As a banking crisis unfolds in the United States, The HighWire welcomes back former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing under President Bush and founder of The Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts to break it all down. From its impact in the U.S. to the wider global impact and unrest in European countries, Catherine offers the answer.

Jefferey Jaxen Reports on the push for central bank digital currencies (CBDC’s) in America, and the state leaders rising to mount opposition to this unprecedented federal move. Then, Germany’s version of Anthony Fauci, Federal Minister of Germany for Health Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach has fallen from grace after the mainstream media grilled him about vaccine injury and pharma’s immunity from liability for the growing number of those injured by the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Then, Del sits down with Hit Show Host/Autism Mom-Warrior, Jenny McCarthy, and beloved Pediatrician and Autism Treatment Specialist, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel in-studio to talk about their fight for Autism Awareness and Treatment, the rise of autism, and the inconvenient facts surrounding this modern day epidemic. More importantly, Dr. Jerry and Jenny are teaming up to launch a new vision for the future of the adult autism and special needs community, tackling the greatest fear of every autism parent: “What happens to my child when I am gone?” Dr. Jerry and Jenny have an answer.

Finally, Del welcomes PERK Founder Amy Bohn, for some good news coming out of CA about an HPV Vaccine Mandate bill legislators are trying to pass in the draconian state.

We are banking on our future!