Ex-pharmaceutical rep Brandy Vaughan found dead after warning people to investigate her death

In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Former Pharmaceutical Representative, and founder of learntherisk.org Brandy Vaughan has passed away. This comes after she made posts and videos expressing concerns for her life. Not much information is available, updates will be provided.

  • Reflect On:

    Why are those who do the work that Brandy Vaughan did always unacknowledged, censored, and ridiculed any time they attract a lot of attention? Why are there so many mysterious deaths in the alternative/holistic health community?

What Happened: Update: According to Children’s Health Defense, Brandy Vaughan passed away due to gallbladder complications, a medical issue that she privately struggled with throughout 2020. We will continue to provide more updates as/if more information becomes available.

2nd Update: I have been in contact with a close friend of Brandy. According to her, she was find, ate a lot over thanksgiving and seemed totally healthy. Apparently it was a sudden death that happened out of nowhere.

“A great friend, amazing warrior, and loving mom, Brandy Vaughan of Learn The Risk has passed. Please send your prayers for her 9 year old son, her dogs, her cats… Her son was her world. Her son is in safe hands currently. We don’t have many answers yet — please try to avoid engaging in rumors out of respect to her and her son. Thanks to all who have been reaching out to offer condolences, and asking for ways you can help. We are so deeply saddened by this news.” –  Tina Maria, close friend, via GoGetFunding Campaign to find out what happened. This was one of Vaughan’s requests if she were to be found deceased, more on that later in the article.

“It is with such a heavy heart that I list yet another activist found dead, and this time it is my friend and colleague, Brandy Vaughan, the founder of the well-known non profit Learn The Risk. She was found dead by her son who is a minor.” – Erin Elizabeth, founder of Health Nut News.

Tragedy has struck in the alternative/independent media world as Brandy Vaughan, a well-known drug, health & vaccine safety advocate, and former Merck (pharmaceutical company) representative, was found dead in her home leaving behind a nine year old child who found her. This information comes from multiple friends of Vaughan across social media outlets, as well as Facebook itself, having now posted a note atop her Facebook page.

Little is known about her death right now.

Vaughan was the founder of learntherisk.org, a website/non-profit organization that created awareness about the dangers of various pharmaceutical drugs and concerns that many scientists and doctors have been raising about vaccines.

Her background, working for pharmaceutical giant Merck, inspired her to do the incredible and brave work that she did. She was a legend and worked extremely hard with enormous amounts of passion and determination. While working in the pharmaceutical industry she sold Vioxx, a painkiller that was found to double the risk of stroke and heart attacks and was eventually taken off the market as a result. “From that experience, I realized that just because something is on the market doesn’t mean it’s safe,” explained Vaughan. “Much of what we are told by the healthcare industry just simply isn’t the truth.”

Her organization created awareness in a very credible way. She gathered countless doctors and scientists from around the world and archived published peer-reviewed research outlining the concerns being raised in the scientific community about various drugs and vaccines.

Her organization reached millions of people globally every single month on social media, and tens of thousands through her website alone. They posted 38 billboards which reached over 30 million people, and they have hosted over 30 campaigns and rallies in the past two years. They’ve produced videos and educational materials that reach over 1 million people, and did educational talks and events worldwide.(source)

We are actively changing the conversation around vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry, which should never be trusted with our collective health (source)

She Was Worried: One chilling factor about her death remains, and that’s the fact that she was concerned that she was going to pass away. On December 1st 2019, she wrote the following on her Facebook Page:

The post I wish I didn’t have to write…

But given the certain sudden tragedies over the last couple of years, I feel it’s absolutely necessary to post these ten facts…and please screenshot this for the record

I’ve NEVER had any thoughts of taking my own life, not once, ever. Even before I had my son.

I have a huge mission in this life. Even when they make it very difficult and scary, I would NEVER take my own life. Period.

Bastien means everything to me and I would NEVER leave him. Period. I have sole custody and he needs me as much as I need him. I would NEVER think of leaving him for a second.

I have NEVER been on an antidepressant nor been diagnosed as depressed – don’t believe it if you ever hear anything like this.

