Exclusive Alert Breaking: “British Banks are all on the brink of collapse” Godfrey Bloom.

Banks in America are collapsing at the rate of one a month. “we are entering a new dark age” Godfrey Bloom ,Author, Fund manager, Former MEP and former British Army Major with the 4th Armoured Brigade gives a startling expose of how close to financial meltdown we are. How reliable are our Banks? They are all insolvent.!

“Take your money out of the banks” If you want proof just go along and try to take it out!

They wont let you. The World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab are working to implement digital ID leading on to CBDC’s which will allow them to abolish fiat currency and cash and then they will have full control over businesses and individual citizens. Net Zero, Reducing Carbon-We are the carbon they want to reduce!! Bill Gates is buying up farmland in huge amounts as their globalist chums seek to bankrupt farmers in Holland and across Europe and the world in order to corner the food market. If they control the food they control the populations. 80% of the people in our respective countries don’t understand whats coming and will be blindsided in the coming storm. You don’t want to be one of them! Its time to get prepared for whats happening. You need to know what happens next. Join our international freedom movement http://freedomtraininternational.org to stay informed and connected to like minded people all around the world. Its time to resist

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