Dr. Paul Marik, and Dr. Pierre Kory of the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, have been global leaders, laying their careers on the line to develop critical, life-saving treatment protocols for Covid-19, Spike Protein sickness, and Vaccine syndrome.
We welcome Dr. Marik in-studio, and Dr. Kory via video, for an inside look at how FLCCC Alliance came to be, the crimes of the Pandemic and who is to blame, and to tell you the incredible story of how Dr. Marik and Dr. Kory came together, over the suppression of a another life-saving treatment for the #1 cause of death in hospitals in America. It’s a story you will have to see to believe!
But first, three hospitals are being accused of administering Remdesivir protocols without providing informed consent. Del is joined by two attorneys seeking justice for an alleged wrongful death believed to have been caused by the controversial and ineffective drug.
Then, did you hear? The Covid pandemic is over! At least, these were the words of Joe Biden during a recent 60 Minutes interview. Was this another gaffe, or does it signal an official policy shift?
Meanwhile, Big Tech censorship is front and center like never before on the legal and political fronts, as our generation’s fight for digital free speech heats up! Jefferey Jaxen is gonna bring you up to speed on recent crucial milestones.
Then, a new ICAN FOIA has revealed the Center for Disease Control appeared to celebrate the censorship of The HighWire, and Del Bigtree, after the show was deplatformed from YouTube! Tune in to see what these notable public health heads said.
All this, #TrudeauMustGo, and much more.


The fight for justice and true health is in full tilt.