Fatal to Expose Trafficking: Cornell, Senators, NYPD, Kate Spade w/ Alessandro Castellón (1 & 2)

Activist and documentary maker, Alessandro Castellón, joins the program to discuss his upcoming documentary which uncovers the fatal consequences for those who expose the gruesome human trafficking conducted by the rich and famous. His research has disclosed a string of untimely deaths of those who have the courage to publicly expose powerful people who are involved in trafficking and abusing children. He shares how famous musicians, politicians and courageous NYPD officers have all died early deaths under suspicious circumstances after exposing powerful traffickers.

Alessandro Castellón uncovers the ITNJ in Part 2 of this interview. As the head of media relations for the ITNJ, he learned many disturbing facts about its founder and the organization. He shares a disturbing look into a charity, which by most public accounts have done many great works by shining a bright light on crimes, but privately has betrayed its supporters and the victims they serve with shady and questionable actions.