remain anonymous) who has poured money into supporting Mike’s work. This businessman understood what Mike was doing and wanted to help. He also understood that something was seriously wrong with our political system, as he had been investigating it for over five years. When he found out about the work Mike is doing he got in touch, and they started working together. Through his many contacts, as well as the money he is putting into our work, we have been able to greatly expand our efforts.

This My Will Project is one result of this partnership. They have also worked together to support David Walter’s Cairns court case, as well as publishing and selling Dick Yardley’s book Australian Political Treason, Treachery & Sabotage.

Mike says that as a veteran who went overseas for his country he is not prepared to let criminals and traitors destroy it. He will continue fighting to right the many wrongs done to our country.