I’ve NEVER taken a daily pharmaceutical drug. And I haven’t taken any pharmaceuticals in 10 years (and ten years ago it was one pill, one day). Nothing over the counter, nothing by prescription. In other words, I’m not on anything that could kill me unexpectedly or suddenly. I’ve never done illegal drugs either. Not even once.

There’s no way anyone could get into my house, no robbers, no angry exes (which I don’t have btw), no fanatical people – my house is like Fort Knox…unless it was someone super professional. It just wouldn’t be possible for anyone without highly special equipment and tactics (I.e. remotely taking down my high-level security system, which they have done before, unfortunately). But my place is also highly secure in a hard-wired kinda way. So even if the power was out, most people could still never get in.

If something were to happen to me, it’s foul play and you know exactly who and why – given my work and mission in this life. I’m also NOT accident prone. And I got the highest health rating possible when I went through a battery of medical tests a couple of years ago for my life insurance policy. 

If something were to happen to me, I have arranged for a close group of my friends to start a GoFundMe to hire a team of private investigators to figure out all the details ( I have the team and have passed the info on to them). Oh, and money for a PR firm to make it national news. There would be a press release sent to every journalist in this country (and more). It would not be swept under the rug, and it would be their worst nightmare.

There have been many on this mission or a similar one that have been killed and it’s time this bullshit stopped. The darkness cannot win. I will never stop speaking out for those who no longer can. Even if from the other side, where I image I would be FAR MORE powerful.

I have a team of angels surrounding me every step of this journey, but prayers of protection and love are ALWAYS appreciated

You can access the funding page, here as she mentions in her Facebook post above. 

In a video she made years ago, she outlines the covert intimidation she experienced and has been experiencing for quite a while. It’s quite disturbing and chilling, and as she emphasizes in the video, it was quite scary.

Here’s a recent Facebook post by her best friend, mentioned near the beginning of the article, so we’re not sure how long this video will be up.



Closing Remarks: Little has been made public about her death, or how and when exactly she died, and she is not the first. There are still many unknowns and we will provide updates as more information emerges. Many mysterious deaths have plagued the alternative media/health community over the years, especially when it comes to holistic doctors.

Vaughan was one of many to create awareness about issues, especially concerns about vaccine safety, in a credible way. It’s one thing we pride ourselves on doing here at Collective Evolution. Despite presenting information from credible sources, renowned scientists and peer reviewed publications, concerns raised by vaccine safety advocates are often labelled as “conspiracy theories.” Anybody who presents any type of information that raises any type of concerns about them is always referred to as an “anti-vax conspiracy theorist” while the concerns they raise are never really properly addressed nor countered. This happens to doctors and renowned scientists publishing research all over the world, yet their concerns, again, continue to remain unacknowledged and ridiculed by the mainstream.

Why does this happen these days with so many controversial topics? What’s going on here? Here’s one topic on the issue, out of many, that is a great example of what I am talking about.

Our sincerest thoughts go out to all of her family and friends, we will continue to do what she would want all of us in this space to do, keep going.

I’d like to leave you with this quote to reflect on, taken from a paper published in the International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy by professor Paddy Rawlinson, from Western Sydney University.

Critical criminology repeatedly has drawn attention to the state-corporate nexus as a site of corruption and other forms of criminality, a scenario exacerbated by the intensification of neoliberalism in areas such as health. The state-pharmaceutical relationship, which increasingly influences health policy, is no exception. That is especially so when pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, a burgeoning sector of the industry, are mandated in direct violation of the principle of informed consent. Such policies have provoked suspicion and dissent as critics question the integrity of the state-pharma alliance and its impact on vaccine safety. However, rather than encouraging open debate, draconian modes of governance have been implemented to repress and silence any form of criticism, thereby protecting the activities of the state and pharmaceutical industry from independent scrutiny. The article examines this relationship in the context of recent legislation in Australia to intensify its mandatory regime around vaccines. It argues that attempts to undermine freedom of speech, and to systematically excoriate those who criticise or dissent from mandatory vaccine programs, function as a corrupting process and, by extension, serve to provoke the notion that corruption does indeed exist within the state-pharma alliance.