February 2, 2024: Reiner Füellmich’s Hopeful Message for His Supporters Re the Ongoing Court Proceedings — “We’ll See Who Goes to Jail”

Transcript of Reiner’s statement prepared by Truth Comes to Light:


So the start of the criminal case against me was quite frustrating because the DA’s office had been investigating me for over a year in secret. This is in violation of my right to get a fair hearing, but it is also in violation to the long-standing rule that a German investigator, criminal investigator, has to also look at the other side, and has to give them a fair hearing so that mitigating circumstances, for example, or facts that contradict the whole thing, will be heard by him and taken into account.

But now that the actual trial has started and the hearing of the evidence, the hearing of witnesses, will start next week, there is a markable shift in both the courts and the DA stance.

So I must say that things look pretty good as both the court and the DA, and of course the public too, are beginning to see that something is very, very wrong. There are two totally conflicting narratives.

One is my accusers’ narrative. Remember my accusers are the people who were substitutes in the Corona Investigative Committee at the very start. But then, soon after, decided to leave in order to pursue their monetary interests, then [?] came back, wanted money from us.

Now, their side of the story, or their story is, ‘Reiner stole money from the Corona Investigative Committee’s account in order to finance his high life.’

That’s a lie.

Our story is, and this, by the way, coincides with my former co-host’s story because we both took loans. Our story is, at a time of grave risk for the money in our bank account, in the Corona Investigative Committee’s bank account, when we were informed by Sucharit Bhakdi’s outfit that their account had been attached by the DA’s office, we decided to act immediately. And we took money out of that account, both she and I did, in order to save it and keep it from such an attachment, so that we would be able to continue with our work. Because had our account been attached, our bank account been attached, we wouldn’t have been able to pay for the translators, for the IT, for the management, etc., etc.

So that’s why we did it. As we did it, openly, not in secret. We did it through loan contracts, written loan contracts, and these loan contracts were duly listed in the Corona Investigative Committee’s books.

And as the court agrees now, I was always able and ready to repay the loan.

Why would I not? I was the face of the Corona Investigative Committee. I had probably conducted 70% of all the interviews and I had started to, let’s say, organize or coordinate an international legal response.

So why would I take the money that we needed for this task and use it for, I don’t know, buying a Ferrari or whatever? We didn’t do that.

I was always ready to repay the loan and also able to repay the loan. How would I have done that?

Well, the plan was both for me and for Vivianne — in my case, at least it was to sell our home. My wife and I had planned to sell our home as early as late 2020 because we were seeing that Germany’s economy would collapse very soon due to the, well, idiots that are running our government. And so we had planned to sell our home.

We did sell our home for 1.345 million euros, which would have easily enabled us to repay, or me to repay the 700,000 that we had taken out of the Corona Investigative Committee’s Account.

However, it was impossible for us to do that because those who accused me, the three Berlin attorneys [TCTL editor’s note: Justus Hoffmann, Marcel Templin and Antonia Fischer], the two substitutes and the other guy, they, through extortion and fraud, forced the buyer of my home and the notary public (who plays the role of an escrow agent in Germany), forced them to pay out the purchase price, not to me or my wife’s account, but rather a total of 1.158 million went directly into those people’s accounts, bank accounts, who accused me of having committed a crime.

So ultimately, only one of these two stories, only one of these two narratives can be true. And as it turns out that my story is true, then we’ll see who goes to jail.

So things are beginning to look a lot better than they did a while ago. And I will write something up for you so that all of you can read and, or even record another statement so that you can see and understand, just like my students, many years ago, understand what is going on here, the details of what is going on.

But I’ll be in touch. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you.